Rawalpindi Bans Cellphone Usage For Teachers In Schools

The use of mobile phones in schools has been banned by the Rawalpindi Education Department, causing issues among teaching staff.

Zahoorul Haq, Education Executive District Officer, said, “We have taken the decision as there were reports that teachers were wasting time on mobile phones during school hours. The decision has been taken in the best interest of students. The violators of the ban can face suspension.”

Principals are instructed to take the cellphones from all teachers in the morning and return them at the end of the day. A less lenient solution has already been tried but it was unsuccessful after teachers failed to take the instructions seriously. Zahoorul Haq said, “To ensure that the ban is implemented, we were left with no other option but to direct the head teachers to collect mobile sets from the teachers at the assembly time.”

In case of an emergency, the cellphones can be returned in school timings with the permission of the head-teacher or principle. Hamid Ali Shah, the president of the Punjab Teachers Union Rawalpindi, said “We agree that mobile phones should not be allowed in classrooms, but teachers should not be stopped from using them outside classrooms.”

Other teachers also said that depositing cellphones with the principal made no sense since the ban should extend to classrooms only. On the other hand, an education officer said that most teachers used their cellphones in classrooms and failed to give adequate attention to their classes or students. This left the authorities no other choice but to take drastic action.

Teachers who violate the new rules could be suspended under the the Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline and Accountability Act.

via Dawn

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    • Yes but it won’t make any difference as these gov. schools old folks are well trained, experienced and know how to open any door, and by the way what difference suspension will make when you’re getting your pay and enjoying holidays at home????? it is just to shut the mouths of everyone that we have SUSPENDED the teacher who was using mobile phone but actually he is sent to spend some time home. it PAKISTAN meri jaan :P

  • Brilliant, more importantly usage of cellphones should be banned for students too during school hours. They waste equal time on phone during classes

  • Its sad that instead of introducing some sense of responsibility to the teachers govt takes stupid and harsh steps without any thoughts. Stupid mindless people!

  • o q bachya ty zulm kardy ho. ehna nu jad mob allow nae hona, ehna bachya nu e kutna. kehra merrit ty bharti hundi aaaaaa

  • Must be baaned inside the class room if being used for communication Its ban outside the class room makes little sense. Non sense use (if allegation true) and the similar restriction imposed. It looks we are made of Straw .We are the the hollow men , we are the stuffed men.

  • why don’t they hire honest,knowledgeable and hard worker teachers and staff.. and pay them good salary…biometric attendance should be introduced for all staff and students..

    • All these people commented here never put themselves in place of teacher and then say what you think. If parents are not sending their child to school it is fault of teacher, he should be punished for this. The teachers can not get leave November and December because these are important months for student but teachers do not have families and children. They came from MARS , they do not have any issue. plz think

  • well decission, but the govt should provide at least one land line connection. so that teachers remain intouch with their homes, in case of any eargency.

  • The world is going to use the technology and new innovative ideas in the field of Education and we are imposing ban on new technology and gadgets. The persons or teachers who waste their time on mobile phone may be asked if the management has doing their business fair and in the light of Efficiency and Discipline Rules.

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