Go Nawaz Go! Gets Its Own Wikipedia Page

The chant ‘Go Nawaz Go!’ has been echoing across Pakistan for weeks and now, it has also made it to Wikipedia.

Under the title ‘Go Nawaz Go (slogan)’, a well structured and strictly as per Wikipedia guidelines, the page describes the infamous chant and its cultural influences.

The slogan has become a cult hit in Pakistan and the government has cracked down on its usage, making arrests and as per unconfirmed reports government went ahead to instruct the PTA to block any SMS messages which contain the ‘Go Nawaz Go’ characters. However, that has not stopped it from becoming one of the most popular social media hashtags of 2014.

Usually, pages like these are deleted citing reasons like ‘Vandalism’ and ‘Attack page or negative unsourced biography of living persons’ and that is what happened when some people tried to create it back in September and October. This time however, the slogan has been deemed popular enough to warrant its own page.

It’s officially part of Pakistan’s political terminology according to Wikipedia and considering that Wikipedia Pakistan’s twitter handle specifically tweeted about the page, we doubt that it is going to disappear from Wikipedia anytime soon.


Reportedly, Wikipedia has received numerous complains over “Go Nawaz Go” page, asking the encyclopaedia to remove the content from its website.

However, Wikipedia has decided to not to remove the content due to such complaints as Wikipedia is not censored. According to Wikipedia, the “Go Nawaz Go” page is neither biased nor politically motivated and instead the page only represents a view published by reliable news sources.

Due to increased vandalism, Wikipedia administration has now locked down “Go Nawaz Go” page for few days so it is not openly edited by anyone.

It would interesting to note here that “Go Nawaz Go” wikipedia page received double the hits than “Nawaz Sharif” wikipedia page since it was upped yesterday.

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    • Jesi Awam Wesy Hukmran! If we call our government a worst then it doesn’t make a big difference. Change yourself!

    • Wah wahhhhhh…..

      Dhandli kr k, logon per shelling kr k, Chinese blacklisted companies se deal kr k aur jhoot bol kr k China 40Bn$ ki investment kr raha hai, Metro Bus mei awam ka khoon daal k aur Ittefaq foundry ka sarya baich k, Iftikhar Chaudhary jaisay kuttay k bachay ko CJ bana k, 10 saal tak Taliban ki sarparasti kr k unhe apni army k logon k saron se footbal khelne ka moqa de k, dialogue k naam per Taliban ko safe exit de k aur unhe ISIS bana k, kia hum dunia ko bara alaa kisam ka image de rahay hai… Kuch haya kia karo Nawaz shareef k supportaro, us ne apni qabar mei jana hai aur tum ne apni qabar mei…

      • To bhai us k burain kar k ap tm to bara acha kaam kar rahe ho. Is ka swab to alag se mile ga na. I m not PML N supporter but i m talking about abuse language which we use for everyone. Mere bhai is hamam mai sb nangy hain. Tanqeed karna to bohat asan ha lekin PTI ya koi b party Govt mai ati tab pata chalta ha. Yehi N League kal PPP ko bohat kuch kehti thi, Aj khud kiya kar rahi ha sb k samne hai

    • > encyclopedias can’t be used for political matters

      Says who? Encyclopedia definition: a book or set of books giving information on many subjects or on many aspects of one subject

      Nowhere does it say the information must be limited to what your thinking is. It’s wikipedia, not ashrafopedia.

  • Stupidity. Now the other side will set up “Ro Imran Ro” web page with similarly abusive language. What a pathetic image our so called educated lot is presenting to the world.

    • O khuda k banday, its just an article for information. Not any image building or detroying thing. Whole world does these kind of things and make slogans.

  • 1st December 2014 Monday
    oil market is equals to 65 us dollars / barrel
    one us barrel is equals to 159 litter
    today’s dollar rate is 101.5

    so today’s diesel Rate in Pakistan should be as low as 41.25
    and petrol must be 15% lesser so petrol rates should b as low as 35.27

    • Dont be ridiculous. Are you getting fuel in yur car directly from the barrels you mentioned? There are transport costs, fuel distributor margins and taxes involved in the final consumer price.

      • His point may be ridiculous but his argument is not completely invalid. We are still getting petroleum products at higher than usual rates. Thanks to IK though, without his political pressure we would have been paying the same rates.

        • Indeed, if you draw a chart of crude oil price changes and petrol pump price changes, you’ll see that something like a 10% drop in crude oil does not result in 10% drop in petrol price. Goverment gives us 5% drop or something like that. They still make money from us. Not only that, the other indirect taxes on petrol don’t go away.

          But of course we get free laptops so we should be “grateful” and shut up.

        • brother when u refines crude oil u obtaines what and on what rates u sell those things out

      • OK brother gold as per today’s market is 1180 dollar/ once now come to me i can provides it to u on the same rates now what u says.. information doesn’t means the knowledge u people have a kind of information but u don’t know the mean of it..

        the rates are shown by the company will provides u on the same rates including transportation and labor coast

    • you know what.. UAE is third largest oil producer in the world and oil prices Petrol per liter is 40 + rupees or 1.61 dhs.
      so, you saying in pakistan it should be 35.27.

  • Lol..i dun consider it a shame for Pakistan
    .what these politicians have done to the country has actually distorted its image and embarrassed Pakistani communities around the globe..not these slogans..

  • @aamir7:disqus If government ads shows Nawaz you post on your IT blog saying it’s politicial and now your IT blog just giving political news. I know your support for PTI as a person but as a blog it’s unethical.
    Please accept this also: RO IMRAN RO : RO AAMIR RO

  • One news website suggested Pakistan Telecommunication Authority may soon censor the Wikipedia page for Pakistani viewers

  • @Aamir Atta,
    Bhai I know you are die hard PTI jayala but don’t show your 3rd grade “SaidPur Road Rawalpindi” ke zahniyat on your blog when your bread n butter is from this blog. If you want this to be a political blog then khul kar bolo na so many people would stop coming to ur blog.
    Btw indians don’t shame their PM outside India like we do our PM, PTI ky tuchoon ky liye ..fashion yahi ha ky bathroom ma bhe Go Nawaz Go likho aur cocaine lyty bhe.

  • Amazing how our youth is hell bent to waste their brains on such stupidity whereas companies abroad are developing eye-popping technologies.

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