5 Apps To Help You Meditate And Relax

In the modern, stressful lives that we are increasingly consumed by, it is imperative for us to find appropriate relaxation time in order to avoid burnout. We are also lucky in the sense that our smartphones are capable of solving a number of tasks – with rest and meditation also part of it.

There are a number of apps available on the Google Play store which allow rest and meditation and practice of mindfulness. Here’s our ranking of the top 5:

Paced Breathing

Like the name suggests, Paced Breathing assists in timed breathing exercises. It’s a no-nonsense app that gives you specific guidelines on your breathing cycle and helps out with timings and prompts. Sometimes all we need to do is breathe.

Download Paced Breathing from here

Free Meditation – Take a Break

This is a free app from the same team that introduced Meditation Oasis and is a great option for those who are looking to get some peace and quiet while at work. The app gives you an option to get a 7 minute meditation break and is an excellent option for busy people who are struggling to find some time for themselves.

Download Free Meditation from here


Noisely is a great app for meditation as it gives a number of ambient sounds to mix together and create a relaxing backdrop. Whether you want to just clear your head, meditate or go to sleep, Noisely will provide the perfect blend of music.

Download Noisely from here


Buddhify offers a refreshing approach to clearing your head. Users are asked to choose between a number of pre-set situations, all of which have a tailored meditation program. So all you have to do is identify your current mood and let Buddhify do the rest.

Download Buddhify from here

Mindfulness App

Again, this is a no-frills approach towards practicing mindfulness as all you have to do is input a time and indicate whether you want to listen to music or other sounds during the time. If you do not adhere to the time set up, the app will send a notification.

Download Mindfulness App from here

Do you use any apps for meditation and relaxation that we forgot about? If so, let us know in the comments below!

  • one of my favorites is Natura Sound Therapy !! ( not FREE )
    it really works for me :)

  • or alternatively! you can listen to Sufi-Rock (Abida ji, Sanam, NFAK alike) & pink floyd :D

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