A Screenshot is Worth a Thousand Words #Telenor #CustomerCare #Fail

I am not saying anything about Telenor’s customer support, instead I am just posting a screen-shot below that explains the miseries of a common customer when he’s put on hold by support for ever.


Please Note:

  • Screen shows the wait-time during a helpline call.
  • Call was never attended and customer had to hang-up the call ultimately.
  • Customer was a Postpaid user
  • This was a paid helpline call. Telcos argue that charges on support calls are meant to improve support services.
  • This is not only a Telenor specific problem, but customers of other operators might have similar experiences.

Don’t hesitate to express your thoughts and experiences in below comments.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    The calling customer is itself stupid who wait for such a longer period, some times system doesnt transfer the line to operator so all its need to make a new call in order to connect to agent. In my experience average wait / response time for agent is around 2 – 3 minutes.

    • Uzair Farooqi

      Agree with you but 15 20 minutes time wait is usual in case of Telenor CS

    • ali

      Kya khubsurat baat ke ha aap na, operator sa baat karna k 2+ rupee lagta hain… ya ziyada na lage tab b paid call to ha he.

      2ndly agr system is trha ke harqat kare to kya system ko change karna chaya ya human ko????

      or App kis dunya main G rai ho!!!! 2 – 3 minutes!!! Mazak acha kar layta hain aap.

      App shaid CSO hain or aap ka avg wait time 2 – 3 min hota ho ga, user ka nai…

    • ZeeshanShahid

      You don’t have to be rude to present your “naqis raye”. The calling customer has done great service to expose this flaw, whether or not it was a system issue is Telenor’s problem. Also, 2-3 minutes should also not be acceptable to you.

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        There are several procedures to reveal the performance of cellular company by conducting a scientific survey from users. Result of one individual person can;t reveal the exact performance of cellular services.

        • ZeeshanShahid

          You’re right. Let’s get Gallup Pakistan to do a survey which is transparent and unbiased. We’ll collectively ignore the fact that Gallup US did not win the copyright infringement lawsuit because it did not have jurisdictional presence in Pakistan.
          Let’s also collectively forget that Telcos’ Sales Tax avoidance case pursued by FBR was practically gagged on media because Telcos are the primary ad-slot customers driving the revenues of private media houses.
          Or, let’s not do that and respect citizen journalism.

        • Ahmad Raza

          what scientific procedure should an ordinary person apply to measure quality service. most of the people are busy in their routine life and dont have time to apply “Scientific Procedures” :)

          • Muhammad Ashraf

            then this forum is also not for ordinary people who are busy in thier own life

    • Ahsan Nawaz

      the calling customer is not stupid…Mr Ashraf ur tone is stupid.

      • Muhammad Fawad


    • Aamir

      lol I bet you are either
      working for telenor or from vendor side trg or sybrid? .. Very stupid and lame way to buffer
      your system flaws or staff shortage.

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        niether i am associated with telenor nor i am IT professional, all i am is the reader of this website for years, so you already lost your bet!!!

  • Fahad Hashmi

    Buddy you really had a bad day…The customer services are indeed no up to mark but it’s not that bad either

    • ali

      not good either

      • Fahad Hashmi

        at least better if not good

        • ali

          Best kha dain aap. Kahan main kya jata ha

        • tayyeb

          Good -Better-Best

          • chacha


  • Osama

    This is just because telenor is not handling call center by them self. They pay to some companies to handle customer or you can say third party call center. And result is in front of us.

    • Fahad Hashmi

      Absolutely. this is one of major causes. contact center outsourced and no check n balance what they are doing

      • Styy

        I know for a fact that companies do not outsource postpaid and as far as Telenor has not outsourced the postpaid unit. In my personal experience, this has to be a technical issue where call does not get routed. The more important question is, how often does this happen? This is just one case highlighted in X number of year, don’t really see why it is being blown out of proportions.

        • Wajahat Ali Chowdry

          Bro either it’s outsource or they are managing it, in either case the important thing the brand name. Once the brand name of Telenor is been used that’s mean that Telenor and it’s management shall be held responsibile for all the goods and bads.

  • panjgoori

    yar sirf telenor nae koi b network Pakistan mein perfect nae hai. telenor se bad tar to PTCL hai oski to koi complaint nae hoti hai yahan pe. bas Telenor ke peche ap pade ho.

  • Fake image !!!

    • aamir7

      Its real, I can confirm.

      • Raja Maja

        Bisti of Muhammad Ilyas………..ha ha

      • Aamir’s DaD

        Saaliya, gadi kara k daftar hi chala janda ;)

      • Saqib

        AAmir has a special love for Telenor :)

        • chachi

          I can vouch for this comment :D

    • Nott Responding

      did you ever try calling support.??? personally I waited 20 mins for a support guy to pick up my call.

      • Sir I am using telenor sim last 6 years and itnay wait tou kabhi nh kiya :)

        • Wajahat Ali Chowdry

          Ilyas Bhai
          Your luck might be good or you must be a lucky guy.

  • sleepless

    Having had the unfortunate experience of customer services for a ‘Abu Dhabi based’ cellular company in Pakistan, I can say that this is nothing.
    The primary job of customer services is to make excuses, and try to make the company look good despite all shortcomings. I remember having to lie to customers, simply because the company did’nt have the services it was advertising, in place. The mantra was ‘keep subscribers from returning connections (churn), port out or shift to lower packages’ at all costs.
    Moral of the story: Do’t yell at the customer service representative, its rarely ever his fauly!

  • Bilal Aahil

    that’s some wait, i just don’t get one thing, why even wait this long?

    • Raja Maja

      Impression that we have provided a long customer service.

  • Ahmad Wahid

    I guess its your own screenshot ;) And, I agree their customer care helpline is really bad. I always prefer to visit their sales & services center, physically, to get my issues fixed instead of calling them!

  • Amir Aunty key Nakhrey

    And the award for the top 3 biased idiots go to …. GEO News … ARY News … and Amir Atta … Way to go buddy ! :)

  • Amanullah Tanweer

    Just cut the call and make it again.. it works for me 99%

  • ali

    Telenor Ko bhol Jao Abhi Zong ke sim Lagao Aur Sab Keh Doo.

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    agar ye telenor altaf bhai ki hoti to Aamir Atta Sahab ki bori aj ready thi.
    customers kay sath aesa almost sub networks main hota hai.alteast yeh chez mention ker dete.

    • Umer

      Altaf Ke tu pahle he kutay wale ho rahi hai wo ab kiya kare ga.PPP se sahi chatrool ho rahi hay.

    • Raja Maja

      Aamir bhai aam khao gay? ;)

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        hum aam khilatay hain khatay nhi

    • Adeel

      Shukar manao amir atta aur duayen do Telenor ko k wo Altaf Hussain ki nhn hai

    • Nott Responding

      Ghalib film kitny mints ki ha??

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        it depends on how long you can watch

        • Nott Responding


  • abc

    i call telenor helpline often and i never had to wait for more than 5 minutes.

    • Nott Responding

      what about peak hours?

  • axfee

    above all odds, I would rate pakistan telecom customer services way far better then what I have experienced here in UAE the no 1 tourist destination where the world comes whenever i called on any helpline i was really offended and end up asking do u really have QA dept?? 0 level courtesy and no feedback to the customer they don’t even talk in proper tone, I was associated with mobilink for 6 years and this wait time is like a nightmare for the on duty floor manager it normally doesn’t happen until the there is some severe issue on the network and the customer starts to call on CC like Sim registration failed issues on some specific prefixes or ranges or when they are unable to recharge or such similar issues, normally the wait time usually last for max 2-3 mins as far as i know , this seems to be an IVR stuck issue or some technical problem. Mobilink Telenor and Ufone have very good level of CS as far as i have experienced.

  • Psycho

    Whats to brag about it. Can be a technical error or something you guys just put one stupid reason for criticizing and do not look at the reasons. Secondly the calling person was on waila person to wait for 47 mins and had nothing to do.

    • ali

      yaar waiting time main banda phone ko speaker phone per dala or site per rakh kar baki kaam kare simple. is k leya banda ko wala hona ke zaroort nai ha.

  • Psycho

    I agree with abc

  • Tàhír Mëhmõõd

    Aj kal telenor ki online chat service use karo… :D

    • Nott Responding

      that is not for 24 hours.

      • Tàhír Mëhmõõd

        Who is gonna make a call to helpline at night??

        • Nott Responding

          they are committed to provide the support 24/7

          • Tàhír Mëhmõõd

            So as the OL chat

          • Tàhír Mëhmõõd

            So as the OL chat

          • Tàhír Mëhmõõd

            So as the OL chat

  • OMAR


  • Guy Chauhan

    Good job posting the reality. this is not a rare case. same is the problem with Warid, at first its impossible to get connect with them and the later part,… well i didn’t get to that.

  • Oak

    I always use 346 message helpline. They reply within 10 minutes and I do not have to wait to hear the music on hold

  • Ammar Haider

    specially female staff not intelligent and educated

    • Ammar Haider

      Thanks for like

  • Chaudhry jee

    i have Mobilink , i dont even wait for just 5-10 seconds.. I remember, from last 7 years using it..
    They care for their customers,

  • Abid Hussain

    A Warid Customer since 2008 .. initially prepaid, now postpaid (from a year or so) .. never faced any such situation. They always picked it up in … like .. 40-60* secs!

    *Islamabad City

  • Savvy

    The person who waited for so long needs to get a life. Find something to do better. Maybe play candy crush if doesnt find anything to do. Same goes for PP

  • Patriot

    Go Nawaz Go

    • umer

      Ro imran Ro

    • Nott Responding


  • ShadowFax

    This is either a fake image, or the customer is beyond stupid!

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Mujhy to few second lagty hain….

  • Zaim

    @AamirAtta I have also emailed you my experience regarding Ufone customer support but you did not publish. Please publish it; if you want to modify my email you can but do publish it.

  • guest

    Telenor has refunded me the call charges back in 2012 when they CRO did not pick up the call.

  • Hasnain

    I’m a Pro (corporate) user of Mobilink, and we’ve a dedicated helpline (03000-160-160), which take just a few seconds to connect with CRO. Don’t know about prepaid or other postpaid users.

  • Rafay

    Just called ufone help line.
    Cs agent: sir how may i help you???
    Me: activate xyz service
    Cs agent: the system z not working now call again after 8.
    Wtf i just called on a paid service and the response call again after sometime *sigh* my few 2rs + tax wasted.
    If they cant handle the request then atleast refund the amount back.

    • Nott Responding

      agree with you

  • M3RCY

    poor telenor !!! yeh to postpaid costumer ka haall hai perpaid ka kia kartayn hain ?
    Mobilink is the best network

  • ZeeshanShahid

    Consumer rights are an alien concept to Telenor or Telcos Apologists. Someone seriously explained how this could be a system issue and made it the consumer’s problem rather than realizing that telcos should be improving the system (that sometimes puts the customer on hold for a long period of time while the call meter is still running). Perhaps from the Telco perspective, the system is running just fine! We just keep on paying call setup charges silently.

  • SAAD

    Although I am a Telenor customer but no doubt it is pathetic in terms of CS. Warid on the other hand ROCKS!

  • Danish

    I think the guy saved his GF’s number as Telenor Help Line ;)

  • Umar Pazir


  • test

    Nokri telenor di SIM Warid di

  • test

    Warid Rocks

  • Sahib Ailiya


  • Sahib Ailiya


  • zakhanum

    Instead of giving the right statement “We will try our best to improve our services sorry for the inconvenience” they will start blaming human and machine error bl bla bla and even some sympathizer will suggest call two three time LOL

  • Nott Responding

    Shame Shame

  • Shayaan

    From Customer Perspective your complaint is right. No one is happy with the services. I have been working in the same department, there are some reasons due to which Our customer may face problem. hardware malfunctioning, network outages, media issue ( i.e. fiber cuts), or call may stuck in a queue where PRI went down, So he has to wait for so long.

  • Saleem

    Atleast someone listen in Pakistan telecom companies. I have faced worst service in this country… they usually charge wrong to the users and then you have only working hours to file a serious complaint…means exptraite must have to take leave from office and leave cost more than getting back wrong charges…hence, better to not go there. I lost thrice in this way and now I keep my plans so simple that no body can play around. Man! Pakistani telecom is still very caring and active. Believe me! I worked in Telecom and knows that how we cared and how there employees of Telecom knows ZERO… literally ZERO.

  • Abid Saleem

    After switching to ZTE network telenor quality of call and network response also drastically went down. Shame on telenor

  • fahad

    aesa he scene hai sub ke sath…zaleel krke rakha hua hai…bc en log ko paise bhe do aur zaleel bhe ho..:@

  • Pointraiser

    Bhot behtren. You have done a great job. I hope the guys at telenor get the idea and improve their services – that is to shorten the call timings and quick service.

  • Pointraiser

    Moreover its not just Telenor or mobile companies. A few days back I called Alfalah bank for my credit card queries and they kept me waiting for 32 minutes.

  • Adeel Hanif

    Warid Postpaid help line is best , No waiting time usually otherwise 4-5 seconds only. :)

  • well I am the lucky guy here, I am postpaid customer too and they pick my call in less then 30 sec when ever i called and well i remember once they took 2 to 3 mins to pick the call that is the most waited time for me.

  • Bilal

    Peoples who are commenting on this stupid post actually they are stupids and farighs

  • Gul Soomro

    Aamit Atta
    I am also a telenor postpaid user from about two years but my experience with the customer care 345 is best, when ever i called 345 i have not got any wait but connected immediately and during conversation if they have to check some info regarding my question thy put me on hold but not long. i am very happy with the customer care, before that i was warid postpaid user where i have not go good cutomer care experience was not happy with them, but with telenor I am satisfied.

  • Hassan Latif

    I initiated chat with Telenor Customer support from their website. I had two really simple, basic questions. First one “Is it possible to subscribe a 3G bundle through sms?” and second one “What are the internet settings to configure mobile phone manully?” Answers from CSR on first question is

    CSR: Are you telenor user?
    Me: yes. I am otherwise why I am chatting with you?
    CSR: What is your location?
    Me: Okara
    CSR: First you need to confirm using *7799# if you are in 3G coverage area or not.

    (their website itself tells that Okara in coverage area and I already used their 3G services)

    Me: It is not answer for my question, indeed I am in coverage area. that’s why I am asking your help. Actually I can’t dial the number through my 3G router. I am going to setup my new TP-Link M5360 3G router with Telenor 3G.

    CSR: You can subscribe using *345*134#

    Me: I am asking again “Is there a way to subscribe a package through SMS?” my 3g modem lacking a dialer so I can’t dial any number from it.

    CSR………. no reply and silence

    I quit by pulling my hair. If there’s no way to subscribe a package using sms then why he can’t simply tell me that ‘Sir, it’s not possible to subscribe any package using sms. You’ve to dial the command for this purpose’ That’s it.

    After an hour (when I subscribed by putting the sim card into a mobile phone and re-inserted the sim into 3g router again)

    Me: What are the manual 3G settings? My router is unable to connect with telenor network.
    CSR: (he was the same person again) What is your mobile phone make and model?
    Me: It’s not a mobile phone. It’s 3g router which requires only following items, 1. APN, 2. Username, 3. Password
    CSR: What is your mobile phone make and model number?
    Me: Sir, I am requesting that it’s not a mobile phone. It is 3g router (link added to official page here) and it only ask me APN, username and password.
    CSR: I can’t open links here. You have to tell me the mobile make and model
    Me: It is TP-Link M5360. (here I asked the same question in another manner) Let suppose I have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (android phone). How to configure the internet settings manually on it?
    CSR: SAMSUNG (Android) Settings -> Connection -> More Network -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode ->WCDMA/GSM
    Me: In old days we configure handsets manually using these settings http://www.telenor.com.pk/talkshawk-internet/talkshawk-internet-offer but I am unable to locate any settings for 3g

    I quit again with alas.

    I configured my 3g router with following settings

    APN: wap

    Username: Telenor
    Password: Telenor

    I was able to connect but speeds are sucking. It’s not 3g actually. Then I changed APN to ‘internet’ and voila everything is working fine now.

    This is 100% true, not a propaganda. Even I am posting this message using telenor 3g internet services. The only problem is when they are claiming and capturing millions of 3g subscribers then why they are not interested in upgrading their support services? I am also zong post paid user. Every time I call their help line my call connects within 5 seconds (i am not saying they provide good support they also have same kind of knowledgeable persons who tease you more and you just pull your hair) and zong’s internet services are really WORST.

    A note for abusers, you can use abuse language on my comment. Nature can’t be changed.

  • Ahmed

    Telenor has the worst customer help line. I have a recent horrible experience where they dragged my complain for 65 days. And for the same reason i’ll be porting out to another network this week.

  • atta khan

    agree with customer..same happened with many times