Considering Selling Your Prime Minister Scheme Laptop? Think Again!

I’m sure many of our readers have seen the laptops distributed under the Prime Minister Scheme being sold on various websites around the internet. We won’t talk about the ethics of the situation but with the latest developments, we can safely say that anyone who sold their laptop for monetary benefit will soon be regretting their decision.

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has taken notice that many students were selling their laptops instead of using them. As a result, the HEC has made it mandatory for all students to show their laptop upon completion of their degree.

Even if the laptop is broken of malfunctioning, showing it will be necessary to get your final degree from your university. If your laptop got stolen, you’ll have to show the FIR lodged against the theft. If you can’t show your laptop or the FIR, you simply won’t be issued a degree and it will be suspended until you do. In short, any profiteering individuals are going to get their just desserts.

Furthermore, if you have sold you laptop, HEC is soon going to find out. They are in the process of tracing anyone who has put up ads for the laptops but the consequences have not yet been made clear. The officials also have serial numbers for all laptops distributed under the scheme and they will be used to track people who have illegally sold them.

According to Dr. Mukhtar, Chairman HEC:

The government of Pakistan, with its limited resources has tried to facilitate the youth through this scheme and if someone tries an act like this, it’s unfortunate and we are going to do everything in our power to stop them.

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Talal is the Chief Operating Officer at ProPakistani.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    There was a discussion on this in my office. When these laptops were issued, we think that the serial number may not have been noted, which laptop is being issued to whom. So what if someone shows laptop of someone else and gets cleared?

    • Saqib

      they may note the serial number when the laptop is shown while getting degree and store it in their database, hence the real owner would not be able to get his/her degree.

      • Vinod Kumar

        Don’t Worry its All Talk by HEC !
        they’re just trying put pressure on current students :D

        • Syed Waqar Younis

          Wt if they Put one serial No. on one laptop and Make a fake one and put the Fake serial No on the laptop :D :P ?

          • Syed Waqar Younis

            laptop again*

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        I was thinking the same thing at some point :-)

    • Kashif

      You think that the universities who are offering these laptops to their staff will “actually verify” Laptops?
      Suppose student is the sibling of person a friend to Chairman, Dean or VC?
      In my opinion all is just to get noticed by peoples, a complete bullshit nothing else…

      • pure1

        I don’t know about you, but in my institution, the HEC team verified CNIC, linked it with the codes on laptops, EVO, even of bag as well and entered to the database. That’s what we saw in the verification phase right before laptop distribution. If it’s all talk, than what do you say about this procedure?

    • Arsalan Shah

      One laptop in every university, everyone will show the same laptop turn by turn and get their degree .. for sure!

    • Anas Saleem

      go to any police station
      pay the fees (bribe) for the fir and wallah
      the government cant do a thing

  • If only the government was so proactive in catching those violators of humanity who slaughtered 140 youth in cold blood.

    • Raja Maja

      aap nay chawal hi mari hai, did you stop eating from that day ( for putting your efforts towards those 140 children ), baat kahein ki ho rahi hai, yeh apni shalwaar utha kar agai hain.

      • Hassan Rana

        Sahi tu kaha hay innocent people kay liye laws hay or upar ju chur dako bethey hay crime minister se lay kar terrorists tak un kay liye kuch huta nahi just batun kay ilwa ….double sware ban active kar skte hay

      • shahbaz

        well said

      • Rehmat Ali

        bhi shalwar kahan utari..aik pic e hojaye :)

      • Its okay bro. I know what lack of education can do to your brain. Pretty evident from your language!

      • Khalid Yaldram

        well done ithay rakh

      • Shameel Faraz

        Raja Maja – Read his comment again, you will sound stupid even to yourself.

    • Geekpk

      HEC is doing its job and what u said has nothing to do with HEC. Its the domain of police and army.

      • Agreed. But don’t you think the priorities are screwed?

        • Fahad Arshad

          HEC Priorities are towards Education Sector my friend. Not with the law & order of the country. Wouldn’t it be wise to let every organisation work in its domain.

          • Ahmed Habib

            He thinks that police should cook us food at home as wives are fasionable. ;-)

            • Arsalan Shah


        • Geekpk

          thousands have been killed but we only react when there is a new attack. So yes we as a nation r confused.

      • abobobilly

        All state institutions are IN DUST. Thats the whole point, in case you have
        missed it.

        HEC is also another institution, so don’t expect them to do anything.

    • Sab hara*** bethay huway hain yahan apna apna manjan bechnay mai lagay huway hain bhai,, kisi ko kisi ki parwa nahen hain public hamesha se rul rahi hai or hamesha rulti rahaygi or Ye CRime ministers or in kay bachay ayashian kartay rahaingay…..

    • Jawad Younas

      saad hamid .. this is the point .. which i think is the right one … every one needs security in our country and this is our first right , which is not fulfilled .. and they have time for this hec laptops .. laptops and laptops .. Fk laptops .. and hec is lieing that laptops r given on merit base .. there is alot but i cant write every line over here ..

      • Thank you for understanding my point.

        I think we as a nation deserve what we get because our priorities are not right. Every time I bring this issue up, people ask me to shut up because “education”, “transport” and “terrorism” are different things.

        I get that. But I also know that “security” and “terrorism” is not the top priority of this government which is why in such a big mess.

        A few months from now the government will shove the metro bus on to us and we will be happy and will forget the biggest threat that plagues our nation = “terrorism”.

  • Sleepless

    Laptops were given to students from public money and there should be accountability. However a few points come to mind:
    1. Considering how govt. offices work in Pakistan, they will not have data of laptops given to students i.e. laptop serial matching student information
    2. Registering an FIR is easy, how will the police make sure that the laptop was stolen and not sold?
    3. HEC does not have the kind of manpower or will to trace all sold laptops
    4. This is basically a scare tactic.

    But it serves those right who sold these laptops because ultimately you sold the trust of your country. Unfortunately, worse things happen here everday.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Exactly. 500-1000 for filing an FIR. Although it was like stealing public asset by selling these laptops becsuse it was for upgrading education level for those who deserve it…:(

      • Alii

        I thought filing an FIR was free and police department gets paid from our tax money..

        • Bilal Iqbal

          U thougt right butttttt…. :/ there are SELF SERVICE CHARGES by many police men…otherwisr fir is free…

  • Ahmad Nauman Mirza

    I think that once laptop is given to a student based on merit….that thing is his personal property….if he wants to use it/sell it or do what he likes Hec is no one to dictate that…..

    • +1

    • Ahmed Habib

      I have paid for the laptop as tax money, I have paid to make sure these tiny brains could get some good knowledge from around the wrb. If they sell those, why they were eager and mindless when laptop scheme introduced? Why they did not step back and allowed poor students?? In my view the robbed my money. Good job hec, bring the to justice.

      • Ahmad Nauman Mirza

        Everyone pays tax in the first place….Secondly they got it on merit/some criteria…not in some charity….if you get something on merit, you have earned it….no one robbed anyones money, talking of which poor students are also being given these laptops and they will be the one opting to sell them if they require money.

        • Arsalan Shah

          Lol. Merit in Pakistan is like Human Rights in Palestine. Only have heard of it – never seen it.

        • Bilal Iqbal

          They r given laptop to raise level of study.. not level of living standard…

          • Amjad Saeed

            do you think this gonna happen? it is a reward, once given then u have no right to ask about. how can you measure what are doing with this laptop thing, it is possible that it is better to have some book reader instead of laptop, its users priority you can’t impose anything. if govt wanna do something in education sector they should have given kindle or some other type of book reader to be able to connect to a govt library and have updated books and journals over there.
            possibly someone needs money to pay his fee

            • Bilal Iqbal

              We were students and needed such things but could not get.. at last purchased own. This is not a reward but an investment to raise educational standard. Ebook readet can not prepare presentation and other necessary apps to work. These are given with some purpose and should be followed instead of ending the scheme for future…

    • Hassam

      They signed an agreement when taking the laptop. One of the term is to not to sell the laptop.
      Anything which is on tax payers money is not a private property

      • aksj

        Have seen them laptops the bios got no asset tagging the once given last year were Chinese ones

      • Ahmad Nauman Mirza

        Ok i dont know about the agreement but still i am of the idea that it doesn’t matter and shouldn’t matter to anyone including hec, taxpayers or anyone because the students have earned it on merit…..just like a government employ gets house/retirement pay because he has provided services. if the bright students get laptop which he deserved ,its upto them of what he does of it.

        • Arsalan Shah

          There is NO MERIT in Pakistan!

        • Raza

          Even If they have earned they cannot misuse (sell) it, do you think that once the CSS exams are cleared Bureaucrats have the right to misuse their power as they have earned it?

          • Usman Haider Sheikh

            what if a software engineering sells it to buy a better one? wouldn’t he be needing a better one to work with latest 3d api’s?

    • Uzair Farooqi

      Well said bro

    • sibzz

      When you get a scholarship for education, you cant go and spend it anywhere you please. It HAS to be spent on your education only. That is the agreement b/w the two parties. So I don’t think the laptops became property of these people. Selling these laptops kills the purpose of this scheme.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Sadqy…that is an investement by Govt. To promote and assist IT… apni jaib sy lya ho to ahmyat ka,pta chly

  • Ahmed Habib

    Stupid so called educated marit based students! They deserve jail not degree. They are bu**sh*t

  • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

    Great move by Government they should track and crack down those who are seeling laptop online lakin aaj tak sar-e-aam mobile phone pa bhata lany or khudkush hamlo ki zimydari qabool karny or twitter use karny waly dashtgard to pakry nhi gaye laptop bachny waly kis trah pakry gaye??

    • ballay balay

      wah teri English. Bas ek hi jumla aata hi? Mujy bhi sikha du.

      • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

        isi trah mery comment party raho kisi na kisi din aa he gaye gi :*

  • Muhammad Tehseen

    Check out OLX LOL

  • Vinod Kumar

    Hahahaha !
    Facilitate youth ?
    or should we say Bribed youth for votes with your bogus Schemes ?

  • Jawad Younas

    i dont get it .. why they r putting restriction on scheme laptops not to sell ??? .. if the person already has a laptop .. then there is no need of another laptop .. and when laptops r giving to every person .. so he or she has the right to get laptop free .. then its the decision of the student what really he/she wants … i dont give a damn to this scheme laptops … they r good for free only … i think if some one wanna buy a laptop .. DELL and HP is already popular and cheap as well .. showing goodness is not to give laptops for free .., its just a game .. inducing students to the relevant party for vote or … … .. . world is going farward and Pakistan is going backward .. please for God sake to law makers .. that dont make laws for ur own incentives .. distribute this time in making other good laws … .. … .. .. .

    • Arsalan Shah

      Those laptops were purchased using Tax Payer’s money. It wasn’t purchased using Nawaz/Shahbaz’s personal assets, that students get to do what they want.

      • Jawad Younas

        so why these laptops r not given to distance students and to all institutions which has students in them ???? because we all pay tax . and thanks for increasing my info

  • tayAlif

    Lots of students sold those laptops and adding in some more money to the kitty still bought laptops from the market better new ones.
    And definitely used those for their education.

  • Irfan Malik

    cheap Nawaz sharif laptops available for sale,. grab a bargain at the new year. i have 2 available.

  • Arsalan Shah

    AS IF……. False FIR’s are NOT possible in Mumlikat e Khudad with a Red or Green Quaid e Azam!

  • Mukhlis

    Bhai i can list plethora of loop holes to come out clean… But long story short.. Its Pakistan…. :)

  • Ali_Amjad

    Excellent initiative.

  • credulousgeek

    10 minutes of moment of silence for HEC and Govt! RIP Liberty!

  • Hassan

    What makes them think that the student can’t produce a FIR of laptop they have sold?

  • Asli Liberall

    تو ڈگری لے کر سیل کر دے .

    پھر تو کوئی مسئلہ نہیں ؟

  • Hassam

    OK guys no matter how much justification you can give about this but the fact is selling these Laptops are a violation of your agreement and this act should be consider as a crime. I hope those who are selling these Laptop already get this message, if they don’t kindly forward it to them. Those who already sold it should consider about it and try not to do things like this in there future.

  • Abdullah

    silly decision. It is the property of the student and they can do what they like with it.

  • But there are many flaws in this scheme, many ways to sale out and then prove that I owe same laptop.

  • Ali Salman

    @Dr Mukhtar,
    Remember when some students were coming to you to lodge complaints against “CASE” you and Suhail Naqvi (when he was in HEC) were protecting those responsible and were probably leaking out those complaints with names of students to CASE management. In fact you without listening to these students, in your dictator style gave advises not to file such complaints and be sorry for it. Allah ke shan you are now HEC Chairman and one teacher of CASE is Chairman PTA. But those students are now PhDs and laugh at people like you.

  • Aleem

    Maybe they should have given the laptops to poor students who actually need those laptops instead of giving it out on GPA basis. Now many high GPA kids from relatively well-off families, who already had better laptops to begin with, have an extra laptop which they have no use for. I don’t blame the students for selling those laptops.

  • i have seen, there is serial no…

  • M wali khan

    what If any one wants to pay the college/universities fee and there is none other option yo to sell the laptop ..

    so he can pay his dues

  • Sana Hameed

    assalamualikm ! i am a university student and someone recently stole my laptop :(
    have u any tracking procedure to find that laptop . i also have a product key number … plz guide me for this matter …. jazakillah

    frown emoticone

  • Muhammad Umar Cheema

    They can trace the person man if they really want it to.. its just a piece of CAKE for FIA to trace the laptop even those who r selling it through Olx etc they r easy to catch through their ip address of their adds.. but the problm is they wil not go for it

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    what if a software engineering sells it to buy a better one? wouldn’t he be needing a better one to work with latest 3d api?

  • Moeed Bin Awais

    this is all bullshit, i got PM Scheme wala laptop 2014 (Haier Wala) i have completed my studies in 2015 Last month i got my degree and no one asked me to show to my laptop.

  • Muhammad Hanif

    Respected Sir,
    My laptop got stolen from university hostel and as I wrote application to the director of Student Affairs the very next day a notice was pasted by administration on my room door with lines that students are responsible themselves for their lost or theft things. Is there any process to retrieve or track that laptop.

  • Syed Bilal Haider

    please check again now this crap should be sold out nothing one can do on that laptop