Warid to Start 4G LTE Trials from Next Week

The news that we all were waiting for is finally here: Warid is all set to launch its public trials for its 4G LTE services, we have confirmed with sources.

In the first phase, starting next week, postpaid customers of Warid will be offered free 4G LTE service as a trial. And yes, 4G services during trials will be FREE.

Almost all postpaid customers who are living in covered areas plus if they have 4G enabled handsets will be eligible to experience Warid’s 4G LTE services.

So here is how you can enjoy Warid’s 4G Trials:

  • You need to be a postpaid customer
  • You need to have Warid’s 4G SIM (instead of usual old SIM)
  • You need to be with-in Warid’s 4G coverage areas

We are told that Warid has started delivering 4G compatible SIMs to those customers who have 4G enabled handsets and if they live in 4G coverage areas. Our sources tell that this process of upgrading customers’ SIMs will get completed before the start of trials.

So if you are a postpaid customer and yet you have not received a Warid 4G SIM then you are probably not in coverage area.

According to the details we have received, Warid will offer 4G LTE trials in six cities of Pakistan including: Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi (mainly the Bahria Town). I can tell you – from the coverage maps I have seen — that Warid’s 4G coverage is good and they are planning to expand their 4G LTE footprint in other cities.

Here’s how to check whether you are in 4G coverage area or not:

  • Send an SMS: 4G to 5555 to get coverage details of your location,

Alternatively, use following method:

  •  Go to Setting-> Network Selection -> Manual Search


Here if you get “Warid LTE” network sign, then you are in Warid’s 4G coverage area. Not to mention, if you are postpaid user and if you are getting this sign and yet you have not been delivered an upgraded 4G SIM then go ahead and dial 321 to get yours.

We are told that this trials will be stretched to prepaid subscriber base in the next phase. Company will be offering the option to general users to get their SIMs replaced from Warid offices to be part of the 4G trials.

Not to mention, previously corporate customers had been offered the 4G trials, and now its postpaid customer who will experience 4G trials. Prepaid customers are next, most probably in couple of weeks’ time.

Must Note Things:

  • Data Services during 4G Trials are free
  • Data services under 2G network mode (GPRS/EDGE) aren’t free, so make sure you are on 4G or buy a 2G bundle along with to avoid any surprises
  • Postpaid customers who have 4G handsets and if they are in coverage areas can get 4G SIMs from Warid Business Centres, or alternatively you can call 321 to get your 4G SIM delivered to your door step.
  • Doorstep SIM delivery can take couple of weeks
  • iPhone users have to update IOS 8 for smooth 4G functionality
  • When you insert a 4G SIM, you will get this text as a confirmation for 4G Trial subscription: Enjoy the ultimate internet experience with Warid during FREE 4G trial phase. You will be informed once trial period ends. Standard 2G data charges apply

Keep watching this space for more updates on this.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Meanwhile Zong refuses to send me 4g sim because my phone is not in their so called PTA approved list of devices.

  • I am a postpaid customer, with a 4G enabled phones. No sim from warid. I dont know why location is relevant as I move all around Lahore during a normal day. Going to call 321

      • Just spoke to 321. Told them i have not received a call or a sim yet. They asked if I have ‘requested’ the sim. I said I haven’t. He took down my details. Mobile phone model, home address. Then said I am forwarding your request. You will get a call for further verification and we will deliver you the sim asap.

    • Warid Postpaid Packages are not as good as to be. If u have corporate account with rental service discounts then ok otherwise Zong has the least call rates to all networks on their new Postpaid packages of Rs. 0.65 /30 sec.
      A small comparison of all Companies as under.
      Company. Outgoing on net Outgoing off net
      telenor. 1.40/min. 1.50/min
      warid. 1.50/min. 1.80/min
      mobilink. 1.30/min. 1.60/min
      zong. 1.30/min. 1.30/min
      ufone. 1.25/min. 1.60/min

      These all rates are without tax. Now it is clear and you can now decide which company has the lowest calling rates.

  • i am in coverage area, i am a postpaid customer, i have a 4g handset and i havent received any call or sim.

  • Breaking News.Now the cut throat competition will start between Zong and Warid.End users will be beneficiaries. Tariffs will go down and quality will improve.Just wait and see.

    • LOL! Still waiting for Ufone Tariffs to go down after Zong,Mobilink,Telenor launched 3G! End-users still haven’t benefitted a bit with Ufone. Lets hope Warid and Zong aren’t that stubborn.

      • Definitely Ufone will reduce rates at the end in cut throat competition.Just wait and see.Competition(Game) is on.

    • you seems dumb how can you compare zong with warid cheaters zong have more capacity to do unlike whom could not able to load the calls when it will lunch

      • Warid will have capacity soon as well just wait they are going to procure LTE band. Along with best Ericsson solutions they are and will be best and matchless in local market.

        • Jaani pak mey LTE band hi sirf 1800mhz warid ne produce ker lena hai hawa mey fire maar ke :-)
          Be practical warid ke pass limited capacity hai..LTE and voice on same band unlike zong has 2G voice 900mhz, 3G voice 2100mhz and 4G without voice over LTE 1800mhz

      • Warid has 13000000 customers while zong has 26000000 customers approximately so no problem of bandwidth for Warid.Both will compete.

  • Telenor, Mobilink and Ufone will also be a part of this cut throat competition.Those who will maintain superior quality will be winners.

  • Using it in Karachi DHA.. awsome speed 19.6Mbps
    Real internet as i used to experience abroad

  • Just spoke to 321 and they have told that free trial is for prepaid users too :) and the sim will be delivered to my home address next week :)

  • While on zong only way to tell I’m on lte is by upload speed. But to be fair, don’t think I’m not in a official lte zone

    • Trust me almost that much speed am gettin on Mobilink’s 3G 24/7, with much much better ping. Bloody Zong.

        • Yes agreed. Am getting max 2 mbps upload on mobilink,.. not getting any problem while using viber or uploading pictures on flickr/dropbox. Still better than PTCL’s 1 mbps guzaara.

      • Yes they have not got good speed on 4G yet as the sites are limited and the users are more.. so it will get better with time but you cannot say that ZONG 3G is not better than Mobilink.. Maximum speed i got on ZONG 3G was 16Mbps :P

        • Well speed is not everything, quality and services matters too. Believe me for last 4 months I haven’t made single call to 111 as I can easily manage my cellular services via Mobilink’s ecare portal. Not to mention we are in different cities and am getting constant speed of 10 mbps without any fluctuations almost everywhere in Lahore even in peak hours. Btw I had really bad experience with Zong’s customer department will share some day. Btw get me that damn Zong’s employees package so that I can think about porting to ZONG! :p

        • Well speed is not everything, quality and services matters too. Believe me for last 4 months I haven’t made single call to 111 as I can easily manage my cellular services via Mobilink’s ecare portal. Not to mention we are in different cities and am getting constant speed of 10 mbps without any fluctuations almost everywhere in Lahore even in peak hours. Btw I had really bad experience with Zong’s customer department will share some day. Btw get me that damn Zong’s employees package so that I can think about porting to ZONG! :p

        • Zong,Mobilink etc all are under process of upgrading their technical infrastructure for getting maximum speeds and improving their quality of service.As time will pass, all services eg upload speed, download speed will improve further.Just wait for 6 months.

    • I have tested zong LTE in good signals…minimum you get 12mbps that is 1500kb/sec and maximum 18mbps that is 2200kb/sec

  • Yar Amir bus kar dy bhai. Ap koi 2 months se keh rahy ho k warid next month launch kary ga..next week launch kary ga etc etc.
    Warid waly ap ko he khyn bataty hain sab???
    THERE IS NO OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE ABOUT THIS LAUNCH. I have read press release of PTA, WARID and contacted Warid by phone too. That are CLEARLY saying that WE DON’T know any such thing. If there will be it will be disclosed in Press release on Official Website!
    TUCKY NA MAR BHAI !! Stop making people fool please!!!

  • Through put of LTE is 20 to 25% better than 3G means if your are getting same speed in LTE and 3G you will have much better and smooth experience in LTE

  • Sent 4g to 5555. Got this
    Dear Customer, Warid 4G/LTE service is now available at your location.

    • I did that and I got the service is not available in your area but when I manually search the network, LTE network for warid is there lol

      • Hi Naveed,

        I need your help. Can you please tell me step by step process of checking network manually.

        Which andriod ver you have and which cell phone band are you using.

        It will be of great help if you could add the screen shoots one by one, will be also helpful for other users around.

        How its possible that your SMS tells you that you are not in covered area while your phone search tells you that there is a 4G LTE network for Warid out there. (Can you mention your area as were you are using this, just for info as there are over 100 cell sites in Lahore at 4G LTE, someone told me that)

        My views are: I am sure you are getting 4G LTE signal from other site which is far from the site you are connected at as network search shows open networks in a row.

        • I am using LG G2 D802 which supports 1800MHZ (B3) and I am searching it in Islamabad Blue Area..Just go to Network and search it manually rather using it automatically.. and it will show all the networks.. I am sure that I am able to use LTE by Warid.. I have just checked via SMS and it is telling me that the service is available in the area.. :) So Just waiting for my LTE sim now :D

  • Im a prepaid customer and i got my sim today and 4G LTE has been enabled on my sim. I think Aamir bhai apki info thory galat hai with all due respect. Warid call center say call ay thi mujay they told me all this and currently im not in 4G coverage but i got the sim delivered.

  • Not fair yar main ne 10 bar in ko 4G ke liye phone kiaa ab main bahar chala gaya to 4G ke trial shuru kar dia hate u warid

  • Do not want to act as a wet blanket here but don’t be overly excited because 1. PTA has yet to give approval since Warid has yet to formally apply to launch LTE services. 2. Even if for an instant let’s consider they launch these services they have a very small spectrum (7Mhz I think (not sure)) which is not going to be sufficient. 3. They are not launching VoLTE services so the Data users are going to suffer from more issues.

  • Warid sms tell me that I’m not in a 4G coverage area, but here is the attached screenshot showing LTE signals plus ProPakistani previously shared my screenshot too in a previous blog. Anyhow still waiting for 4G SIM being postpaid customer. 321 says it will be delivered within one or two days.

    • Coverage areas of all companies will increase day by day.I think in next 5 to 6 months, there will be carpeted coverage of all big cities by all operators.

  • Guys let me share with you the real experience – i just got my SIM last day and i am testing it like anything, i can tell you its better than ZONG and even have better coverage in Lahore as i travel a lot.

    Almost all the major areas of Lahore are covered. I have tested Warid 4G in whole DHA, at Gulberg, Mall Road, Samanabad, Bund Road, Multan Road, Iqbal Town and Thokar Niaz Baig , Johar Town

    The speedtest results in different areas of Lahore averages between 10Mbps-20Mbps. The browsing and streaming is also real quick and downloading large files, just take a couple of minutes.

    Guys this is awesome, just get your SIM and also check by calling 321 if you handset is 4G LTE enabled

    • Share a speedtest with that meter like thing man I want to see if the speed is constant ir decreases in between

      • lol anyone noticed ? time is same for all the tests and phone plugged to charger in all pics banda copy paste karta huwa thori aqal hi use kar la kiya chuss mari hai apna bahi wah wah Ali sab cha gaya

      • For those who don’t know the meaning of moron: :D
        طِفل دماغ ۔ طِفل مزاج ۔ ذہنی طور پر پسماندہ بالغ جس کی ذہانت آٹھ سے بارہ بَرَس کے بچے جِتنی ہوتی ہے ۔ بَیوقُوف ۔ احمق شَخَص ۔ طِفل دماغ ۔ طِفل مزاج ۔ ذہنی طور پر پس ماندہ بالغ جس کی ذہانت آٹھ سے بارہ برس کے بچے جتنی ہوتی ہے ۔ بیوقوف ۔ احمق شخص ۔

    • Excellent speeds.Same was expected from Warid as they have sufficient technical expertise.Now Warid can capture easily 2 million customers within 2 to 3 months.Well done Warid.

  • Excellent Market-First step towards getting people to use a Postpaid service! certainly a Knock-out Corporate punch within the competitors… :)

    • At start tariffs of Warid will be high but they will decrease gradually to compete with other 3G operators as Warid has no 3G service.As a result Zong will also reduce their 4G rates.These are the blessings of competition.

  • just talked to 321 and the guy said it’ll take 4 weeks to deliver the sim and he also said YOU CANNOT GET IT AT Business Centres

    • Yes .. Same was told to me as well.. :( I already got the call in September that I will get the sim but i didnt get till now :(

        • I did email them .. I received a call today and they said that if you got a call from 321 for 4G SIM then it will be delivered soon as the process has just been started . :) i dont know when I am going to get it :(

  • Warid 4G LTE Bundles :
    1.Daily 30MB @ Rs.5
    2.Daily 50MB @ Rs.10
    3.Weekly 250MB @ Rs.50
    4.Monthly 300MB @ Rs.100
    5.Monthly 750MB @ Rs.200
    6.Monthly 1.5GB @ Rs.300
    7.Monthly 5GB @ Rs.500
    8.Monthly 8GB @ Rs.800

    Warid 4G LTE Shared Bundles:
    1.Monthly 15GB @ Rs.1500
    2.Monthly 20GB @ Rs.2000
    3.Monthly 35GB @ Rs.3000

    You can add multiple subscribers in this Shared list who can use these bundles.e.g. i can purchase 15GB bundle and add mine and my brothers warid’s numbers and we both can use that 15GB.

    You can check yourself by dialing *777#

      • Well Guys , i dont know but i think we should wait to see what actual packages company will offer when it will be announced, all guesses are again just guesses.

        Can anyone tell me till when Warid will be having these free trials. I hope it last long as in DHA Lahore, i reactivated my Warid SIM as company called me for 4g SIM, i am also using ZONG and my experience is that Warid is almost double the speed of ZONG

    • 1.7 million only iphone are on Warid network so means half of them LTE compatible devices. Samsung HTC Nokia BlackBerry are not counted.
      Just like you have motorway now any people will start buying high speed vehicals.

      • Very high figure of smart phones on Warid Network.What about other operators.Definitely this figure will rise sharply now when all operators are offering 3G/4G services.

      • Very high figure of smart phones on Warid Network.What about other operators.Definitely this figure will rise sharply now when all operators are offering 3G/4G services.

  • any one please ..

    4G aur 4G LTE main kya farak hai?

    aur agr en main farak hai to kya simple 4G enabled handsets 4G LTE handle kar sakty hen?

  • any one please ..

    4G aur 4G LTE main kya farak hai?

    aur agr en main farak hai to kya simple 4G enabled handsets 4G LTE handle kar sakty hen?

    • Both Zong and Warid are using 4G LTE(Long Term Evolution) networks.I think your 4G handset will work on 4G LTE.Check it

    • 4G pe 100mbps download speed ati hai aur lte pe 150mbps simple 4G phone pe lte nahi ata us k liye phone jo k lte cat 4 support kare wo lena parta hai

      • Theek Kaha adil bahi, ya ph kam kartay hain best or be hain but ya sub sa achay hain

        Model Name

        iPhone 5

        iPhone 5S

        iPhone 5C

        iPhone 6
        A1549 (GSM)

        iPhone 6 Plus
        A1522 (GSM)


        One M8 marketed as
        ASIA version

        Ascend P7

        Honor 3C

        Honor 6

        Mate 7

        Nexus 5


        Lumia 1520

        Lumia 635

        Lumia 1320

        Find 7

        N1 Mini

        Find 7a

        Galaxy S4 Mini

        Galaxy S5

        ACE 4

        Galaxy Note

        Galaxy S4 Mini

        Xperia Z1 Compact

        Xperia Z2

        Xperia Z1

        Xperia Z3

        • Iphone 6 A 1549 pur chala ga warid ya zong ka 4g Lte To Kiya IPHONE 6 A 1586 Pur Nahi Chala ga 4G LTE Please REPLY me as early as Possible

  • Just received my Warid 4G LTE sim… Super fast speed only conducted one speed test got the speed of 10 Mbps…

        • Yar i heard its trio SIM, ya kya cheez ha bahi jo Warid na launch ke ha, koi snap shoots send karo or speed tests with your area pls

          mujhay to yakeen nahi ho raha ha Warid na real main 4G service launch kar di , lagta to drama tha par ab nahi lag raha lol

          Hamadani bahi, we are waiting , main be shiad Ufone sa wapis convert kar lon Warid pa

          • yes it is a trio sim very nicely packed mine is nano SIM using Oppo Find 7a and 4G is working like a charm … also checked in model town and gulberg III area always connected constantly with very fast speed… i was driving couldn’t took the snap shot will capture some today and post it

    • All result conducted on warid have best ping if thry launch lte with router and unlimited plan then I m gonna buy it

      • u must be in a good coverage area ,.. i just tested today i will post latest results in a day or so ..

      • Sure just go to ur settings then mobile network then open preferred network type and choose 4g auto after that open access point name edit the already selected wap. Warid and change its name to Warid and access point name to Warid also then save it… It should work

  • Does 4G mean, there will be 3G services, automatically ????
    If one doesn’t have a 4G enabled handset, can’t one enjoy even 3G ???
    Please help !!!!

    • Well Faraz, if you are a Warid user than you can only enjoy 4G or 2.75G , where their 4G not works the other works and incase of ZONG yes where they dont have thier 4G working and if its 3G covered then 3G will work or you will be on thier simple edge, all other companies have good service but not all Pakistan is covered with 3G.

      As i tried Warid my self as being a test user i think Warid speed is alot better than anyone and i wish these trials go for longer time.

  • this is 2nd time propakistan break that warid is going to start 4G services. first they says on 15 October and now 17 November warid is denying that new.

  • inaccurate info in the article – 4g sims are not available at business centres. I went to the main business centre in lahore (gulberg – not franchise).

    • Right Said they saying they have no information of lunch. launch may be in first week of December.

  • i have heard that without root ur device you wont able to get LTE option in settings…can u guide us a way….i have Lg g2 d802 model and have rooted the device with g3 rom an dits coming lte option for me but 2 days ago, got the zong 4g sim and its just turing on 3g (H+ ). Maybe i might be not in the coverage area.. but still… waiting for ur reply… One of my is in warid and he got their 4g sim and he has note3 n9005 model and he cant use 4g in his set…i have search the net and moslty its says u have root it to get the option…..

    • As per directive of PTA your Hand set is officially available in Pakistan for 4g Services other wise you have to root your hand set for 4g services

      • I know that I have 4g set but without rooting it, is there any option….. Without rooting it…. Waiting for ur reply…. Thanks

    • Yes You have to root it. otherwise if you dont want to root it you just need to dial 3845#*802# and choose LTE-Only and Rat Selection and select GSM/WCDMA/LTE Auto and it will be fine.. but you have to do this each time you restart the phone… its not permanent..
      I also have a D802 and it works perfectly fine with ZONG 4G .. I am also using G3 2.1 Rom :)

      • Thanks.. I also have root my set to optimusg3 rom 1.3.2… thanks.. This means it will work with zong and warid 4g lte… but u have to
        Root ur device to use 4g lte setting…. Dial no u posted doesnt work in unrooted sets… I have check it….

  • Warid refuses to place 4G Sim request against my LG Nexus 5 by saying your Handset is not supported for Warid 4G LTE… I mean come on dudes :D

      • LG-D820
        Network: 800 MHz/1900 MHz (CDMA), 1900 MHz (LTE), 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (GSM) and 850/1900/2100 MHz (UMTS)

      • I have D821,which supports 1800,but they say, its not supported. Ridiculous. :(
        It seems like they only loaded D820 information in their system. And not checking for D821

  • Hi,
    Any One Can Confirm ? it really started ?

    Please Share Screen Shots if available.

    or We are hanging for being Truck Light…. Oye Warid. Deliver 4G Lte Or Sell Your Self to Zong…

    Guys do mention PREPAID / POSTPAID with Screen Shots.

  • Finally long waiting Warid 4g LTE arrived with free Trial

    Just got Warid 4g LTE SIM Delivered by courier after Biometric verification. Maximum download speed which I got on my test with full 4g signals is: 10.05Mbps and Upload of 4.85Mbps, with low signal speed varies from 2 to 5 Mbps.

    Location: Arfa STP Lahore.
    See attachment for test results.

  • rite now PTCL is disconnected and i m using Warid 4G LTE internet on my desktop via my smartphone HOTSPOT and my friend using it on his laptop with excellent speed.. result is below…

  • I have D821 Nexus 5, which supports LTE:
    800 850 900 1800 2100 2600.
    But Waird guys says that your handset is not supported. I don’t know why.
    there is other version(D820) of nexus 5 is availble, which doesn’t support 1800.
    But My one does support it. :(
    can anyone correct me, if I am wrong?

    • u right i have d821 and m using zong 4g.i requested for warid 4g sim but the didnt say anything like this that ur handset is not supported. they said it will be delivered in couple of days

      • first I asked them on twitter. they said the same, than I called 321, and they again said that not supported. I am shocked at it. :(

  • im in coverage area i hve warid 4g sim(receive yesterday) i hve 4g enable samsung cell but 4g service not working i dnt knw y im prepaid customer

        • u should call 321 warid help line ask them to send u the settings of 2G then after receiving the settings follow the steps below:

          Settings>Mobile Networks>Preferred Network Type> Select 4G/3G/2G (Auto)

          After that

          in Settings>Mobile Networks> Access Point Name> Wap.Warid>
          Change Name to Warid and also the change the APN to Warid.

          That’s all :)

    • I was told by helpline that 4G LTE trial services are for postpaid customers only. Prepaid customers will get it in January next year, as ProPakistani mentioned above, after the commercial launch. But don’t know what is the real situation.

  • Tabish ur handset (Nexus 5 – D821) should work well with warid 4G LTE as I have witnessed one. Please don’t get panic and wait for the launch.

  • Settings>Mobile Networks>Preferred Network Type> Select 4G/3G/2G (Auto)

    After that

    Again in Settings>Mobile Networks> Access Point Name> Wap.Warid> Change Name to Warid and also the change the APN to Warid.

    That’s all :)

  • I was using stock 4.4.2 and I used that code to switch 4G on ZONG.. or if you dont want to root then you can flash H3G Stock rom if you have 16GB version.. you will simply get the option without root :)

    • Warid test is not stable it attained 19 mbps at the end with in milli second which shows speed is not stable

  • 19 Mbps is the average speed of Warid 4G LTE at Phase 8 Ex-Park View DHA and 15 Mbps at Lahore Cantt the best thing is I traveled 18 KM from Askari V to phase 8 and not for single time i was out of Warid 4G LTE coverage area.

  • I THINK ZONG PURCHASE WARIDTEL COMPANY HIDDENLY…because i bought two zong sim which is shown as warid at 668

  • I’ve been informed by Warid Customer services (at their business center, Blue Area Isb) that 4g/LTE is not compatible with Nexus 5 devices running Android 5.0 (lollipop). It’s very frustrating. Apparently, you can either enjoy the new android 5.0 firmware or 4g/LTE. Bakwas.

  • Well I am getting more speed on my Zong 3G than Your So Called LTE. Also Check Zong 4G LTE Speed of 25Mb in Dground Faisalabad. Warid suxxxx

  • Warid 4g band works for 1800MHz only.

    Google Nexus 5 has a band of 1900MHz. So it wouldnt work on NEXUS 5.

  • Muaziz Sarif,aap ko 4G LTE SIM bahut jald farham kar dee jaye ge. Baraye maherbani apni mojuda SIM data ka backup ker lejiya taakay aap ka data mahfooz rahay.

    Got this sms from Warid, still waiting for 4G LTE SIM.
    P.S. I am a postpaid customer.

    • I complained on twitter and I got a call from them .. They are still saying that i will be getting the sim Shortly .. but I cannot wait anymore.. I am just porting out to ZONG tomorrow :)

      • Brother wait for few days. Don’t make a decision in hurry. I am also fade-up of Warid’s excuses but I just want to check what kind of quality network & data Warid provide after their 4G LTE launch. Their 4G LTE will be free untill January, as per I know. Commercial launch is most probably from 1st January 2015. A big queation is that whether Warid will be able to continue it’s quality services or not, as they are using 1800MHz for LTE purpose only. Other services definitely will be affected with remaining spectrum. I’m waiting for 4G SIM & then will make any decision which network is best for me. I waited that long, so why not wait for a few days more. But the point is that one can clearly understand why Warid was for sale one year ago…obviously due to incompetent, non-serious & relaxed management.

  • Yet another “next week” is coming to an end….
    Tareekh pe tareekh…. tareekh pe tareekh….
    Jab LTE chala nahin saktay to advertise kyoon kertay ho ???

  • someone on shophive wrote that Samsung note 4 SM-N190C is not supported by warid for 4gLTE…is that true!!!

  • G3 ki rom support nai krti..us mey mai ne bi aik file delete ki thi aur aik ko edit kya tha solution yad nae rha laykin chal jaata hai search it on xda

    • I think u have download root browser app and go to system -app and lte file u have edit…. Can u guide

  • Anyone received their 4G sim in Islamabad yet? I was told I would be delivered a sim over 2 months ago. Dialled 321 and they said that sims will be delivered to all subscribers before trials begin.

    • I got the sim from pindi head office :) with the new postpaid connection as I ported the other number to ZONG already :) LOL

  • 4G sim now available at Lahore Service Center. They are not too keen to give away the sim, but eventually they do if you insist.

  • Hahaaa nice try Warid, 3mb speed on lte? You must be kidding me.
    Every 3g provider gives around 8mbs normally, way to go!

  • Dear Customer Warid is offering LTE services from 26-Dec onward. 500MB FREE internet will be given, valid for 7-days. After which Rs. 5/MB will be charged.

    Latest message from warid.

  • close