Whatsapp Launches Web Client for Messaging

After months of speculation, Whatsapp has finally launched a web client for its popular messaging app. The web client will be available for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry users. iOS is a notable absentee and the Whatsapp states that the omission is due to Apple’s platform limitations.

The web client will simply work as an extension of the app on your phone. It will mirror all conversations, giving you the ability to use Whatsapp on your desktops and laptops through Google Chrome browser. Here’s how it works.

Simply go here from Google Chrome and scan the QR code you see from Whatsapp on your smartphone. That’s pretty much it! Keep in mind you’ll need the latest version of Whatsapp for this to work, the update should roll out globally very soon so keep an eye out.

It might be obvious but you need to stay connected to the internet for the web client to work.

  • from whatsapp where how to scan QR code is it built in Whatsapp or i have to install 3rd party app to Scan QR Code

    Edit: Looks like Play store dont have updated version of Whatsapp.

  • Whats new in it for me, acha tu ye hota k aik dafa code scan kiya or ab ap mobile ka data/wifi off kar detay and u keep using it in office :)

    • Although having whatsapp on PC is good feature!!!

      But seriously we have to keep phone connected!!!
      Honestly it would have been a whole lot better if this s**t wasn’t there.

      • G bhi, I have same point of view. Once we have scanned the code, Whatsapp should use computer internet to connect and should not relay on Cellphone connection.

        • It uses computer internet connection but in order to synchronize, it needs to connect to our phone as well.

          It’s just like having a TV Remote Control(with built in tv screen in remote) yet watching the TV! :-P

        • Moreover if that had been a case then what’s a difference between a vypress chat or Whatsapp web client ;)

  • I have been using it since yesterday. While its a commendable idea, and is in very early stage … its actually an ‘extension’ of the PhoneApp, instead of a Standalone Web Service. This isn’t very good if you ask me.

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