PTCL Starts Re-verifying its EVO and Nitro Users

At a time when cellular companies — as per directions from PTA — are re-verifying their customers through biometric verification system, PTCL has started verifying its EVO and Nitro customers.

EVO and Nitro users don’t have to do anything or to go anywhere to re-verify their EVO connections, instead a web-form will be displayed to them automatically where they will have to submit their contact details.

While using EVO or Nitro devices, a webpage (displayed below) pops up asking the users to input their contact details including name, CNIC number, email address, postal address etc.


To offer customers an incentive, PTCL is offering a 3G EVO Tab through a lucky draw for those who will submit their information through the web form.

Not to mention, all customers submit their contact details at the time of purchase of EVO or Nitro devices.

While it is unclear that why PTCL has started this drive of re-verifying its customers at this point in time, however, the message displayed on verification page says that customers are required to submit accurate information in order to avoid any service suspension.

We aren’t sure about how PTCL will ensure that information submitted by users is correct and how and when PTCL will suspend EVO and Nitro services for those who have somehow submitted incorrect contact details.

PTCL has more than 2 million EVO and Nitro customers, however, data verification of these customers isn’t emphasized by regulator or the government because these two million connections are not voice enabled and are mainly used for internet provision only.

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  • Khan

    I think that’s a good initiative by PTCL because people can do many illegal thinks using Internet and when law agencies track them via IP address,that number is registered on other person CNIC.

    But I request PTCL to go one step further and re-verify all PTCL landline numbers.

    Few days ago,I checked my landline numbers throug 1236 helpline there was another number registered without my consent.
    I went to PTCL exchange to correct the record,but they said “that number is in use we are getting revenue,we can’t block that number. We’ll call other person to transfer the ownership”

    But after two months other number is still showing against my CNIC.

    I have emailed PTCL but no progress.

    I request everyone to check your PTCL landline numbers by calling 1236.

    • Well FYI : it is Exchange and its Port, Port has a Number and when a user discontinue his LL Number that number is allotted to new user with new record and the old record is remain the same before installing new connection to any other User. even my Phone number is also being use by someone but with his Identity. might be PTCL Wipe all the stored data after a certain period.

      • Khan

        You are right bro, but that’s not the case with me.

        A LL number which I never used and I haven’t applied by myself for that number is registered against my CNIC.

        • then it is your fault , you might know that in old ages of PAKISTAN , any one can get/install Telephone number and Sim card by submitting simply providing CNIC copy ; so might be your CNIC’s Copy have been used. you better to drop all connection by visiting PTCL Exch

          • Khan

            It’s not my fault brother,

            I have visit PTCL Exch but they said please hold on,we’ll contact other person to transfer ownership.

            I know it’s Pakistan,that’s why they are delaying my case.

            I think,i should complaint to PTA.

            • Imran

              If you complaint to PTA , your issue will be resolved soon…

    • Imran

      Brother Email to PTA…

  • Ahmed Habib

    EVO devices can be used for voice calling dude! Also sms can be sent… the author has no info about evo devices. How can we trust his words?

    • Ahmed Habib

      “…these two million connections are not voice enabled and are mainly used for internet provision only.”

    • aamir7

      Yes, they can be used for voice, I agree, but they are mainly used for data services.

      • They can be used for voice only with Vfone SIM (But that too not anymore after 31st March as Vfone service is closing). using just EVDO service you can hoever place call to PTCL help line numbers only!

  • Better Late than never!

  • Asad Naeem

    can you provide the link for evo re verification pls.

  • Usman Ahmed

    i have submitted that form atleast 10 times and it still ocmes up and wont let me use the device.