No Petrol, No Problem! Apps to Help Ease Fuel Woes

In the wake of fuel issues that continue to irk us, it is important that we wisely spend the resources available to us. Scarcity of fuel understandably translates into rising prices. That’s not all, is it? Annoyingly long queues at fuel stations inevitably result in traffic congestion that makes things worse. Carpooling, aka car sharing, can mitigate your frustration in times like these.


This is Pakistan’s first carpooling app that made its debut on Google Play Store. As the name suggests, the idea is to pool together people going on a particular route. It enables passengers to browse through a set of available routes and choose the one that best suits them. Similarly, drivers are able to register the dates and times of their departure along with the routes they are willing to ride along.

Passengers need not worry about the safety since all drivers have background checks prior to clearance. In case you are choosy about the people you want to travel with, you may limit the settings to intra-organization rides rather than open carpooling. Each time you share a ride, you not only enjoy the comfort of a car for cheap but lessen at least one vehicle off the road.

You can download Savaree for Android here.

Don’t panic if you do not own a smartphone, you can call the Savaree hotline (03314701753) to book yourself a ride.


Following a successful stint in 12 other countries, Tripda now connects riders with drivers in Pakistan. It offers a platform for both, people interested in sharing the same ride and those looking for long distance sharing. Drivers are able to share their routes and timings using the app for free. Passengers can choose whichever plan suits their needs.

The app ensures security of travelers by running background checks on both, drivers and passengers. In addition to the short distance car sharing service, Tripda offers itself as an alternative to buses and trains. This implies that passengers can book a ride that spans longer time and distance than usual. Initially, the service is only available to residents of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

You can download Tripda for iOS and Android.

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