Lahore High Court Moved Against SIM Reverification Charges

A petition has been filed in Lahore High Court against Rs. 10 charges imposed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on biometric re-verification of SIMs, reported local TV channels.

According to details, Iffat Chaudhry — a common citizen — in her petition maintained that mobile phone companies Pakistan Telecommunication Authority are charging customers for ill-practices they had been involved in for years.

Petitioner said that PTA failed to regulate SIMs’ sale and hence telecom companies were given a free hand to sell SIMs without registrations.

Petition said that customers a paying a price for the mistakes of cellular companies and PTA combined.

Petitioner explained that taxes can be imposed and approved by parliament only, and hence a tax of Rs. 10 per operator that retailers are charging is illegal.

Petitioner pleaded the court to stop telecom companies from charging Rs. 10 per operator for SIMs reverifications.

It won’t be out of place to mention that telecom companies are already facing criticism for reported incidents of retailers charging more than Rs. 10 per one SIM re-verification.

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  • it is the right of telcos and retailers to charge. why the hell would they do it free? telcos already paying Rs 10 per verification to nadra.

  • PTA and interior ministry are combined culprits here. They should pay / compensate this fee thing.

    • Please include the current minister for telecom in it for not pointing out or taking action on what just pointed out by the complainer and that is people are paying for mistakes of pta and telecom companies.

        • Yup, than Zardari and Rehman Malik as well and few more. But we too keep us tangled into past. Must talk more of current responsible people and should ask the questions.

  • Here in DHA, a shop is charging 30 rupees per sim. Whereas PTA has allowed 10 rupees per cnic per company… yani if I have 5 sims of same company issued on my nic, I should be charged 10 rupees only. Whereas this guy is charging 150 rupees in such a case; that is 15 times higher.

  • So is it our mistakes if PTA or Govt did not imposed any check and balance on this issue? Why we have to pay???

  • But why they are charging 50 per cnice?? Go check franchises in the lower cities like Mianwali. :-( they are enemies real ones!

  • Jab tak ye case chalega tab tak to SIM re-verification process khatam bhi ho chuka hoga… us time kia dobara logon ko bula bula kar 10 rupay wapas karengay? :D

  • Why Telecom Companies have to pay? Government has to pay because it is government who wants to reverify SIMs…an act that you will not find in rest of the world. I still wander how terrorism can be fully controlled by Switching Off Telecom Services on each important day in Pakista, and by reverifying SIMS again and again. Can’t terrorists use Internationally roaming numbers for the same purpose? There are so many ways…but Govt is unable to address issues with wisdom…just RAT RACE is going on in this country. I assure you that any Govt if brings Highly Qualified Ministers (Educated from Top Tier Universities of the World)… and give them 5 years to do as they want…You will see the difference. We need smart people to run country, not Nihari and Paye Eaters. That time is over…its a world of technology and no body can compete without having best education and genuine intentions to bring change.

  • جب تک یہ سب کام فری تھا تب تو عوام چرس کا سوٹا لگا کر سو رہی تھی اب دس روپے دینے پڑے تو تکلیف ہونے لگی

  • چلو یار دس بیس روپے سے تم لوگ غریب نہیں ہو جاو گے… ہر بات کو ایشو نہیں بناتے

    • 10, 20 rupees se he to yeah log lakho kama lenge.. yahi to hamari soch hai ke yar dy do rehny do.. yeah sab PTA walon ki galti hai ke pehley agar yeah log implement kar dety to kisi ko itni takleef nahi hoti.

    • there should be a check for 10. otherwise customers should go to someother retailer of frnachise. but no 1 will do it free of cost. doesn’t matte whose mistake it was.

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