Exclusive: Apple to Officially Launch iPhone in Pakistan by Year End

Apple is all set to launch iPhone in Pakistan by year end, we have confirmed with sources. An inaugural ceremony is being planned during late November or by December this year, our sources tell us.

Apple has contracted with all cellular operators for the procurement of iPhones in the country, however, currently no operator has plans to offer iPhones on contracts — i.e. phones with yearly agreements with subsidized rates — but we can confirm that all operators have partnered with Apple to make sure that their networks are officially configured to use iPhones.

With this, various Apple services that require partner networks to work will now be available to iPhone users in Pakistan.

For those who don’t know, iPhones are brought in Pakistan mostly through grey channels, that is, through other markets on individual or semi individual basis. Such import channels only push iPhone lovers to pay thousands of rupees extra to buy Apple’s smartphones in the country.

With this development, iPhone lovers will also be able to buy iPhones with official price tags — and with warranties — right away when they are launched globally.

It is yet to be ascertained that which distribution mechanism Apple has planned for Pakistan, but we can confirm that cellular operators have plans to procure iPhones at the time of the launch. Meaning that, along with other distribution networks, cellular operators will be selling devices to their customers through their sales and service centres.

Expect more details on this development in coming few weeks.

If you want to know about all the Apple mobiles, here’s a list of the latest Apple mobiles price in Pakistan and their specs.

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  • Good news for apple users now they will be able to buy sets at Official prices and i hope Warranty claim will be available in Pakistan at the same time

    • it sure will, it is an official launch.. look out for Apple stores by next year in your city

    • you cant even imagine how much lovable is apple warranty and customer service its really awesome

  • Looks gr8 .. Operators should give phones on contracts here too as all the other countries are doing .. in that way , they will be gaining customers and revenue as well.. everyone can have a smart phone then :)

      • Hahaha atlast we are Pakistani na :D People will just get away with the phones and won’t pay yearly contract prices. BTW carriers can always lock the phones if their price is not paid just like other countries do.

      • not if you are paying 20 thousandish upfront, and you will go through same channel as you do when buying sim card today.

      • Koi nhi bhaga main sirf apny passport ko date extend karany Canada geya ho, phr US jao ga phr Canada jao ga phr watan wapis aa jao ga.

        • Who cares aap nay janay say pehlay kuch ukhar sakay, na anay kay baad kuch ukhar sakoo gay, shaikh ul islam sahab AKA Padri

    • Banks are already giving sets on installments basis (SCB & Alfalah as I know) , secondly All telecom operators now have their own Banks (Mobile Payment System) they can come up with prerequisites who will qualify they can offer contract phones to customers by this they can earn as well. they already giving Credit cards to masses why no mobile phones.

  • Excellent news.All new gadgets are heading towards data revolution.Means more than 30 million users accessing internet through latest gadgets.Just wait and see.

  • that is good point now you can have iphone 6 in 70000 round about. no extra charges

  • Why don’t pakistani cellular companies offer contract service, they would get massive demand pay 30k at first and then monthly installments plus if the phone is sim locked and there is no jailbreak even if it gets stolen it would be easily trackable

    • Im a nokia user. I went to sleep while counting your numbers. How many were you anyway?

  • thats the news of the day, Finally Apple will be official distributor in pak. i would love it if they are offering Iphone on contract, they should work on that

  • honeslty this is by far the best news for any apple lover in pakistan
    its about time some big name came directly to our country thank heavens
    just imagine all the dealers who get the phones from black and sell it with huge profits
    from a single sale of a iphone. i bet if they know this they will try to sell as many as they can asap

    and finally a company which gives us warranty for the device and also the partnership with telcos always gives us a chance to get iphones at very reasonable prices
    atleast i hope so

  • I’ve heard from inside sources that Apple has bought 2 floors in Ufone Tower – Blue Area, Islamabad. There will be a genius bar and everything.

    I’m so excited.

  • amir bhai kia official launch honay ke bad apple ki dosri products bhi available hon ge plz reply………………

    • Dosri products k official retailers already yahan hain. Go to Apple webiste to see retailer stores in Pakistan.

    • Sony is already launched, go to any official sony center and get your phone with one year official warranty

  • “”….currently no operator has plans to offer iPhones on contracts….”” Even in UK US people seek contract phone, how we are supposed to buy gadget worth 70~80K??

  • when iPhone will be launch in pakisatn then u guys will get to know that what is warranty and what is customer service…its awesome

  • This is good. Hopefully Apple Maps will have navigation support for Pakistan by then as well. Otherwise, there will be lots of frustrated users as the ability to change the default Maps application without jailbreaking is not available.

  • amir bhai mn ne apple ki official website mukammla check ki he wahan to pakistan ka name mention hi nhe he kia ap ne check kia he ???

  • Very Promising development esp. from a Mid Range consumer’s point of view. They would be able to pick up older Editions (4S, 5 etc) in very cheap prices. Apple sells those units in 150-350$ range.

  • Finally! That Candle Light vigil in Islamabad for Mr.Jobs by us elitias paid its dividend.. :)

  • What’s the latest update regarding Apple’s products launch in Pakistan ? Will Apple launch IPhone 6s here ?

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