Gov’t to Introduce Smart Meters; Electricity Prepaid Cards to be Used for Billing

Yesterday, the government of Pakistan decided to introduce smart meters.

The move is designed to cut down on theft of electricity. A more interesting byproduct is going to be the ability to top-up your electricity bill. Prepaid cards will be available and users will load them as needed. Once the balance runs out, so does the electricity.

The secretary for water and electricity, Younas Dagha, said that smart meter installation would begin next month. Overall, the project will take two to three years.

In other news, he also said that power plants based on LNG would be operational in two to three years and they would produce electricity at PKR 8.80 per unit.

via Dunya News

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  • Another plan to loot consumer again for new prepaid meter charges, just like by upgrading old meters to digital meters :( (digital are already much faster than old meters)

    • I see this as a positive step because electricity theft is more serious problem than the energy crisis and this needs to be solved on priority before tackling the crisis problem.

      • This is not a positive news..there are meters area wise..Karachi mai normal areas mai itna theft nh..jahanse theft hota b hai to wo area wise meters se avg hoker us area k sab bills mai adjust hojata hai… real problem is katchi abadis and illegal factories.. Karachi mai he pata nh kitni aesi katchi abadian hain jo bill he nh deti..officers ki mili bhagat se 500 rs monthly bandha hua hai unka..or usmai chahe jo chalaen AC FRIDGE TV jitney chaye chalen..unko kese control karenge..jab unk pass abtk meter he nh lage…pehle unk meter laga kar unko to sahi se le aen yelog..70% theft ruk jaega khud he.

        • Brother I have seen in Karachi complete streets on kundas. Not even a single house is paying bills. I don’t know how could we expect electricity until we stop stealing it???

        • Don’t worry Karachi electricity is run by semi-private corp maybe you won’t get this, we the people of other provinces will greatly benefit from this move because here the employees of distribution company manipulates consumed units and send more units which cause in over billing despite of meter readings, like we consumed 200 units but they send 250 etc units in the bill. So it will cut off the theft of companies employees. take a look at this picture

          • This is clearly looting unfortunately :(
            I am also victim of this :( I usually consume 250-300 units a month but I always get bill of ~400-450units. After 3-4 months, I get just like 20-30unit bill :( Whenever I go to lesco office same reply is ready “It will settle next time” :( This way they sale units at higher price :(

        • K.Electric asal choor hai iski na ehli aur karawaai na karnay ki wajahse aaisa hota hai tamam upar se laikar neechay tak ka amla rupay batoorta hai bas yehi is mulk ki taqdeer hai

      • Brother, I cannot agree with you. Govt will never implement this. This system cannot stop theft. Will you please let me know how will this system control the theft?

        Also, it will go against govt. How will they over charge consumers like they are doing from ages :(

        • Brother I believe overcharging happens because of culprits who steal electricity. This is called adjustment according to them.
          My only point is you cannot solve energy problem until you identify such people and give strict punishment to them.

          • Absolutely right, but these types of tactics are just for diverting attention & showing so call efficiency. LESCO & all companies are recovering it’s all loss from those consumers who are paying their bills so nothing to worry for them :(

    • No its good for us just recharge ur card n use just like a prepaid sim top up us u need so simple n also its helpful to be in ur budget. One more thing after this v do not need of fraud line usa,Europe or mostly developed countries using this system long times ago,so would really appreciate to government for this and heighly recommend to pepole that go for it

      • Bahut mazloom hain hum Ay Bilal Khan………aur hum hi apnay behin bahaio ko khud lootatay hain aur phir kehtay hian Hukmaran bahut gunday hain.

    • so you want to old classic way…………….aap koi Bus to ho nahin………..Bus luti gai………ha ha ha

  • Kal Humaray Elaqay mein company ayi hai, jis ney yeh kaam karna hai :( par ab toh propakistani pe b News jari ho gyi hai its Ture :( pehlay mein nahi man raha tha

  • Good move. Half of all consumers don’t pay their bills at all and honest consumers have to bear that burden. Now dishonest consumers will have to pay or not get electricity at all. This move has proven successful in a neighboring country Azerbaijan. They had high levels of electricity theft so they introduced these meters and now things are much better.

    Smart meters also have other advantages. They report electricity usage remotely so no need for meter readers. A smart meter costs just one month’s salary for a meter reader. So you save money. Smart readers also report real time statistics about electricity usage which helps the power companies manage electricity load. This data is very valuable.

    • Wow, you really think after this action dishonest people will not find a way around the problem???? THEY WILL.

        • Of course. I work with computers. Every day when I write softwares I have to think about how people will try to crack or hack my web sites.

          So I have to think like them.

          Same with people who make locks or security systems or …

    • after this they will sale fake number cards same like mobile cards someone don’t have amount in your account and your real number units cards will use unhonest peoples

    • If someone makes the connection direct then? Lazmi to nae ke bijli ki taar meter sy ho kr ghar jaye. .direct bhi to ja skti hai…

          • exactly. jo aisay log hayyn wo kunday laganay k mahir hayn, meter band, to foran kunda laga lia. nothing difficult for them. rona shareef or honest logon ko prta hay

        • bhai, youtube per how electricity works ki 1 minutes ki video dekh lo, per aisay comments na karo plz.
          valid point, sab sahi hay , per jo kunda hay , this metter will stop them how. Hamaray area mayn rat 2 bajay k aas pass log kunday lagatay phirtay hayn, , kai bar kelectric k gari bhi ati hay, per wo un kundon ko zara bhu nai cherti

    • Kion sastay kar dein………..ap ke daddi ki factory say muft bijli milti hai…………………………….Govt phir aur loan ley gi IMF say to subsidize you and you will say awam ki baja di hai is Govt nay.

      • IMF say loan subsidy kay liye nahi liya jata. Btw IMF subsidy k against hai or wo khatam karwatay hain k log pay karen amount.

  • Smart meter is not the solution fo Kunda system. In most part of the country how one can monitor bypassing the smart meter and using durect kunda line?

    • Khaan sahab mun mein say NASWAAR nikal lein takeh aap ka damagh kaam karray…………they will install the meters at the Transformers which will indicate how many home are taking how much energy from a single point and rest they have installed meter in each home so by matching meters they can get to know in which area there are culprits who are miss using the electricity.

      • :P khan nai, ap nikalayn niswar, grounnd reality keyboard land say different hoti hay. hamaray area mayn bharpoor kunday hay, mijal hay k kabhi keectric nay hataya ho, main road per sab thelay kundau per 200 200 watt k bulb chalat hyan, yeh batayn books mayn achi, reality k liay culprits ko pakrna hoga, electricity is so easy to steal.

  • prepaid cards ! abhi mobile prepaid cards mai sai ye charges, service charges, faalaan charges, woh tax kat kay bachta he kitna hai jo ab electric prepaid

    PTV ke fees bhe laitay hain. jab kay seeway ATV kay normal antenna par theck raat 12 bajay ptv aur ptv news bamdh ho jata hai. i mean to say prepaid electricity par mazeed taxes aur service charges na laga dain

  • B” Ka Parkachay Tub Urney Hain Jub Prepaid Cards Short Hogay..
    BC 1000 Ka Card 2000 Main Bikey Ga!!

  • Than there will be no bills and nor does there would be way to check back the spent units.. Above all will wapda ppl be able handle em … ?

  • bohat terrhi kheer hai, mujhy naqabil e amal dikhayi daita hai. positive hai, possible hai magar bht mushkil mansooba hai

  • Can someone tell me if i wanna steal electricity how Prepay card will work to stop theft?
    And i can directly connect wire with Input of that meter so, Meter will not know what i did…
    Any details?

    • bhai simply ch*tyaapa hai. phir meter change hoga, pel ko contract milega. over charges lag ke ayenge aur meters bhi fast honge.

      where the hell it saves us from theft ? bhai mobile ki sim mein aur electricity distribution mein difference hai

  • I am very surprised to see every one is passing negative comments rather than looking at the things positively. On one side we keep on saying that Govt. is doing nothing for progress and if some one tries to do that we immediately put all our efforts to highlight the negative side rather than giving positive suggestion. That’s our hypocrisy. Shame on us…….

    • bilal, aik chez hoti hay FEASIBILITY, or aik hoti hay ground reality. is meter ka koi faida nai hoga unles kunda system is removed. warna is meter ko bypass krna 30min ka kam bhi nai. so yes negativity is liay ko jo log bill de rahay unko phirs say meters k liay charge kia jiay ga.

      • 1 minutes ka youtube per kloi clip dekhayn k how electricity works. us chori krnay k liay antena ya coding nai , sir 2 wires ki zarorat hoti hay, or chori k liay phone wali wire bohat chal rahi hay aaj kal

      • 1 minutes ka youtube per kloi clip dekhayn k how electricity works. us chori krnay k liay antena ya coding nai , sir 2 wires ki zarorat hoti hay, or chori k liay phone wali wire bohat chal rahi hay aaj kal

  • Great move! Another byproduct is to manufacture or test these energy meters in country to boost local industry. A huge opportunity

  • Old meters are slow well the digital meters run perfectly ….., it works on the concept of electrical RPM …., well no concept of RPM was in old meters …., also it causes less inflation …

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