TCS Hazir: Get Your Shipments Picked Up at Your Doorstep

TCS has launched its new service called TCS Hazir that will allow you to get your courier shipments picked up from your doorstep.

TCS Hazir is currently available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi only, while service expansion to other cities is in the pipeline.

TCS claims that any shipment pick-up request in serving cities will be entertained with-in 60 minutes. Their this 60-minute-pick-up claim is so high that that they have repeatedly guaranteed in their PR that any pick-up will take less than 60 minutes, round the clock on any day of the week.

Customers can call TCS Hazir (111-123-456) and book documents and parcels of up to 25 kg right at their doorstep.

TCS Hazir Service Charges:

TCS Hazir service comes with a charge of Rs. 100 for documents or below 1KG shipment weight. Pick-up charges can go up to Rs. 1,370 for 25KG shipment box pickup.