GTA V to Get New Modes and Features on the PC and Next-Gen Platforms

While the GTA V on the PS3 and Xbox 360 are already fine, they’re going to get altogether to a whole new level on the PC and PS4 & Xbox One. While the graphics are enhanced and several new enhancements are there, the new first-person camera mode takes the limelight.

This is a first for the series, making in-vehicle camera finally possible. The game runs on 30 fps at 1080p in the console version, while on the PC up to 4K is supported, though, you’ll need a lot of hardware muscle for that.

The environments are visually more detailed. The streets are busier, animations more abundant and the scenery much realistic and lively. Yet, its not just a juiced up version of the current game.

It’s not any different story-wise, I mean, but the game still had to be built from the ground up for the current-gen platforms. As much as 3,000 new animations are added for weapons alone.

Anyhow, it is time to stop talking and start watching. Check the screenshots for the game below (courtesy of CVG):











  • GTA is My life… realy!! ….I’ve been following and playing this game since “Gta III “…
    good to see some pakistani sites covering Games…..(Author forgot to mention that this game has Six world Records.)

  • The map is giant and animations are super detailed and thus ultimate PC is required to run this game :(

  • @Azeem Ullah Hassan:- Bro. . ! Please give news other than the ones already given on GSMArena. Majority of your news are one or two days old.

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