Huawei Will No Longer Produce Windows Phone Powered Smartphones

Windows Phone has suffered a major blow with Huawei, an increasingly important global smartphone vendor, announcing that it is quashing its deal with Microsoft regarding Windows Phone devices. Huawei’s head of international media affairs, Joe Kelly, said that the company has not been able to monetize Windows Phone powered smartphones. He went on further to even claim that “nobody” has ever made money by selling Windows phones, an unusually bold statement that has caused quite a stir in the tech world.

The partnership between Microsoft and Huawei was shaky from the start. Just months after announcing that it will make Dual-OS phones which will run Windows and Android, Huawei took back its statement and said that there are no plan for such a phone in the “near future.” In June, Huawei’s Chairman, Richard Yu called Windows Phone “weak.”

“We didn’t make any money in Windows Phone. Nobody made any money in Windows Phone.” Huawei


Microsoft is going the extra mile to make its Windows Phone competitive in the growing market. Recently, they released the Lumia 535 in Pakistan, a low cost smartphone that provides a large screen and Dual SIM capabilities. The company has made price cuts across the board to get more people to switch but it seems its hardware partners aren’t providing complete support.

So with Huawei backing out, the ever present Apple, Samsung and rising Chinese tech giants like Xiaomi, the idea of Windows Phone gaining a strong foothold seems far-fetched. However, Microsoft is doing all it can. The company recently announced that it will provide free Windows for tablets and mobiles below 9-inches screen for device manufactures and app developers which certainly can’t hurt matters.

In these grim times for Windows Phone, we think Windows 10 is the hope for Microsoft. With innovation and a better app ecosystem, the company can rally around its customer base around the new OS in the near future.

  • Companies have their own priorities, IMO Windows Phones & OS are not that bad. All brands and OS target to different segments, so Windows Phones are very good and economical choice for non-tech people having solid hardware, basic os/software and all basic apps are available too. Lumia 535 is an example.

  • Shame on you Huawei, you are such a worst company and a copier of Telecom Giants like Cisco, Alcatel, Ericcson yourself, what better can we expect from this C (Cheap, Copier, Chinese Company). This is because of Microsoft that even Android has achieved landmarks. Deep down Microsoft still is better as a Mobile OS in terms of reliability, power consumption, application compatibility and now low cost and many more.

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