Local Carpooling Competition Heats Up With Tripda

Following the success of Uber and its international expansion, it has become evident that technology can play a part in the world of commuting. As the population keeps rising, public transport systems have not kept up and have deteriorated.

Tripda is one of the more recent projects which aim to alleviate the issue. It’s a ride sharing service through which you can cut down on your commute costs significantly. Launched last year in Brazil, Tripda has since expanded across 13 countries and Pakistan is the latest country on the list where the service is being offered.

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Registering with Tripda

In order to use Tripda, you will need to log in with your Facebook account through the app. Currently, this is the only way to register yourself with the service. This is required for security purposes as the details populated from your Facebook account put a certain amount of trust into the service, which is required since you’ll be dealing with strangers.

Posting a Ride

After the registration process has been completed, you can start using the service by posting a ride. The process is pretty elaborate. You can start off by telling whether the ride is a one time thing or recurring. Then, you clearly need to state your route, defining the points of departure and arrival and adding more stopover points to the journey that will increase the likelihood of picking up more passengers on the way.

Pricing and Other Details

After selecting the date and time of the ride, the price per passenger will have to be entered. The service suggests a fair price based on its algorithms though you are free to over ride it. The only mode of payment available in Pakistan is cash, at the moment.

You will also be required to enter the details of the car, such as the model and number of seats and some additional details such as whether luggage is allowed, detour time and duration flexibility. After the completion of the trip, passengers can rate the drive out of 5 and share their experience.

Ladies Only Carpools

Tripda also offer Ladies Only rides which is a great option, considering local social norms.


It remains to be seen how popular these services become in Pakistan but with rising awareness and easy access to internet, we can foresee an increase in demand. Tripda is the second major ride sharing service for the Pakistani market. Savaree, a very similar service, is already available but with backing from the Germany-based online startup incubator Rocket Internet, Tripda is is going to heat up the competition which can only be a good thing for the end users.

Download Tripda for iOS here

Download Tripda for Android here

  • Nice service but these kind of service can’t run successfully in south Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh because any body can abuse easily, recent example is a rape incident happened in India on last Friday, the victim had booked the taxi from uber smartphone app.

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