United Mobile Starts Selling Smartphones Online

United Mobile, a well known name in the mobile industry in Pakistan, has started selling smartphones online. Right now, the only brand they are carrying is Voice Mobile.

United Mobile has also partnered up with Lootlo.pk for selling smartphones. Customers availing the handsets from Lootlo will be eligible to get free accessories like hands-free and power-banks on every purchase.

Its only about time that other major brands will turn towards online selling and may reach out to areas where their service centres are otherwise not available.

This move will also give users a chance to buy products with official prices. In fact better than the market prices once the online market is flourished and online buying gets more popular.

Not to mention, with online selling, manufacturers tend to sell products at lower prices as variety of expenditures (utility cost, rental, work force) are not involved in online selling.

You can view their products and order them by going here.

via PhoneWorld

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  • From what I’ve experienced, Online shops tends to ”loot” people, despite of not having any charges. Usually all the e-Shopping websites that are active in Pakistan, purchase their product FROM the market, and sell it.

    It also makes their products MORE expensive, as compared to the market. I haven’t so far witnessed ANY e-Shop investing for, or possessing any products beforehand.
    After an order has been placed by a customer, they go rushing to the market and purchase manually FROM THE MARKET, add around 3 – 15% of the actual price, and dispatch the product via TCS, etc.

    Some examples are – daraz, symbios, shophive.. The top websites are merely retailers, who don’t stock anything, what about all others?

    Online industry will never change until these shops start stocking, rather than just selling.

    Good Initiative by United Mobile, but they’re just following other e-Shops and keeping their prices MORE expensive as compared to the market. Wish they started a new trend of wholesale purchase over the internet, as “with online selling, manufacturers tend to sell products at lower prices as variety of expenditures (utility cost, rental, workforce) are not involved in online selling.” – Just as propakistani mentioned, but unfortunately that’s not true for this website, or ANY OTHER website in Pakistan.

    • you are right, I checked for price of Huawei G610 before approx. 8 months, online price was 19,500 and in Market it was 18,000. Also, the prices mentioned on United Mobile’s website are little bit higher than Market, as you mentioned already.

    • You need comprehensive delivery systems for that ONLINE experience you want from these retailers. I personally think that this delivery system is not for the people of big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad etc. Given the shoratge of good products in distant locations (like interior Punjab, NWFP areas etc), the best coverage is provided by Pak Post. It is cheap (VPL based charges will be around Rs. 55-150), customer receiving the goods will pay only Rs. 55 (Cost of delivery = Rs. 100-200) which is obviously included in online prices in addition to profits. However, Pak Post is very inefficient and return rate is high as compared to TCS, Blue Ex, Leopard etc. The later charge too high (Rs. 300 and above), but provide good delivery service. For cell phones and similar electronics, the margin is somewhat justified in my eyes (you are allowed to disagree) but this system is in early stages, lack of confidence prevails (that’s why Cash-on delivery is popular). Low customer satisfaction due to unexpected product quality is also a major source of obstacle in going price competitive. You have to take high risk when doing that type of online business in Pakistan. Fake orders are also very high and no formal mechanism to black list such fake contact details exists in Pakistan.

      The key is that the major beneficiary of this delivery system is the distant customer who order a thing only available in big cities, but he can get it at his door step by paying a premium price. Blue Ex is one of the most emerging business company doing the COD. (I read an article on Blue Ex success on Express Tribune I guess!)

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  • They have a very clean and good open chance of bringing in either Xiaomi or Meizu into Pakistan. Only if their higher officials are listening.

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