Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer: 5K Minutes, 5K SMS and 5GB Internet

Ufone has introduced this offer that has every thing in it. Customers can avail almost unlimited on-net voice minutes and SMS resources for 5 days against a fixed charge of Rs. 60 plus tax. But most amazing part is the allocation of around 5GB of internet data that comes with the offer. You can use this data limit to enjoy 3G services as well.


Promotion Details:

  • 5000 Ufone to Ufone minutes
  • 5000 SMS to all local networks
  • 5000 MB mobile Internet (for both 2G and 3G customers)


  • Rs. 60 plus tax
  • Resources valid for five days

How to Activate

  • Dial *5050# to avail this offer


  • This offer is valid for all prepaid customers
  • Charges of 10 Paisa + Tax per call will apply
  • Validity of minutes, SMS and mobile Internet MBs is 5 calendar days from the date of subscription
  • In Islamabad, AJK, Balochistan, Gilgit/Baltistan and FATA an additional 0.84% will be charged on all services and packages.
  • Offer minutes are only valid for Ufone to Ufone, SMS are valid for local networks and mobile Inter MBs are valid for both 2G and 3G connections
  • To check remaining minutes, please dial *707#
  • Terms and conditions apply

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  • good move by ufone. 60*6=360+tax for 5000*6=30000 MBs with 5000*6=30000mins + 5000*6=30000 sms… all for 360+ TAX. but wait.. 3G speeds matters alot here..

  • I have beeb a pospaide customer since 4 years! Either will switch to prepaid or some other network. Shame on Ufone for not providing any new servvice to postpaid customers.

  • Brilliant offer by Ufone.Its 3G service has data cap of 5GB data for 5 days at Rs 60 only.Means you can use 5*6=30GB(almost unlimited) data volume in a month by subscribing it 6 times a month at a rate of 60*6=360Rs per month only.Very cheap rates like Mobilink.

      • Dear all companies will reduce rates now for staying in the market just like Mobilink and Ufone present offer.These rates will also be reduced by traditional Broadband operators like PTCL,Wateen,Witribe etc.Competition is on and only quality will be a pivotal point for becoming leaders in the field of internet/data access.

  • In addition to 30GB data through 3G at Rs 360 only per month, customers will have additional 30000 minutes per month to Ufone network also.Competition has started between 3G/4G operators and thus bringing fruitful blessings for common consumers.

    • Unfortunately worst 3G speed by Ufone in most areas on Lahore like Johar Town, Model Town & Gulberg. However Mobilink/Zong has atleast 3 times fast speed

      • Its a cut throat competition.The cellular companies who will offer quality service and cheaper rates will survive.So Ufone should improve its quality too in areas mentioned by you.However new rates are cheaper.

        • Ufone has 50GB for Rs 5 night offer. But I never get speed over 50kb/s. Ufone is on 5mhz & also applied restrictions on speed :(

        • Ufone has 50GB for Rs 5 night offer. But I never get speed over 50kb/s. Ufone is on 5mhz & also applied restrictions on speed :(

            • Umair: Share screenshot here. Ufone cannot push more than 3mbps as all connections are limited to 3mbps max.

            • Somewhere speeds are excellent somewhere speeds are not up to expectations.It happens because sometimes your location is at edge of BTS(cell) so less speed and sometimes you are near BTS(Excellent speeds) so you have to make complaint to respective department for resolving the issue.So opinions may differ

          • 5Mhz is enough for 3G speeds upto 15 Mbps.Ufone must increase its backhaul media for connectivity with core network.In international IP Bandwidth,Ufone has no problem because it takes it from PTCL.

      • Furthermore it is just start of 3G service so with passage of time quality of all companies will improve.

    • you are calculating the charges wrong my friend. its not 60 its 60+tax. total charges including tax are 71.7. if we calculate it with 71.7*6 then monthly charges will be 430.2 which is also not bad considering how many minutes, sms and internet ufone is providing us.

  • What about auto-renewal? Because without auto renewal of this package, this is pretty much useless.
    Imagine your package expires in the middle of night, background data will cost you more than 60/- PKR by the morning.

  • very poor ufone 3G speed, even sometimes can’t connect in this business area ( I am at Karachi Stock Exchange ). PTA should take some action against ufone.

  • Is there any monthly package of any Telco? working for all local networks having free minutes & sms….. can anybody share with me the details …. yes if in postpaid – no prob share the details for monthly package……

  • ufone is playing nice trick by saying 5gb internet but instead they have restricted the downlink u can upload browse but cannt download anything check it if u dont believe i was happy when i heard about their offer allnight internet just for 5 rupees 50 gb bundle ( speed is good but u cant download anything and it doesnot support video streaming as well only some low resolution vids on local websites)

  • so far mobilink is gud in rawalpindi i am really happy with their bundles and speed !! had fun watching videos online while sitting in rickshaw during traffic jam lol!!

    • Well done Mobilink.Now people have number of options to use internet.They can use Mobilink or Zong or Telenor or Ufone or Warid or PTCL or Witribe or Wateen whatever suits them.

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