Pakistan Named Among Enemies of Internet Freedom

Privacy and freedom on the internet are major topics of discussion nowadays. Governments around the world are trying to gain more control over what their citizens access. They are also passing laws that make it legal for them to spy on anyone and everyone without a warrant or just cause.

Edward Snowden was a whistle-blower who brought the attention of the world on the programs in place by the US and UK governments to spy on a national and international scale. Unfortunately, that has done little to deter them. Not only are countries like China and Russia trying harder to actively use the internet as a weapon, they are being joined by so called democracies like US, India as well as Pakistan.

The following infographic details all the countries and the corresponding agencies that are a threat to internet freedom. A scale of 0-100 is used where 0 is most free and 100 is least free.


Note: The infographic has been prepared by WhoIsHostingThis

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