Qissa Kahani: Warid’s Educational App for Small Kids

Today’s generation of kids have grown up with Smartphones and tablets in their hands. Their familiarity with the medium means that it be an excellent educational tool. There are plenty of platforms that aim to leverage technology effectively and apps are only part of that.

Today we will be discussing such an app. Part of Warid’s Mobile suite, Qissa Kahani is an educational app aimed at kids. With a variety of English and Urdu narrated short audio stories, it turns the daily story time into a pleasant learning experience. The different stories in the app are divided into five different categories: Islamic, Educational, English, Urdu and Moral based.


Something that will no doubt infuriate a lot of people is the fact that the app is only available for Warid customers. We tried to use it with other operators but it simply fails to load up and asks you to insert your Warid SIM. We understand the need for exclusive content for subscribers but this simply locks out tons of people and is a nuisance more than anything.

Here are the features:

  • Browse and download all available stories
  • Category view of stories
  • Stories in Urdu and English narration
  • Soft background music with all stories
  • User friendly story player
  • Facebook sharing of stories

The app is available for download from the Play Store here.


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