Mobile Users to Pay Rs. 10 Per CNIC for SIM Re-Verifications

As it has turned out to be, mobile phone users will have to pay Rs. 10 per CNIC for re-verification of SIMs of each operator, we have checked with sources.

As you may know that SIM re-verification exercise is about to begin in a day or two at most and telecom operators are given 90 days for re-verification of 103 million SIMs.

While finalized SOPs from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority are scheduled to be issued today evening, we have confirmed with sources that end users will have to bear a verification fee of Rs. 10 per CNIC per transaction.

For example if a customer goes to Service Centre, Franchise or a retailer of one company and re-verifies his/her all SIMs for this particular company than he will have to pay Rs. 10 per this operator.

Similarly, if he goes to another operator for SIM re-verification, then he will have to give another Rs. 10 for re-verification of all SIMs of this second operator, and so on.

If a customer goes to Service Centre, Franchise or a retailer of one company and re-verifies his/her all SIMs for this particular company than he will have to pay Rs. 10 per this operator

Telecom operators say that this Rs. 10 per transaction is processing fee that will be given to retailers as an incentive. They say that there is no other way to keep retailers engaged with re-verification process as otherwise they might simply refuse to re-verify customers due to the hassle involved in the process.

Telcos clearly told ProPakistani that this processing fee of Rs. 10 per transaction will be kept by retailers and operators won’t share a penny from this fee.

Telecom companies are planing to give incentive to customers for re-verification of SIMs (in shape of free minutes, SMS) so this Rs. 10 per transaction fee is somehow justified.

Customers will clearly dislike the fee, considering that they will have to spare time and make effort by going out to service centres, franchises of each operator to get their SIMs re-verified and now this additional fee of Rs. 10 is surely going to put further burden on their shoulders.

Whatever the case is, the decision has been made and customers will have to pay Rs. 10 for each re-verification transaction, unless it is reversed by PTA at a later stage.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • ZeeshanShahid

    Wow! Talk about extortion. Verification was supposed to have been fool-proof from day 1. If your dealers/franchises are now asking for remuneration for extra work on your behalf, that’s your problem. Not the customer’s!

    • Abdul Mueid Shahid

      bhai,, 10 rs hi daine hain. Sirf 10RS

      • Ali Salman

        Baat 10 ya 1 Rs ke nahe asool ke ha…PTA walay apni *beep* rahay thy jab SIM cards road kinaray bik rahe thee. Y should those suffer who got this through a right procedure ? And wait in long que and deal the D heads jahils on customer service counters.

        • Imran Khan Afridi

          Dear .. What about if a person is arrested for a reason that his sim is used for illegal activity then you know what he will do…he has to spend at least one day in police station and will also offer thousand of rupees to police its your choice .. a maximum of 50 Rs and one day hard work or Jail + thousand of Rupees

      • Ejaz

        Yes Rs 10 + the grand khawari we all will go through…. Its time to simply shed all the other unwanted SIMs that people keep in pocket for free minutes offer on un-used sims.

      • Muhammad Kamran

        Bahi baat 10 rs ki nahi hai baat ghalat aur saeeh ki hai. Yeh telecom walon ne logon ne name pe sims ki hain aur jurmana bhi loog dein wah.. yeh tu telecom ko juramana kerna chahye Fake sims ka

  • DJ

    he will have to pay Rs. 10 per this operator

  • zafar

    Chalo samjh lo bhikari ko de diye. 10 rupay k liye itni behas?? Kon se goley se hobbhayya

    • Kashif

      Mr Zafar,
      Just calculate there are billion of SIMs in users hand so if you multiply with 10 we are about to give trillions of rupees.

      Or paisay deny ka itna hi azam rakhty ho to bhai ja kar Eidhi, Selani or dosri sahi kaam karny wali NGOs me donation do.

      (If you never give donation of single paisa, then you must use these words bcoz we people earn HALAL money not from the HARAM process)

    • Kashif

      We also include you and your family, hope you take it negative

    • Kashif

      My previous comment was removed, may be because of “we”
      I simply said “hope no one take is wrong or read it wrong” that:
      We the users have millions of SIMs, so if we multiply it with 10 we are about to give trillion of rupees to retailers.
      We already pay a huge TAX, after then call TAX (deduction of service charges per call) etc….
      So, we are not suppose to pay even a single paisa. PTA and the officials must take an action on it.

      • Abdul Mueid Shahid

        Dear, operator will be paying 23 rs per transaction to nadra who 10 rs justified. After all, they are here for business, not for charity

        • Abdullah

          recently ishaq dar agreed that all cellular companies will pay 10 rs to nadra

  • There are three sims on my NIC; mobilink sims. I don’t know how someone got them issued but I didn’t. What do you recommend I should do to get my NIC cleared?

    • Shahid Saleem

      Mobilink main office in your city. I went to the one near Mini Market in Lahore.

    • sameer

      visit the mobilink care center and ask them to close all of them.

    • aamir7

      Go to service centre, show your CNIC and ask them to block these Sims… That won’t require a Biometric Verification either.

      • Abdul Mueid Shahid

        they do require Biomeric verification

      • Muhammad Asad Khawaja

        They require signature and thumb imprression

      • Ali Salman

        I once checked and found two Telenor SIMs on my name, I always had one number. When I visited Telenor Customer Service Center a D head refused to tell me other number on my name but mentioned that he can close it. But if you tell them that I have a number but can’t recall it they will give you a replacement SIM, isn’t it funny ? This shows they are promoting illegal activities on your name only for their business.

        • Exactly, I always had one single number. They are abusing our NICs.

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      Go to service centre, show your CNIC and ask them ” Isko kahin dekha hai?” if they say no then ask them to block these Sims..

      • gajni

        AAM hongai bhai?

      • Bilal Iqbal

        They will ask to visit police station …kaily bhi add kr lain….lol

      • Jao kese bhai? Petrol :P

    • Patriot

      Bro Immediately visit Mobilink franchise and get those blocked. No excuses

  • MS

    I would like to see how they verify SIMS in use by the governing lot and army top brass!

  • Kashif

    My openion…
    Nadra + Election Commission is not able to verify bogus votes, keeping in mind what we achieve using this lengthy process???
    Opinions are welcome…

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      daal chana or daal maash main fark hota hai.
      Whole World didn’t find MH370 airplane having all radar and satellite system still no trace.

  • Muhammad Ather

    I wish if I would be able to get my SIM verify under one-roof. All the operator can join and share their thumb impression machine through a simple software update.

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    ye kaam acha hai k example main kisi ka naam na lo

  • mohsinraja

    falto sims block hony do aur baad mein free sim offer sa new sims la lo. lekn yeh 10rs kuo juma kr rhy hai kya enyo ny 3G ke kst jma krvani hai ? aur hokmt secure kr rhe hai k pasay kamny k lye rasty dond rhi hai ?

    • Muhammad Aamir

      Did you read the article? I don’t think so! Suppose if there are 100 folks are standing in front of the door of the shop to verify their SIMs, of course, there should be a decrease in the number of its items to sell thanks to the high rash – the verification is FREE. You should be thankful to GOD because they’re beseeching you only Rs.10 not Soo – 1oo.


  • Kashif

    I just got my sim verified today from telenor franchise khanewal and they didn’t charged me anything.

  • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

    wo waly uncle kidhr hai jo kha rahy thy “Telecom Industry Bears the Brunt Once Again”

  • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

    at the end of re verification operation Telecom Industry will have Rs. 1030 Million or Rs. 10300000000 (10 Arab or 30 Karoor) tax free money.

    • Aman Chawla

      Dear ek Transaction par na k 103 Million SIms Par hahaha :P

      • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

        chawal na ban dobara comment parh.

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Billionssssss….OMG … we were talking about millions are enough but u included india and china too with pakistan. By the way this was necessary to maintain business circle of retailers who are helping in achieving this task..
    U have no idea of telecom sector that’s why retailers importance and factors related to it are not visible to you…

    • Abdullah

      he is right billions sims out there in Pakistan. almost every person have at least more than one sim. that s why dual sim mobiles are popular in Pakistan

      • Ali Salman

        This is popular everywhere …if u ever got a chance to go overseas.

      • Anonymous Helper

        Paa G!! Are you living in the Milky Way Galaxy or somewhere else. When all the mobile users of Telenor, Mobilink, Zong, Ufone and Warid are added that become only 136.5 million not 1000 million.


      • Bilal Iqbal

        Ha ha ha…in india..there are less than billions and u talking about pakistan..

  • Waqas Tariq

    The verification has already began, I verified my Mobilink sim 2 days ago after a received an SMS from them that I needed to re-verify. Though I was not charged anything.

  • Kashif

    abhe to aaghaz ha abhe sy rota ha kia!
    aik do din rukk jao koi aur bahana kr k mazeed paiso ka keh dain gy (jaisay awam k rush ke waja sy hr retailer ko security guard rakhna parr gya:-) ) public is the ultimate looser either in this process or anyone. mainay ufone ke franchise sy 2 sims le thein aur ab mashallah 6 ho gai hain. 200% increase in my ownership without investment (shukar Alhamdullilah)

  • Rehmat Ali

    Ye konsa incentive hay bhi jan k awam se le ka denay wala., apnay profit se dain na incentive

  • Atifsh

    went to zong gulshan and told her to give me numbers that are showing on my cnic, and the answer was, we dont have phone numbers, we can tell you the number of sims on your cnic, but i already know this thats why i came to you…… in short
    instead of arguing i came back as i realized it would be wasted as they are just acting stupid.

  • Patriot

    We are ready to spend thousands and thousands for our own comfort/leisure and question Rs 10 for the sake of this country. What a shame

    • Rehmat Ali

      Pattwari :) Meray bhi jo lakhoon tankha le re ye unka kaam thay k shoro main iss cheez ko control karna.. ab apni ghalti hamare sar dal re

  • Don

    Bhai jaan kya pori dunyia ko sims Pakistan se issue hoti hein. Hats off to your exaggerated figures. Must be working in some news channel likely in Geo

  • M Taimur Idrees

    other than mobilink verification is free.only mobilink is charging Rs 10.

    • Adnan Mushtaque

      Ufone also charged me with Rs 20 for verification of two SIMS.

  • Adnan Mushtaque

    Today I have re verified all of my SIMS. Ufone took biometric verification for each SIM while telenor took 1 time biometric for all of my Telenor SIMS.

  • Eli Ehsan

    ARY dekhna band kardo ASAP.. mere dost… :D

  • Eli Ehsan

    Sigh! Time to put up that “Baans ka lakra” with “Aerial Antenna” to boost the home PTCL connection & carry the cordless handset with you… :( #Fakmalyf

  • Faizan

    Sala wrong number h.. Govt. should pay Rs:10 or wipe off the amount.

  • Kahuta

    hey I paid 20 rupees for one sim :D
    I am not joking :P