Spice Up Your Smartphone With These Top 5 Android Launchers

The openness and freedom to customize Android platform provides is simply amazing. You get to customize your phone from the surface to the core. Your phone usually comes with the Google Launcher or a launcher placed by a manufacturer such as Samsung.

In case you are not really happy with your pre-installed launcher, just pay a visit to the Play Store to get your hands on a launcher our top 5 list below.

Nova Launcher

(Free and Paid versions available)


One of the best Android launchers around with easy customization and loads of features yet doesn’t get you bogged down in layers of options. Nova’s free version is actually way better than paid versions of a lot of other launchers available on the play store.

Nova comes with configurable rows and columns, drawers and new icons. This launcher supports all Android tablets and Smartphones featuring Android 4.0.

The Prime version will cost you Rs.400.

Link: Nova free version

Apex Launcher

(Free and Paid versions available)


More appealing than the launcher provided to you by your phone manufacturer. One of the best features of this launcher is the tablet mode allowing you to rotate the home screen, which is especially handy for Nexus 7 owners.

The home screen customizations are neat. It features scrollable docks, app drawer and hide apps with backup/restore and multiple gesture support. Apex supports all Android tablets and smartphones featuring Android 4.0.

The best thing about Apex is even after a lot of customizations your phone wouldn’t slow down.

The paid version costs Rs.409.

Link: Apex free version

Action launcher 3

(Free and Paid versions available)


The Quickdrawer feature on Action Launcher is a hit, for instant access to all your apps. It gives you the best of both Action Launcher 2 and Google Now launcher. The Quicktheme feature picks the colors from your wallpaper and customizes your layout accordingly. It also gives you the freedom to import from your existing launcher such as Apex and Nova etc.

The paid version costs Rs.379.

Link: Action launcher free version


(Free version available)


The fastest launcher available, Zeam has no customization options or floating menus but what it gives you is a speedy launcher with smooth performance. Just by going through the comments on the Play Store one can see how grateful users are to the developers for giving them something that actually speeds up their phones.

Link: Zeam launcher

Yahoo Aviate Launcher



Aviate was bought by Yahoo in its nascent development stage. The potential Yahoo saw was exceptional and the launcher proves so. This launcher collects information on your various usage patterns and makes recommendations for items accordingly.

Heading to work it will recommend that you utilize the navigation app to avoid traffic congestion and will offer music widgets and apps when you plug-in your headphones. The best part is that your most used apps are right in the center your screen so that you do not have to scroll around trying to find them.

Link: Yahoo Aviate launcher

As with all our other lists these are the five launchers that we think are great, do let us know about your favorite launchers in the comments section below and we will surly give it a try.

  • The best launcher is dodol. Best features – themes/icons, and runs really smooth, even of mobiles with 256MB RAM :)

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