PIA Bans Making of Mobile Videos in Planes

PIA has banned the making of videos in their flights, reported Ary News.

According to the new rule, passengers won’t be able to make any video once they have boarded a plane. This was told in a meeting of National Assembly’s standing committee.

Committee was reportedly looking for solutions for the complaints that were filed by national assembly members against PIA.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar, a PML(N) member, told the committee that he was taken off the plane despite the fact that he had nothing to do with the delay in the flight. He further complained that PIA pilots didn’t do a thing to neutralize the situation instead he was let go off the plan by PIA staff.

It maybe recalled that Arjumund Azhar Hussain, who filmed Rehman Malik and Ramesh Kumar, being forced off of a plane for delaying the flight. The video went viral on social media and the internet.

Other than Arjumund, we have seen other instances where mobile phone videos — shot in planes — exposed serious issues with the airline.

Right now, its unclear how PIA proposes to implement the ban or any penalties for violating the ban.

Despite whatever motivations PIA details for the ban on video in flights, the move comes off as suspicious to say the least.

Not to mention, politicians are greatly vary of social media and smartphones — and they have time and again tried to curb these new technologies due to the fact that they feel more exposed in presence of such tools.

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • Wajahat ali Chowdry

    Why don’t PIA work for it improvement in the services rather than issuing the notifications or SRO

  • Atif

    excellent job clap clap.
    now they can be rest assured no one is filming the great politicians and even greater PIA staff doing wonderful things.

  • Guest

    PEETCL aur PEEIA chalty han hath main hath de kar saath saath!!!

  • Haida Kay

    In ki windowx k cracks chhupaanay k liye plus j0 V.V.V.V.ViP protocolx in kii 0kaatein kholtay hain unk0 dabanaay k liye ye BAN kiya ja rha hy .. Asa krtay hee PIA taraqiii ki bulandiy0 k0 chh000nay lagay ga :D …. Lolxx

  • HassaanM

    The quintessential Pakistani solution: if you can’t control it, ban it.

    • Raheel J

      Nice One

  • Haris Multani

    While Emirates is working to offer free Wifi onboard, PIA is pushing you back in stoneage.

  • because video PIA ka pool khol deti ha es lie they had banned

  • Everyone is banning PIA and PIA is busy banning making of mobile videos in planes… (RoFL)

  • Mohammed Usman

    i wish pia will be privitized in order to have slapsticks

  • Farhan

    Hahaha .. PIA should consider banning passengers from using the airline .. That’s what they need to do .. Just well tickets and let no one fly ..!

  • Curter

    woohoo… more suspicious activities without evidence aye?

  • cya

    thanks to shaitan malik

  • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

    greaaaaaaate new… only for so called privileged politicians and PIA staff, now they can do anything with mental peace :)

  • time may not be far away, when goverment of pakistan on the pretext of security, will ban importing mobile camera enabled phones in pakistan.
    So you might see smart phones and mobiles phones without cameras in pakistan soon –
    this may be the long awaited wishlist of all politicians in pakistan.

  • PIA Pain Sufferrer

    It will be better for us, if the PIA get banned internationally on providing pathetic services to its customers.During my travel one of the customer got paraplegia (falij) attack due to its usual trend of delaying flights.