PushBullet – Transfer Anything from your Phone to PC and Vice Versa

We love our smartphones. So much that we end up using them for the better part of our days. That PC/Mac however, comes at a close second. What if there was a way to bridge the gap between our computers and smartphones/tablets, sharing files, links, text, maps and more from one place to another?

Pushbullet is that magic sauce, a service that makes pushing data from your phone to the desktop and vice versa in the most painless, seamless and effortless way known to man. But that’s not all. You can use Pushbullet to send anything to your friends too!

Pushbullet works for most of the major mobile OSes and desktop OSes:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Chrome extension
  • FireFox extension
  • Safari support

Here are some of the features which make PushBullet a must-have on your phone and browsers:

Access phone/tablet notifications directly on your computer

Never miss a call or SMS or any other phone activity ever again as you are working on your PC/Mac. Pushbullet pushes all notifications to a browser which has the PushBullet extension installed. If you are using Chrome, you can easily dismiss a notification from both the computer and Chrome simultaneously.

Send SMS messages from the comfort of your browser

No need to fiddle with your phone if you want to fire up a quick text to your contacts. Pushbullet notifies you of any texts if you enable that setting. You can either reply to a pop-up notification or start a whole new conversation yourself, right from the browser!

Send files, links, text between all your mobile and computing devices

So you were browsing on your PC/Mac and suddenly came across a picture/text/link that you wanted to push on your phone. Just right-click it, and select ‘Send to PushBullet’ and presto! Its now on your other device. Bear in mind this feature relies on internet connectivity so if you push something to your phone without internet, the notification is going to show up as soon as you connect it online.

You want to send a file from your smartphone to tablet? Preferably without the whole mess of cables? Pushbullet can help you do that too. The app has a 25MB limit for file transfers though so its good enough for small tihngs.

These features are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to PushBullet. If you use a mobile device and a computer, you need to have this running and cut the cord. Highly recommended for casual and power users alike.

Samir heads the sponsored content department at ProPakistani. He also looks after the Life section.

  • Kamran Khan Mohmand

    Windows phone again is left behind?

    • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

      its already Far Behind…

    • Mbnav

      I think onedrive works just as well for windows phone. U upload to pc and it sends to ur device too. But notifications are missing

  • Guest

    Would have been more usable, if Phone and PC were synchronized using Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity. Having internet connectivity on both devices may be a problem, at times.

  • Usman Ahmed

    have been using it for over a month, it has its issues but over all an excellent service! you have no idea how convenient it is to see your sms/notifications on your desktop and even reply from there. Similarly sharing stuff to your mobile devices (instead of emailing or typing long liks) has never been easier.

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    the best asp is airdroid, it features device tracking, remote camera activation, intruder photo, it works on data connection and on wifi

    • Usman Ahmed

      they are not even the same thing

  • KaKa

    Copy of Airdroid.

    • Umair A. Shahid

      I have used both AirDroid and PushBullet and can confirm that these two apps are very different in both functionality and usability.

      1. AirDroid serves as a webserver on your smartphone to be accessed from the computer to send messages and check stuff on the phone, whereas, PushBullet uses internet connection to show phone’s notifications on your PC.

      2. Pushbullet can be used to send links, messages, pictures, files from PC to phone and vice versa. Even better, you can add your friends on PushBullet and send all these stuff to their phone/PC as well.

      • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

        thanks to share your experience with us, this will help to choose/avail better service.

        • Rehmat Ali

          what I have to install on computer end?

          • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

            its a browser extension / add-on, if you have firefox or chrome on both PC and Smart Phone, just install this extension/add-on and create or use an existing account like google etc.

  • khan

    One thing, ourpersonal data will remain no more private, if u transfer it to any other device through this app via internet. Means nothing will be left as private each and every text,picture,video or any link may be copied to pushbullet own server.
    Please correct me, if i am wrong.

    • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

      its UNIVERSAL TRUTH for all the services offered on Internet especially for all Muslim Countries and Citizens in a Non-Muslim country :)

    • Umair A. Shahid

      You lose control on your data the minute you login to your google account on your android device to sync stuff.

      • SDKforLumia

        totally agree Umair A. Shahid bhai.

  • Bilal Aahil

    best damn app i can have on all my devices

  • Mbnav

    There are countless apps like this.