Twitter Introduces Private Group Messaging and Video Tools

If you are finding it tough to believe that Twitter still offers itself merely as a social network, you are not alone. As more and more people resort to Twitter for messaging and sharing content, its impression continues to vary among users. The company seems to have acknowledged this by introducing a couple of features in group messaging and video tools. They will be available for use within the next few days.

Group Messaging

This functions almost exactly like any group messaging tool. It allows users to host a number of people in a closed party to converse with. Mind you, invitations to a group can be sent to people regardless of whether you follow one another. All it requires is a few taps. You will receive a notification once the message is sent or you are added to a group.

Video Tools

The incorporation of video tools in the Twitter app shifts the focus on your smartphone’s camera. You can now seamlessly shoot, edit and share short clips spanning 30 seconds to your Twitter timeline. Thus, you are relieved of the burden of exiting the app only to access another camera app or YouTube for that matter. Twitter users on iPhone would enjoy the luxury of uploading clips from camera too. Android users won’t have to wait too long before that features becomes available to them as well.

Implications on Vine

Some of you must be wondering how this could adversely impact Vine, a video service owned by Twitter. That’s a valid concern. However, Jinen Kamdar from Twitter is not too worried about Vine’s future and believes that the two are different horses for different courses. Vine is meant for recording and sharing six-second videos merely for entertainment whereas the upcoming feature would work wonders when it comes to breaking news.