Smart Buy: A Smartphone Price Comparison App

The usual buyer often does not want products at low prices; he/she NEEDS it. It is that hassle of going from one shop to another due to which some just can not afford to explore all available options.

Of course, there are online stores for folks who do not fancy taking a trip to the market. Let’s be fair; that includes many of us. Trouble is that online stores present their own challenges. Potential buyers still have to toil hard to sift through information on the internet before determining what suits their budget.

Smart Buy is a product price comparison app for smartphones

If you are looking for a smartphone, Smart Buy aims to bridge that gap for you. Think of Smart Buy as your personal procurement manager. This particular app can grab prices of various smartphones from a number of different stores including Daraz, Homeshopping and others. That surely saves you the trip to your local stores  just for the sake of getting prices.

The best part about it? You must have guessed that by now; it provides you with an overview of the lowest offers available. In order to keep the idea alive and kicking, the developer makes sure that products along with prices are updated each day. This ensures that you can make a much more informed decision before you actually purchase.

Just so that you know, Smart Buy is not a sales operation. In other words, you do not get to purchase products that you fetch prices for using Smart Buy. This is merely a service for potential buyers to view product prices from various stores.

The idea behind Smart Buy is solid but execution leaves a lot to be desired

The idea behind the app seems solid and it is. However, execution is lacking in terms of content. Only a subset of products from the major vendors are covered and that sorely limits its usefulness. There also seem to be ads in the listings themselves which are particularly annoying since the screen displays 4 products at one time.

Overall, the app’s utility cannot be questioned but how useful it really is depends on the developers. In it’s current state, it’s less of a hit and more of a miss. We’ll hold off recommending it until the devs can add more products and come up with less intrusive ads.


You can download Smart Buy here

  • i use another website which compares alot more products from around 10-15 retailers in pakistan. very handy.!!

  • i have used another website pricematch dot pk which compares alot more products from around 10-15 retailers in pakistan. very handy.!!

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