Facebook’s New Terms of Service and Policies: Here’s What You Should Know

Did you know that Facebook claims the right to share your information for ads, business and “internal operations”? Majority of us don’t give attention to Facebook Terms of Service, but mind you, they are of immense importance. Starting from Jan 1, 2015, Facebook is introducing some changes in its terms of service. Here’s what you need to know.

Control Tags, Photos, Privacy and Information Easily

Facebook is giving users complete control in terms of data sharing. You will be able to check the audience of your information, statuses and photos easily. Handling privacy, blocking people and photo tags will be open for more control. I hope Facebook will add a clear, separate section where we could easily see the complete set of audience of our data and statuses any time we want instead of juggling around with privacy settings.

Check-Ins With Style

Facebook has pledged to revamp its automatic learning ability to improve user experience. In future, Facebook will suggest “nearby friends” based on your location. It will give you an option to use nearby restaurant menus, friends and other information you like to make your brags more fun.

Buy Products Directly From Facebook

Perhaps an impractical and pointless feature for Pakistanis is also coming to Facebook. Soon, there will be a “Buy” button on products and ads on Facebook, which will allow the users to make purchases and pay on the go on Facebook.

Access To Phone Information

Facebook recently suffered massive criticism when it forced mobile users to download its Messenger app. It seems the company has not moved an inch from its stance. New terms of service hint that Facebook will ask for phone and location information to make check-ins and statuses more accurate.

Better Ecosystem Integration

Facebook is turning into an ecosystem of apps and services. It owns services like Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, LiveRail and the list goes on. The company will roll out some new features after which, users will be able to enjoy the integrated features of these services. For example, one could recover his Instagram Password through Facebook.

User Driven Ads

As for Facebook ads policy, there will be no change to information usage domain. But the company has promised to bring ad preferences and user driven ads on the table. If a user doesn’t want to see ads and sets his or her preferences while using Facebook on phone, these preferences will automatically be set to his account and applied on each device.

All these new features and policies will take effect from the start of 2015.

    • Problem isn’t buying stuff online, I can buy almost anything that’s online (other than sites with only PayPal integration) The major problem is delivery to Pakistan.

  • This is the cheapest post I have read on proppakistani to-date.

    What’s the big deal about suggesting nearby friends that facebook plans to do in 2015!??! Please don’t write such cheap posts.. it just shows how silly and technical the writer is.

    None of the things you’ve mentioned about have anything to do with ‘privacy.’

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