Jamaat-E-Islami Gets Hacked in Protest for its Alleged Support for Terrorism

Last night, the official website for Jamaat-e-Islami was hacked by Kai-H4xOrR and hAxOr tr0jAn. In a profanity laced message that was shown on the homepage instead of the usual content, the hackers accused JI and Maulvi Siraj-ul-Haq of supporting terrorism and the Taliban.

In addition to the text message, the hacked webpages also showed videos which claim that JI has links with the Taliban. In one video, photo evidence is shown in which Siraj-ul-Haq is at a funeral praying alongside Faqir Muhammad, a terrorist complicit in the deaths of hundreds of Pakistanis.

This hacking incident is different from the usual defacements since it appears to be purpose driven

The second video shows a 14 minute interview with Haider Farooq Mudoodi, while the third video shows Mustafa Kamal raising questions in which he linked al-Qaeda members and a 9/11 planner with Jamaat-e-Islami.

This is different from the usual defacements since it appears to be purpose driven. There’s a term coined for attacks like these: hacktivism. It involves taking down websites, servers and web presence of targets to draw attention to shady links and associations.

If nothing else, it gets tech blogs and people talking about the hacks and the allegations and their validity. The site has been restored but some pages still show the defaced content.

Here is the Zone-h mirror: http://zone-h.org/mirror/id/23564131

And below are the videos that were posted on Jamaat-e-Islami’s defaced homepage:

The precedence set in this hack is a direct threat for politicians, institutions and organizations as their work and policies are now vulnerable to more explicit confrontation from hackers.

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  • yeah, I am reading newspapers daily, I didn’t seen yet any statement against Taliban from Jamaat-e-Islami leaders. and all knows about molvi ab. Aziz he refused to even ” lafzi muzammat ” against Peshawer School attack where more than 140 children martyred. these types of mullaz are a Burden for Islam and Pakistan which should be throw out.

    • If JI would pronounce Taliban as a terrorist, then you will be still searching word Taliban ???
      What is the connection of Ab. Aziz with JI ?

        • JI used word terrorist, either its Taliban or someone else. Terrorism includes Taliban, bhatta Khori, snatching, target killing, etc. JI against all kinds of terrorists.

          • it has to be specified, mean what Taliban done in Peshawer and according to newspapers and electronic media Taliban took responsibility but JI didn’t used word Taliban to condemn them specifically.
            why I mentioned molvi ab. aziz in earlier post with JI because here is similarity in this case ( Taliban )

            • How do you know that these are real Taliban not RAW agents, TTP is nothing but the RAW/CIA agents, If you want to know real Taliban then read Yvonne Ridley who is now Maryam Ridley just because of Taliban behaviour. What you see is our media wants you to see.

              • yes, we knew it, what they also done in swat and then exposed… I am not mixing them with Afghan Taliban and not my intention is to blame them… TTP are also a group who is using word Taliban like various others ( like PML Q, N etc. ) but my question is still here, why JI not used TTP to condemn them? if you and me and others knew about reality of them, why JI not using its name specifically?

                • What is the problem with you if they use word terrorist, either from TTP, JI, PML, PPP, PTI, MQM, and others. Terrorists are terrorists, terrorism not belongs only to TTP.

                  • as we all knew it, TTP is killing MUSLIMS in the name of ISLAM … this has to mention before all Muslim Nation.

              • If they say

                1. we are muslim
                2. we are taliban
                3. we will kill you if you do not accept sharia law

                and then they go ahead and kill Muslims

                Then what are we supposed to believe???

                When they controlled Swat, what did they do? Did they impose Indian secular law??? They imposed their version of sharia law.

                So what does that make them?

  • Believe me I am not any type of Karkun of any party but why people of Karachi also not interested to see actual side of picture… I don’t think that MQM is involved in any kind of Bhata now a days except some Fitra/Zakat which is doing by all parties including Jammat/PTI etc on other side no one is willing to discuss about PPP, Liyari Aman Commitee/ANP bhatas its due to big chunk of Pakhtoons in Jammat they can’t take risk.
    May Allah give us tawfeeq to understand the facts and show us the righteous path…Ameen

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