Lahore High Court Moved Against SIM Reverification Charges

A petition has been filed in Lahore High Court against Rs. 10 charges imposed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on biometric re-verification of SIMs, reported local TV channels.

According to details, Iffat Chaudhry — a common citizen — in her petition maintained that mobile phone companies Pakistan Telecommunication Authority are charging customers for ill-practices they had been involved in for years.

Petitioner said that PTA failed to regulate SIMs’ sale and hence telecom companies were given a free hand to sell SIMs without registrations.

Petition said that customers a paying a price for the mistakes of cellular companies and PTA combined.

Petitioner explained that taxes can be imposed and approved by parliament only, and hence a tax of Rs. 10 per operator that retailers are charging is illegal.

Petitioner pleaded the court to stop telecom companies from charging Rs. 10 per operator for SIMs reverifications.

It won’t be out of place to mention that telecom companies are already facing criticism for reported incidents of retailers charging more than Rs. 10 per one SIM re-verification.

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