Boutique: An Android App from Warid about Boutiques in Pakistan

Despite the number of mobile subscribers exceeding 140 million, Pakistan still has some way to go when it comes to smartphone penetration. According to a report from Grappetite, smartphone adoption still hovers below the 10% mark as compared to the 80% general mobile penetration rate. However, that number is quickly increasing — all thanks to the entry of more and more vendors to the market, a plethora of new devices and lower price barriers.

That’s why it is great to see local telcos like Warid taking advantage of the smartphone boom and allocating resources for making apps that could be useful for consumers. One of the apps made by Warid that we’ll be reviewing today is Warid Boutique.

The Boutique app aims to be a central hub for all the relevant information about boutiques across Pakistan. That means it includes location, contact info, photos, customer reviews and info about any active sales or promos. We know what you’re thinking, the idea sounds awesome, especially for the women in our families. But how does the idea translate to user experience in the Android app?

When you fire up the app, you get greeted with two options. Either you can sign up with an email address or you can do so with your Facebook account. Either work just fine. Once you’re logged in, you’re presented with a list of boutiques and clothing shops. You can either do a simple search for a store or go to ‘Advanced Search’ and sort by name, city and type of cloth wear.

Upon clicking any store, you can see their contact details, address and a short description. There are tabs at the bottom for deals, photos, user reviews and tips but they are sparsely populated. However, this is a community driven app as well so this aspect is going to improve as more and more people start using it. One great feature of the app that we’d like to note is that you can directly get the location of the store on Google Maps with one click.

We think that local apps that are genuinely useful to customers are a great idea and Warid deserves plaudits for taking this initiative. However, there could be some improvements as far as the Boutique app is concerned. The community aspect of the app lags behind the information aspect so better marketing is in order. Also, the design of the app looks a bit dated so a Holo or Material Design overhaul would be a great update.

Before we wrap up, here are features again:

  • Sign up using email or Facebook
  • Find boutiques on the basis of Name, Location or Clothing type
  • Look up address, photos, customer feedback and contact details of any boutique in Lahore
  • Find out about all the latest promotions offered by your favorite boutiques
  • Check in to a boutique, share photos and reviews on social media
  • Get the latest news on discounts and offers

You can download Warid Boutique from the Play Store here. The app works for all Android versions above 2.2 so that’s pretty much covers everyone.

Check below the screen-grabs from the app:





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