Warid Launches New ‘Sitarey Kehtey Hain’ Service

Sitarey kehtey hain is an entertainment VAS service for Warid customers to find out interesting predictions about their future as per their horoscope. Upon entering their Birthdate, they will receive a daily fortune telling about what is coming up next and what is waiting for them at the next turn.

How to activate:

  • Dial 2552
  • Send date of birth <dd-mm> to 2552
  • To pull Service Menu Send “Menu” to 2553

A comprehensive list of features offered by the new service is given below.

  1. Compatibility Test
    1. Love Compatibility
    2. Celebrity Compatibility
    3. Color Compatibility
    4. Name Compatibility
    5. Zodiac Compatibility
  2. Apka Sitara
    1. Career Traits
    2. Family Traits
    3. Education Traits
    4. Love Traits


Warid Prepaid:

Charges PKR
Subscription (First Time) 0.50+tax
Rental per Day (Prepaid only) 0.50+tax/day
Per Minute IVR charges (Prepaid) 0.20 + tax/min
For service option (Pull Base) Rs 2+tax/SMS

Warid Postpaid:

Charges PKR
Subscription per month 15.00+tax
Per Minute IVR charges 0.20+tax/min
For service option (Pull Base) Rs. 2+tax/SMS

  • Shoaib

    Interesting Service for those who believe in Astrology.Customers are eagerly waiting for their 20 Mbps to 70 Mbps 4G LTE Service.Warid should take part actively in 3G/4G data revolution.

    • Tàhír Mëhmõõd

      Wainting in Azad Kashmir too… :-D

  • wtf

    Something for everyone. Even mushrikeen (pagans) have their wishes granted. ataboy warid !

  • Khalid Ameen

    Despite of it f they offer some kind of online doctor or psychologist services that would be much appreciated :)

  • Umair Sharif

    Sitaray kehtay hain ke… aapka balance khatam honay wala hai.

  • Umair Sharif

    Sitaray kehtay hain ke… aapka balance khatam honay wala hai.

  • abdul waheed

    exteremly good service for them, who is not muslim ! enjoy fking with warid service