Nokia Launches Android Powered N1 Tablet

In a surprise move, Nokia has announced its first Android tablet, dubbed the N1.

The N1 features a 7.9 inch display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, runs on Android Lollipop and bears a striking resemblance to the iPad Mini. The tablet is crafted from a single piece of anodized aluminum and looks premium. The display is an IPS LCD panel and it comes laminated with zero air gap. It weighs 318 grams and with a width of 6.9mm, it’s lighter and thinner than the iPad Mini.

Under the hood, it’s powered by the new Intel Atom processor Z3580 processor that clocks in at 2.4GHz. Alongside, it has 2GB of RAM. At the back, there is an 8MP camera and a 5MP camera is provided at the front. On the storage side of things, it comes with non-expandable 32GB in-built memory. Other features include a reversible Type C micro-USB port, stereo speakers and a 5300 mAh rated battery.

nokia_n1 nokia_n11 nokia_n12

While the tablet runs Android 5.o, Nokia is focusing on pushing its new Z Launcher. It changes the apps and contacts on display depending on location and what you’re doing at that moment. In addition, you can also scribble letters on the screen to pull up apps.

Brook Eaton, who is the director for Z Launcher, said, “We started looking around, we just didn’t find any good Android tablets out there. We have such a beautiful, simple, and elegant Z Launcher. Why not build a device that is also built on the same principles as being super simple and easy to use and elegant?”

The N1 tablet will be available in two colors: ‘Natural Aluminum’ and ‘Lava Grey’, and will cost $249 plus tax. It is expected to become available in China in mid February and make its way to selected markets after that.

If you remember, Nokia sold it’s devices and business units to Microsoft around 7 months ago for $7.2 billion. Fortunately for Nokia, Microsoft has decided to go forward with the Lumia brand for their Windows Phone devices. So the real Nokia are free to use their brand name for future devices. They still can’t sell any smartphones under their name until 2016 as part of the deal but tablets aren’t covered by the agreement.

The company has also announced that it will go back into the smartphone arena indirectly through licensing after 2016. With the release of the N1 Android tablet, we’ve got an early taste of that strategy. Foxconn are building the tablet and they have licensed the Nokia brand name. The N1 is expected to be the first of many such products under similar agreements.

Concerns about brand dilution are valid but Ramzi Haidamus, Nokia’s technology chief, says that the bar for licencing rights is set very high. In an interview with FT, he added that the N1 was a product of Nokia’s industrial design team and the company had full control over design quality. What this all means is that the Nokia devices we are seeing today will bear little resemblance to future products. It also pretty much guarantees that we will see an Android powered smartphone bearing the familiar Nokia moniker at some point in time.

  • This will going to beat Nexus 6
    Design and specification is good and Intel atom Z3580 is the best processor for the tablets

  • This will going to beat Nexus 6
    Design and specification is good and Intel atom Z3580 is the best processor for the tablets

    • Uh… First of all, Nexus 6 is a phone, there’s no comparison. Secondly, I’ll take instant OTA updates from Google over waiting several months for Android updates and OEM modified Android any day.

      • instant OTA…..remind me when did previous generation nexus devices actually start getting “instant OTA updates” i have a nexus 5 (unrooted) and i still have to get any notifications for OTA updates…the instant OTA updates is a sham and applies to only the latest nexus devices, as soon as a new one comes around the previous ones are dropped like their made of shit, making money does take precedence to every1, even companies as holy as google itslef

        • “making money does take precedence to every1”

          Yeah, that’s called capitalism, you just found it. Congratulations. Stop crying if you get updates a couple weeks later than the newest device. Google OTA updates are no Apple OTA updates but they’re still way better than Samsung’s or LG’s in terms of schedule.

  • Nokia Android phones failed in the market. Let us see how new move from Nokia is going to grab the market. I think Nokia should go for their world famous Windows devices, like Apple has excelled in their own OS. Moving ahead is a good idea but after a failed experience another step in the same direction??????

  • People usually berate Samsung for copying Apple, but compared to this blatant cloning of iPad Mini, Samsung is the mother of originality.

    It’s good to see Nokia embracing Android and that the company dying though.

  • I think that was a very smart move by Nokia back in 2013 when they had sold out their mobile phone division to MS and grab a huge money but cleverly they did not sold the Nokia factory based in Chanai India as well as the tablet because only mobile phone manufacturing was part of the deal and now deal is finally closed few months ago here they are back in competition. There are many things about this tablet.

    All the nokia fan boys would be happy after nokia’s re-entry in tech world with a cheap price tag and a premium build quality tablet. All those will be happy who wanted a metal body tablet but had only ipad mini option. This sure will affect the apple ipad mini sale which is already low on sales. N1 is revival of the legendary N-Series of Nokia and that sure will attract the customers who want a nokia like build quality but android inside it. Welcome back Nokia, your comeback roars that the king of tech can’t be killed that easily.

  • this is one of the premium quality Android tablet so far, if you want something well build and full of best specs available in the market today.. buy this its freaking awesome with Lollipop as its OS


      • I heard that Nokia Android devices do not allow you to visit Google Play for apps, instead it takes you to Windows Store for getting Android apps.

        • That is different company (Nokia owned by Microsoft). This is tablet by Nokia parts of company that were not sold to Microsoft so it has no link to Microsoft.

        • That is different company (Nokia owned by Microsoft). This is tablet by Nokia parts of company that were not sold to Microsoft so it has no link to Microsoft.

        • That is different company (Nokia owned by Microsoft). This is tablet by Nokia parts of company that were not sold to Microsoft so it has no link to Microsoft.

  • آپ اکثر تبصرہ میں قیمت یا تو سرے سے دیتے ہی نہیں یا اس طرح دیتے ہیں کہ آسانی سے پتہ نہیں چل سکتا۔ اگر کوئی چیز مفت بانٹی جا رہی ہو تو قیمت کی ضرورت نہیں ہوتی۔ جب پیسے دینے ہوں تو جیب دیکھنی پڑتی ہے۔ آپ کو تو شائد تبصرہ کے لیئے چیز مفت مل جاتی ہو لیکن ہمیں تو قیمت معلوم ہونی چاہیئے۔

  • the new nokia android tablet has phone function too?? and uptil when it will be available in Pakistan????

  • at the time they aren’t allowed to roll out droid phones they launched half droid half windows phone now they are out of their peak times, they welcomed full droid tabs… what Nokia is upto

  • This tab is made by Foxconn and stamped by Nokia. Nokia has partnered with Foxconn which will make tabs and smart phones for Nokia bcoz Nokia had sold out its handset division to Microsoft last year. Foxconn is the taiwanese company which also makes iPhone and ipads for Apple, in case of Apple, Apple is responsible for marketing and sales but in case of Nokia N1 Foxconn will handle manufacturing, sales and marketing.

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