PTCL Announces its Third VSS Scheme

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has introduced a Voluntary Separation Package for its employees. This scheme shall be available for one month, effective from November 5th 2014.

Company has said that its on-going VSS scheme is voluntary and highly rewarding and offers a wide array of benefits to the employees including transition bonus, transition pay, allowance benefits, health fund and leave encashment etc.

As part of retirement benefits, multiple options have been offered which allow employees to select the option, most suitable to their future aspirations. Besides reducing retirement age from 20 to 18 years, the additional two years’ benefit has also been added to eligible pensioners. In addition to these benefits, employees are topped up with Early Bird Bonus (Rs. 200,000) and Group Bonus (Rs. 150,000), fulfilling the requisite conditions.

PTCL has said that it is also providing outplacement services to the employees, where they would be helped in their transition to new career streams, with the help of external sourcing companies. The Financial Advisory Services shall be provided to the optees for better cash management through external financial institutes. Besides these benefits, Vocational Trainings shall also be offered to them at PTCL’s cost. These measures shall help them manage their future in an effective and efficient manner.

Syed Mazhar Hussain, Chief Human Resource Officer PTCL commented, “This Voluntary scheme offered by PTCL is highly people centric. Being a responsible company, we always consider our employees welfare, the first and foremost priority. The scheme is specially designed for the people, aspiring to shape their future while taking advantages from multiple benefits offered by the company. We hope that this scheme shall shape the future of PTCL and its people in the best possible manner.”

VSS will be offered to employees of following pay groups:

  • Regular (BPS) Pay Scale
  • NCPG Group

Below is a company circular that was sent out to PTCL employees:


  • it must be made clear whether PTCL wants to do the telecom buisness in this land or it wants some thing else .

    already the Arabs Etisalat which is in reality has proved themselves to be the real estate property dealers rather than the Telecom buisiness operator,

    definitely these land grabbers shall be doing some thing else over this precious land captured from the use of PTCL rathe than the Telecom buisibess.

  • This is third CSS( Compulsory Separation Scheme) because if you do not opt you will be thrown to any remotest corner of Pakistan and this is in addition to Ist only VSS which was really voluntary. I have a proposal. If this CEO is removed PTCL could save Rs.10300000/month i.e ONE LAC $ in addition to perks which he can never dream of in Gaza. Rs. 2000000/month saved if CHRO is removed. Rs.1800000/month saved if CFO is removed who only teaches his foreign masters new techniques of money laundering by damaging the interest of all stake holders.If Sikandar Naqi is removed Rs.1500000/month thus saved, his job is only to distribute speed money in MOITT/PTA. If the female EVP legal is removed Rs.1500000/month could be saved as her sole duty is to weep in the court and complain that the complainant is teasing her whereas PTCL is spending 500Million on legal case which would also be saved. If GM HRA central is out the speed money he receives from Security companies and building over-seer/ S.Es Rs.1500000/month would be saved.In the light of these bitter facts is there any need of VSS/CSS if these humble proposals are accepted.

  • sub joht hai kbi b khyal nhi rkti, 2month sa net problem chl rhi hai aur 1month sa phone line dead hai. majobori mein use kr rha ho mein tu

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