3G Subscribers in Pakistan Reach 6.37 Million

Pakistani cellular companies are fast expanding their 3G network footprints and the customers.

According to recent stats shared by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Pakistani cellular firms added 6.3 million 3G users on their networks till December 31st, 2014.

Pakistani telcos converted a total of 1.41 million customers to 3G network during the month of December 2014.


It must be noted that, Ufone’s 3G customers count for December 2014 wasn’t included in the grand total and hence we picked Ufone’s 3G customers’ count for November 2014.

To be more clear on what a 3G customer is, PTA explained that any revenue generating activity on 3G data during last 90 days is considered as an active 3G customer.

Telenor, as per stats, lead the market with its 2.26 million customers till December 2014 end. Zong managed to grab 1.8 million subscribers while Mobilink had 1.67 3G customers till the end of reported duration.

Ufone’s last reported 3G figures (from Nov 2014) were 646,949. It is unclear that why Ufone’s count isn’t included for December 2014 stats.


Source: PTA, Ufone figures are till Nov 2014

4G Customers

Zong is reported to had 2,242 4G customers till Dec 2014, up from 1,437 4G customers it had the previous month. Unlike 3G’s uptake, Zong is facing serious troubles with 4G numbers mainly due to coverage constraints.

We will have to see how Warid has managed with 4G customers, an update for which is likely to be included in next monthly stats from PTA.

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  • Amir bhai we are waiting 4G subscriber in pakistan, fight against 4G Zonge Vs LTE Warid. :)

  • I am not satisfied with subscriber data reason is ufone has 646,949 users, Ufone the only operator offering poor 3g services

    • 3G cannot be launched in AJK as lisence is only for 4 provinces. Sorry no 3G in AJK till change in regulation.

      • I know, but Gov is doing something on this.. Just want to know latest update on that! Still waiting..

  • Well! every booster transforms 42MBPS speed if there is one booster in whole district so, people will nott get high speed because of overall burden on it. As boosters upgrade its generations to 3G, Speed will increase,.
    42MBPS for one booster is nothing.
    Waiting for all boosters to start services and all telcos.
    I am getting 15Kbps speed right now because of only one booster,

    yaha mughalki meh 80% logo ke pass android smart phones hai.
    magar abhi tak 3g nahi aye
    yaha do tower hai ek ufone ka hai jis par egde bi nahi hai
    umeed yahi hai ke ufone pehle yaha aye.

  • 15KBPS is not enough 3G, While it starts on all boosters with all networks will bopost speed upto 1MBPS and Rates will come down.
    But no one can defeat monopolist PTCL.

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