Warid 4G LTE Hands-on / Speed Tests

As we reported earlier, starting this week Warid Telecom is offering its 4G LTE trials to its postpaid customers in five cities including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala and Faisalabad.

I had a chance to hard-test Warid’s 4G LTE in Islamabad to find it absolutely amazing. Coverage, speeds, pings and over-all experience remained blazing throughout our day-long tests. Surprisingly, the 4G coverage of Warid in Islamabad was more rich that what I had originally expected.

Warid’s 4G LTE Speeds remain consistent and usually hovered around 10-16 Mbps throughout the federal capital, however, it peaked to 22 Mbps at one location. Islamabad Highway (towards Faizabad), farther parts of Kashmir Highway (towards motorway) and beyond convention centre (towards Barakahu) the speed plunged at around 3-6 Mbps.

Downtown and throughout the Islamabad (including all sectors namely F, G, H, I, E) are pretty much 4G covered.

Best thing I noticed about Warid’s 4G was its consistent speed. Wherever you are, or no matter what conditions you are in (be inside a building or if you are open in the air) the speed on 4G will remain consistent. Considering that they are just testing the network and commercial launch is yet to be announced, the performance can be graded as top notch.

Rawalpindi, understandably had no coverage. Though you could get 4G signals till Commercial Market (Satellite Town) but one won’t get more than half Mbps speeds there. Naturally this will get better with time.

Also notice the pings. Majority of tests were conducted on PTCL’s Islamabad server. PTCL’s Karachi server gave us 110ms pings.

Just in case if you are wondering, Warid postpaid customers can call 321 to get their LTE SIMs to be able to use Warid’s 4G LTE. More details are available here.

Note: Warid is offering 4G trials for free, meaning that there are no charges on data transactions. But that’s for 4G network only. If you somehow go out of the patch and connect to 2G network then data charges will apply. I would advise postpaid customers to add 2G bundles while using using 4G services to avoid any surprises.

Check below few screenshots from speed tests at various locations in Islamabad:

F8 Markaz

Probably the best speed I received on Warid’s 4G was at Ayub Market, F8 Markaz, Islamabad. More test were conducted around F8 Markaz towards Centaurus and F9 Park. Below are speed-test screens:

Screenshot_2014-11-19-19-36-58 Screenshot_2014-11-19-19-35-54  Screenshot_2014-11-19-19-33-41 Screenshot_2014-11-19-19-34-39

F-10 Markaz

Below speed tests are from F-10 Markaz, near McDonald.

Screenshot_2014-11-19-20-33-33  Screenshot_2014-11-19-20-33-57

Blue Area Islamabad

These tests were conducted at various locations in Blue Area Islamabad

Screenshot_2014-11-19-19-15-55 Screenshot_2014-11-19-19-16-53 Screenshot_2014-11-19-19-18-21

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I presume it is great as compared to Zong 4G LTE because Zong spent 500 million $ to bring 4G LTE whereas Warid didn’t spend a single cent :D. Keep It Warid!!

    • Excellent comments.Warid will capture 2 to 3 million customers easily in coming 4 to 5 months if it maintains that quality.

        • In a cut throat competition, they will reduce their rates definitely in coming months for staying competitive in the market.Their superior quality is definitely matchless.

        • In a cut throat competition, they will reduce their rates definitely in coming months for staying competitive in the market.Their superior quality is definitely matchless.

        • That’s funny Malik! We want quality service at the lowest prices which is impossible indeed :)

          • Quality Service will be definitely available at lowest prices.All 3G/4G operators are working on it.

      • I don’t think so. You need a cellphone with LTE band 3. And I don’t think that people will throw away their expensive phones (with other LTE bands) just for Warid

        • My phone Supports LTE Band 5 and all 3g bands, I think am not spend money again to buy a phone with LTE band 3 support, 3g khappay…. : D

      • Agreed.But there is no comparison with hard work of Chinese people.Zong parent company China Mobile has 30 crore 3G connections and 2 crore 4G connections in China.Chinese people are pretty satisfied with these large number of connections.

  • They are not sending sims, even after requesting for it and been waiting for well over a week now.

  • In lahore throughout the day its 0.2mbps but at nights go upto 13mbps. I called them and they said maintainance but i have sim from last 5 days and only after 8 or 9pm it gives proper speed. This applies all over dha cantt gulberg and most areas ive been to

  • is it true samsung note 4 model number SM-N910C is not supported with warid 4G LTE…some band issue

      • Warid business center informed me that Nexus 5 on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) is not currently supporting Warid 4G/LTE. I can either use 4G or Lollipop, apparently. Hope they fix this soon.

        • Your best solution is to root the Nexus 5.

          They were not issuing me a sim saying my S4 LTE version is not supported by Samsung Pakistan. However, I insisted on the new sim & as soon as i placed it in the phone, I immediately got LTE signals.

          Getting 16MB download & 5MB upload. However, coverage in Karachi needs to be expanded.

  • lol @hard testing… testing ping in ISL with servers located in ISL how far that server would be max 4 to 5 kms…. you won’t get any latency in ping….. Lastly every telco has better coverage in ISL then any other city.. bcauz its federal capital…. Lastly… what to do with such speed if you have limited data package….

    • That made me laugh dude.. I am testing ZONG 4G in ISB and I am getting more than 300-400ms ping so at the time of testing ZONG does the server go far and at the time of testing Warid , the server is closer =)) You really need to figure out what you are saying LMAO

  • It’s a joke, such a poor speed & they’re calling it 4g. It doesn’t even reaches 3g’ s max potential. They shouldn’t deceive their customers to call it 4g because it’s not 4g speed.

  • Poor Warid…soon going to say Good Bye to you without any regret! It was nice being your postpaid customer. But now enough! Since September I’m waiting for your 4G LTE SIM…no sign till now! 321 say that it will only be delivered to you & not available in customer services center and still people getting their 4G SIM from there. Waiting waiting & waiting! My last bill shows Rs.1500 only for GPRS usage which I just used to check some mails and facebook check-ins. Getting furious now.

    • that is the reason I said that its best to just port out .. I have to wait few more days and then I will just port to ZONG .. Warid is least bothered about their customers.. Management is just sleeping … CSRs are not up to date ..

      • Sure bro, Untill 3G/4G launch, Warid was going best, but now there is no comparison to their dead behaviour! Have you got your 4G SIM or still waiting like me?

        • I am still waiting and when I ask about it .. the reply is ” THE SIM WILL BE DELIVERED SOON” .. Like come on , how much time does it take to calculate how many users have 4GLTE set on the network and dispatch the sim… I got a call in July that I will be receiving the SIM .. didnt get the sim yet.. So I will just wait this week and on monday or Tuesday I will just port to ZONG.. I am just fed up hearing this from Warid “4G IS COMING SOON” “SIM WILL BE DELIVERED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”…

          • Absolutely right! I’m just waiting for my exams to finish & Good Bye to Warid permanently. Everytime I ask about SIM, “sir please just wait for 1 or 2 days”. Oh come on, 1 month has passed listening to this statement. Next year we hope that OmanTel get their license & start their services. It will be great if they purchase Warid.

              • Yup, hope for the best but fade up of Warid now. I DM Warid on Twitter not to send me 4G SIM, because soon I’m going to port out. I did send so many messages to them being a postpaid customer from 4 years & Warid customer from 7 years but still I haven’t got a single reply from them. WTH service & services yar!

    • plz check it out download 18 mbps or download only 1 mb???

      Daya check karo koi to garbar hai…

  • lot of confused or half gained knowledge people here:P
    hspa+ will give you same speeds as warid’s best, only difference is the uploads that are low on 3g.
    both mobilink and zong offers hspa+ and you will get 10 to 12 Mbps with 1 to 2 Mbps uploads.
    real lte starts from 40Mbps and onwards.
    also someone telling about uk and lte, well uk just has begun lte rollouts before that it was hspa+

  • warid suck in k employee ko ye tak nhe pata k 4g ko kesy connect karna hy. im in gulberg lahore coverage area i have 4g warid prepaid sim and cell but no 4g signal received…main ny confirm karna cha k 4g service sirf post paid k liy hy dono k liy tu aik dosry ki tarf dakhny lag jaty hain shame

    • Excellent Speeds in Sargodha.Well done Zong.Quality of service is improving day by day by improving technical infrastructure.

        • ZONG has 4GLTE and 3G too. Warid has 4G and 2G .. !! so thats where ZONG wins.. :) Otherwise its your choice :) I am also a Warid user and porting to ZONG

    • Kindly do not port to Zong it’s not consistent and voice on 2G is still most pathetic. Warid is planning to blanket coverage in whole cities and expanding to sialkot peshawar and lot more to come. Consistency is biggest issue for all other operators how ZTE can be equall to Ericsson and same as how Zong is equal to Warid.

    • Excellent speeds of Mobilink in Sargodha.Competition and quality is increasing day by day between Zong and Mobilink.

    • Excellent speeds by Telenor also.Competition is on between all 3G/4G operators throughout the country.Data revolution is almost complete.

  • LOL no Ufone fan with some 3g speed pics :D
    ufone walo izzat ka sawal ha kuch post kero tum log bhe :P

    although i m Zong user :)

    • Ufone bolo yar comedy walay baaat aik hi hai.

      Ufone is Bull shit service

      I ported my 3 ufone # to warid & 1 to zong

      Dramay bazi say fursat milay gi tu service dein gay na.

      Ghatya network ghatya service. Tested their 3g, poor coverage with no consistency & expensive than others.

      Zong launched 3g in my city but 3g signals, dropping too much in outdoor ,although in full covera area

  • Any news about 4G dongles, I wonder when Warid and Zong will tap this market and kick Ptcl butt.

    I am currently paying aound 3000 to Ptcl for shit like 8Mbps service with data consumption of around 15-25 GB of data.

      • i purchased 6months ago form Hafeez Center in PKR 7800 but its online price is now affordable & it is with delivery PKR 7700
        www (dot) 360bin (dot) com/buy-tp-link-m5360-price-pakistan.html

        other 3G – GSM Portable & battery operated soultions are

        www (dot) shophive (dot)com/tp-link-m5250-3g-mobile-wi-fi


        www (dot) 360bin (dot) com/buy-tp-link-m5350-price-pakistan.html
        www (dot) 360bin (dot) com/buy-tp-link-m5250-price-pakistan.html

        FOR 4G & below


        www (dot) homeshopping (dot) pk/products/HUAWEI-E5372s-32-Router-Price-in-Pakistan.html

        REPLACE “(dot)” with “.” without quotes

        • Are you satisfied with it? I also want to use this with telenor,used this with data sim or simple? Is it worth of 7700? What you suggest! Should i buy this or any other low end like m5250?
          Thanks for the reply :)

          • Its a very handy product.
            I have extra tenelor & mobilink sim for this purpose.

            M5360 = 16hrs 3G , 21mbps down & its a power bank

            M5330 = 8 hrs 3G , 21mbps down

            M5320 = 7 hrs 3G , 15mbs

            Now urs choice

  • i think zong provide best bandwith. i also performed a speed test with zong 4g network at islamabad sector i/8

  • Finally got my 4G LTE SIM from Warid but I was ahocked when I came to know that my LG G2 (F320 Korean) does not support 1800MHz frequency band. So I can’t use 4G in Pakistan with my handset.

    • Oh thats disppointing .. I have got D802 ..and I haven’t got a SIM yet :( Which ROM are you using though ??

      • I’m using CloudyG3 1.2. All other models do support 1800MHz but not specifically the F320L model. :( Don’t know whether there is any software solution to it or not.
        I have checked it on other LG mobile, download is max 11mbps & upload 8mbps via speedtest.

      • I’m using CloudyG3 1.2. All other models do support 1800MHz but not specifically the F320L model. :( Don’t know whether there is any software solution to it or not.
        I have checked it on other LG mobile, download is max 11mbps & upload 8mbps via speedtest.

    • There are 3 versions of Korean phones, with initials at the end. S is for sk telecom, K is for kt telecom, and L is for lg u+ telecom. I think only the L model does not support 4g at 1800 mhz, but at least 3g works on all of them, so port your number to another network…

      • Yes bro, mine is F320L, which does not support 1800MHz. Going to change my G2 with F320K or F320S soon.

  • Warid 4G speeds are even less than ZONG 3G… and one can imagine what Warid will do once more users will be using 4G.. they have limited frequency band for 4G… that might be a reason

  • I received these speeds in Karachi from Zong 3g so I don’t think that I will be going for 4g any time soon,

  • The same was common during starting phase of GSM… that landline is way better…but look… there is no ratio of celluler vs landline.. the same will be true for 3G , 4G… i have left evo this month while using telenot 3G… speed and coverage are key factors… the same trenf exists in rest of the world..
    I admit the power of dsl but also the limitations…better option is healthy competition between all opetatore and ptcl

    • Agreed.There is no match with hassle free 3G/4G Broadband services.Consumers all over the world are shifting on 3G/4G due to superior quality of service.Common consumers will accept this reality with passage of time just like they have accepted quality of GSM service.

    • Agreed.There is no match with hassle free 3G/4G Broadband services.Consumers all over the world are shifting on 3G/4G due to superior quality of service.Common consumers will accept this reality with passage of time just like they have accepted quality of GSM service.

    • Agreed.There is no match with hassle free 3G/4G Broadband services.Consumers all over the world are shifting on 3G/4G due to superior quality of service.Common consumers will accept this reality with passage of time just like they have accepted quality of GSM service.

  • I had been a telenor customer since it was launched and i never really had any issues. I live in model town extension lahore . Telenor indoor speed is around 10mbps . Bt wat really surprised me was zong indoor speed around 17mbps (dont have screenshot of it). So yes i think zong is the best 3g and looking at 4g speeds why would opt for it if 3g nd 4g are givin the same speed.

    Telenor 3g speedtest

    • Zong 4G LTE ideal speed will be more than 40 Mbps.So it will be mostly used by Corporate customers.For common use, 3G is enough.See figures of China Mobile parent company of Zong.30 crore 3G customers and 2 crore 4G customers.4G customers are mostly corporate customers.

    • 3G/4G Broadband operators will capture broadband market in 6 to 9 months with completion of rollouts.There is no comparison with hassle free 3G/4G services.Just wait and see.

  • LTE stands for Long Term Evolution.It was started as a project in 2004 by 3GPP.The main goal of LTE is to provide high data rate, low latency(less than 10ms) and packet optimized radio access technology supporting flexible bandwidth deployments.It improves performance by 50 times and provides much better spectral efficiency to cellular networks.It has high throughput.Download may be upto 150Mbps and upload may be upto 75Mbps(For 4G10Mhz spectrum) and download may be upto 300 Mbps and upload may be upto 150Mbps(For 4G 20Mhz spectrum).

  • guys i need help!!
    today i got the warid 4g sim and i am unable to find the lte mode ! i have searched every site and talked to the customer care but nothing is working ! they are just saying wait for the samsung update or change the apn settings that it :@ i have a galaxy s5 g900f stock rom and s4 i9505 also stock ! need help :/

    • i have a same problem im using Galaxy S4. i contact to warid head office lahore they say wait for samsung update. nw i decided to port out from warid to zong

    • Hi Ehmed, I am Using Warid LTE on my S4 I9505 by following below method. it should work on ur S5 as well.

      1. *#0011# (Enter this on dial pad, it will enable Service Mode)
      2. Click Property Button and Select “Back”.
      3. Again Click Property Button and Select “Key Input”.
      4. Enter “Q” and press ok.
      5. Again Click Property Button and Select “Key Input”.
      6. Enter “0000” and press ok and wait for few Sec.
      7. From the list select “LTE” by touch/click.
      8. From the list select “PREF MODE Set” by touch/click.
      9. Select “GWL” from the list.
      10. Click “GWL! PLZ REBOOT”

      and plz don’t forgot to change ur “apn” setting.

      • I will not .. As I am 200% satisfied with ZONG .. BTW I am using a ZONG Employee Special package so I will never regret :)

        Paying 100Rupees per month for Unlimited 3G and 250 Rupees for Unlimited 3G/4G is not bad.. ;)

    • Ooh man! What are you doing? Just wait a little more. When you already have Zong SIM then why you are porting your Warid connection to Zong too. Warid’s management is lazy but their services are not atleast! I’ve used Zong, Mobilink, Telenor & Ufone here in Lahore, they cann’t compete Warid in respect of quality & reliability.

      • ZONG number is temp number .. I cannot carry two phones at all now.. :) So porting my Warid number to ZONG…. ZONG is providing me Unlimited 3G/4G in just rupees 250PKR so I would definitely go for that rather paying 500PKR for EDGE/4G (Not Fully Covered yet)

      • I have got a new connection as I was really missing Warid LOL.. Got a new postpaid connection and got a 4G sim too :) Loving it :D

  • Speedtest site not working this is my download speed on Warid LTE… I am in Islamabad Sector G-8/2

  • i have samung galaxy s5 g900f 4g supported . but my cell can not run 4g .actually i cant find the option in mobile network. plz help me 03235313970

  • i dindnot find LTE option in samung galaxy s5 g900f . for warid 4g service use plz . there is only options in mobile netwrok 2g or 3g 03235313970

  • Test from DHA Karachi and getting 5Mbps download. Same for MT khan road and 2 talwar. No signal at do Darya. Will post screen shots and other locations soon. Please note that Warid’s 5555 service said that there was no 4g in two of the above locations, but its working great!

    • I am also in g9/4 near khawaja mkt zong 4g vs warid 4g which one is better? Do u have ever experienced zong 4g

  • Hahaaa,nice try Warid, 3mb speed on lte you must be kidding me.
    Every 3g provider gives arround 8 mb normally.
    Way to go

  • I have two warid lte sim one is postpaid and other sim is prepaid. I’m using prepaid 4g on samsung galaxy s5 working flawless but my postpaid lte sim 4g isn’t working on same phone. Os is 5.0 lollipop. If some one had the solution then please share.

  • Mobile phones are working in 3G frequency spectrum.. its speed is upto 42Mbps , but 4G provides upto 22 Mbps or near to this value in pakistan .why?

  • close