Telenor Pakistan’s Open Mind Program Gains International Recognition

Open Mind Pakistan, Telenor Pakistan’s unique special trainee program for enhancing awareness, accessibility and inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), has been recognized as a best-practice case in an international research report, entitled ‘Mainstreaming persons with disabilities in Pakistan’, commissioned by the British Council. The report examines the challenges, opportunities and policy issues affecting PWDs in Pakistan. Telenor Pakistan is outlined as a case study for its attempts to formulate an empowering model for PWDs which is the first of its kind in Pakistan.

Open Mind, under Telenor Pakistan’s flagship program for persons with disabilities – Khuddar Pakistan – has successfully translated into an effective mechanism of integrating PWDs in the mainstream corporate world and thus strengthening their prospects for future employment. “Telenor, one of Pakistan’s largest mobile-phone companies, has been able to learn from the employment practices at its headquarters in Norway to introduce a scheme for employees with disabilities,” the report states.