Not Possible to Block Objectionable Content on YouTube: Anusha

It is impossible for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to fully block all objectionable material available on YouTube.

This was said by Anusha Rehman, minister of state for Information Technology and Telecom, while replying to a question in Senate today, reported APP the state owned news agency.

Minister said that there’s no mechanism or technology available with anyone in the world that could cent percent guarantee the blockade of objectionable videos on YouTube.

She explained that YouTube was blocked on directions of Supreme Court of Pakistan as the apex court had ordered the telecom regulator to ensure the hundred percent blocking of objectionable content on Google’s video sharing website.

Since PTA hadn’t the ability to block the entire list of objectionable videos, especially those copies that were replicated by users on the website in real time, regulator to block the access of website in Pakistan.

She said that PTA, after blocking the website, had submitted a compliance report with the court.

Anusha said that after two and half years the situation remains the same. She explained that technical experts are of the view that there is no technical solution available which can guarantee 100 per cent blocking of the objectionable content on YouTube.

Anusha was quoted as saying:

As an alternative measure, the government is in process of providing Intermediary Liability Protection for internet content providers through Prevention of Electronic Crime Bill 2014 which will then be a consideration for localisation of YouTube in Pakistan subject to it being a business case for Google Thus this in itself will not guarantee access to YouTube in Pakistan”.

It won’t be out of place to mention that Google, once, had agreed to localize YouTube in Pakistan through YouTube.PK however, it wanted the government of Pakistan to enact Intermediary Liability Protection before getting local in Pakistan.


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  • Inam

    Well I smell ‘loosers’ !

    • Hamza

      Meri dua hai ,Ai Allah is napak aur paleed site ko Paksitan main kabhi na kholna.

      • ABDUL MaLIK

        Napak aur Paleed site par APP sab se zada cheezin dekhtey hogay.. HOW DO U KNOW its PALEED ? :P

      • Bilal Iqbal

        Aik site hi nhi..aik pura medium of content sharing hy. Naats bhi hain. Education bhi hy. Jis ko jo chaheay. Us kaliay wahi hy

      • Aaronja Baronja

        koi bohat hi shadeed qisam ke jahil hain aap… bhai qalam se qurani aayat bhee likhi jaa sakti hai aur aik fuhush kitaaab bhee… tau aapke khyal mein buri baat likhnay ki wajah se qalam ko ban kar deya jaye?

      • Inam

        Its not the service – its the users who misuse brother.
        Guns don’t kill people. People kill eachother (using guns). There is a difference.

      • YouTube Kholo BC

        aur meri dua hai tujh jaise jahil log Pakistan se dafa hojain aur kisi jungle mai jakar pattay bandh kar aag k samnay naache!!

        • adnan

          Hahahaha mane imagine kiya abhi

      • Ali

        Youtube denied removing blasphamous content ,its responsibilty of muslim we should boycott it.

        • Shahid Saleem

          You are free to boycott it when it is unblocked.

        • Fake Persona

          Blocking YouTube is just not enough, block the parent company Google and all its affiliated websites as well as ban every Android phone sale in Pakistan… we don’t need Murrica to put us in stone age…
          Edit: Why Facebook get unbanned???

      • Mohammad Ali

        Lol why you are using napak and paleed google facebook even internet. Don’t be hypocrite

    • Ahmed Habib

      Well, you have 0 sense of “real” progress. You want youtube which you can still open via proxy sites, the poor and 90% of people here want roads so that they could reach homes in time after office or work.

      My job always struggled by youtube bann as I need to create acounts and ad campaigns there, I have setup a remote PC in US but am not complaining about ban because PTA is right as well. Its wish of our muslims and its pride that we love Muhammad pbuh more than our family. Its our emaan! Still you want youtube?

      People who still unaware of the content, if saw the video on youtube what will happen at that time??? You will held govt responsible for your own mistakes. Grow up you stupid.

      • Inam

        having taken aback at your ignorance of the subject as well as my opinion; let me rephrase in plain english.

        There are many solutions to this youtube mess, including a localized version of Youtube as mentioned by author. For the sentimental part, there are websites (currently running) from which you can access FULL Youtube & they can ban offensive/insulting videos on a distance of a single email. This is simple science those websites are using.

        I pointed out that govt. is not interested in IT industry. Govt. has different ‘priorities’ instead of sorting out IT problems. And Govt. isn’t building roads eiher BTW. Its building metros (and gold plating Lahore’s roads). There is a huge difference b/w building roads and metros. Should I start discussing merits of making metro in a city like Islamabad? ”Real progress.. phew….”

        Snap out of your N-leagness buddy.

        No Democratic Govt. of Pakistan was/is/wil be interested in propelling IT on a state level.

        • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

          2 days ago Dubai smaller than lahore issued report saying in 2013 the city incurred loss of 2.9 billion because of traffic issues in terms of working hours, time and fuel.
          So can you please explain Youtube which is IT in your view and loss pakistan incurred because of blockage?

          • Shahid Saleem

            You are an utter moron if you do not know the cost to society by blocking a source of knowledge.

            Tell me, what is the cost to Pakistan if Oxford Books can no longer publish here? What is the cost to Pakistan if you cannot legally buy SAT, GMAT, IELTS, O/A-Levels textbooks? Is there a cost you can measure in your pathetic currencies? Or is there a greater hidden cost to society?

            Wait, don’t bother answering. You are a PRODUCT of the lack of education and the cost to society for bearing with you is evident in every comment you make. Why don’t you act like your avatar and go eat some mangos,

            • Inam

              My point exactly.

            • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

              Mr. Stupid shows stupidness at it’s peak.
              I will eat mangoes and bring bananas for you.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Strange, you say you support PTA actions yet you also say you set up remote server to bypass PTA and access Youtube.

    • Guest

      You listened my advice! Thanks a lot! You used the word fishing instead of F***K :D

      • aamir7

        If abused, I will have to add fishing in ban list as well. I do respect the feelings but there are decent ways of expressing your anger.

      • Inam

        Advice? O bhai kidhar??

    • Spelling Nazi

      A looser is a loser who can’t spell “loser”. – Urban Dictionary

      • Inam

        Well aren’t you living up to your pseudo name. :P

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      For you youtube is IT?
      blocked in china, means there is no IT, they aren’t making any progress..right?

      • Inam

        Refer to Shahid Saleem’s comment above for an “elaborate answer.”

        • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

          shahid saleem is ignorant in my view.

          • Inam

            lol, he is ignorant because you can not face the truth? Get a Life!
            And btw stop hiding behind avatars; Its childish!

            • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

              Oh really it’s you who decide the truth?
              Shahid is your mentor I guess

    • guest

      Main Anusha Rehman se ittefaq karta hon youtube nahi kholni chaiye.

  • Saqib

    Then block the whole internet, there is far more “objectionable content” on the whole internet than this tiny place on internet called to be youtube.

    • Inam

      Agreed. BTW youtube isn’t tiny buddy. :D

  • tazzix

    There is no way to block youtube either. For some reason it works on Samsung Android phones without any need for proxies. But what you actually do is tell Google / YouTube that which content to put geographical restrictions on. Works on all other countries.

    • Inam

      It works on every android phone.

  • Honourable Supreme Court

    Since matter was decided by the SCP (Supreme Court of Pakistan), legislator, PTA, government or anyone in the whole world can not over-rule the decision as these decision are binding and can only be challenged in same court (with equal or more benches of SCP). Hence Government or anyone else has no power to open the youtube.

    • Shahid Saleem

      And is there some reason the government itself cannot challenge ruling by petitioning Supreme Court?

      There is not. Other than the fact that they don’t want to.

  • Eli Ehsan

    she is really talented when it comes to disguising her “Go f&&&k yoself! Nae kholna YouTube…” expression in a civilized way.. :)

  • Nomad

    If its impossible to block objectionable content, then why don’t they block entire Internet? because these so-called “objectionable” contents are available everywhere”

    One Chant for these Impotent Politicians.

    Unblock Youtube or block entire Internet!

    • Aaronja Baronja

      bhai hamari qaum aur politicians itnay jahil hain woh kahain gay acha hai poora Internet hi block kardau… there are good reasons why we are so far behind the world… :)

  • Ali

    Block all internet then go and live in jungles. Facebook twitter has more blasphemy content and yet it is operating.

  • Ahmed

    We were living in cities before internet. Without Internet we wont be junglies. I dont want to say ban internet but i want to tell those who say they are junglies without internet. :p

  • lala

    Ye kehnay mein ap ney 2 sal laga deya.

  • abobobilly

    Well she should’ve just admitted her incompetence, instead of blaming it on ‘technology’. Idiots.

  • Umer

    Aid aur western property aur corrupt paisa swiss accounts me rekhte huye takleef nahi hoti waise paiso ke liye tu un ke guttae pakar late ho is youtube par religion yaad aa jata hay munafik loog.

    • Shahid Saleem

      You are free to stop using Google whenever you want to.

  • عمران

    یہ اختیار ہمارے پاس ہمیں ہونا چاہئئے کہ ہمیں کیا دیکھنا ہے اور کیا نہیں

  • Fake Persona

    Pakistan is a strange country! here porn sites are maintained and hosted by software houses and whatnot and then there is censorship…

  • shaziarizwan

    It is stupidity, they are not banning sites, who are sharing same video on their sites.

  • tungi

    isi liyay is mulk mein bumb phat tay hain aur adha mulk jahil hai!! koi nai duniya buhat agay nikal gayi hai or india ab paaoun ki jooti bhi nai samjhta hm ko

  • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

    today’s newspaper wrote: Paris govt. declared ” comments against Charlie Hebdo and Holocaust on social media ” is a crime … means their classification of ” Freedom of Expression ” is totally different, think about it, twice , thrice …

  • Guy Chauhan

    think bout the mentality of these johlaaz. for them publishing stupid cartoon/movies based on ignorance, does damage to the grace of Allah’s beloved prophet? seriously? you believe that? I mean come OAN such dumbasses. even when our prophet was hurt badly , he was offered a choice to destroy them like there will never be anyone from them left but he chose to forgive them. Who the F are you to say otherwise or believe otherwise.

  • Shahid Saleem

    I have no sympathy for someone who tells jokes about death of groups of people. Do you laugh when Taliban joke about killing Pakistanis?

    • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

      I just mentioned west’s double standard about so called Freedom of Expression. They try to hurt and insult all Muslims and when one make a Joke on them, they try to buried him.

      • Shahid Saleem

        I do not know why you think that makes any sense. No country, not even France, has 100% freedom of speech or expression


        You fail to understand one thing. The freedom of speech that they DO have is the only reason it is legal to preach Islam in those country. Otherwise like in some countries that is an approved list of religions and Islam may or may not be on that list.

        • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

          first, where is my first post you replied to here ? now it disappeared for the approval to which you already replied to have URL of the story? this is the problem.

          I am not saying about how much Freedom of Expression allowed or not, but as I mentioned earlier there is Double Standard on it.

          Why nobody allowed to raise some words AGAINST the H.C story THEY CREATED and all are allowed to write, post and create any thing to insult All Muslims ?
          ( I used H.C. short of it due to censor all around the world and may be as my first post here, this will also hide by Admin ),

          try to post something AGAINST H.C. on facebook and see what they will do to it, even they will block your account.

          Sorry: I saw my first post now. apologize.

      • Fake Persona
  • Atif Rizwan

    I see some very nice people taking part in the debate with valid arguments why YouTube should get unblocked, why not we together file a petition in supreme court to get it unblocked, if takes an initiative to gather people who know the importance of YouTube we can get it unblocked, it’s better to present your educated arguments in court rather on an online blog

  • Ghulam.e.Ahmed
  • Khurram ShahzAd

    Means they had been fooling us, when they said that we are working on software which will block the objectionable content. Neither did they worked to arrange an official contract with google.

    Above all, our minister does not have any idea how technology works. She is an LLM. This gov does not know who to have on what position.

  • Jeddy Khan

    Yes it is not possible to block objectionable content because Pakistan is not an island. We are connected to the world by land. No one can force anyone to view ‘objectionable’ content which also means that no one can force someone from doing so. There is freedom of choice, not everyone thinks in the same way. For that matter there different religions and different social cultural values. Over a million Pakistanis are settled abroad and their children and beyond will never know how things are or were in Pakistan. One of the reasons why they have gone is the absolute absence of freedom. No one can do as one likes, everything becomes a matter in which the government must interfere The government cannot build proper roads and fix overflowing gutters, it is incapable of protect us from terrorism – blocking objectionable material should be the least of our worries.

  • Nouman ALi

    Afted Blocked Youtube in Pakistan The Young People of Pakistan lost their ability
    to earning Money Through Youtube.

  • me

    Rather than wasting time and fighting with each other, can some one out of you all suggest a technical solution here so that if some well placed person reads it, we all will get advantage.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Oh my God you are an utter idiot. Did you not pay attention??? THERE IS NO TECHNICAL SOLUTION. THERE NEVER WAS AND THEY NEVER WILL BE.

      Stop dreaming that technology can solve this issue. The government is cowardly for not opening site. That is all.

      • me

        Brother, I requested for a technical suggestion from someone who knows technology. Thanx for your knowledgeable input though

        • Shahid Saleem

          One more time since you are mentally blind:


          Got it?

          • me

            Thank you Shahid bhai, i would still insist that any respectful and technical person may answer the question please.

            • Shahid Saleem

              Then I guess the minister is incompetent.
              And the PTA officials are incompetent.
              And everyone else telling you there is no solution you want is incompetent.

              All because you ***IMAGINE** solution exists even though even YOU are incompetent to build one.

              • me

                Sir, you seem to be very confident, competent, highly qualified and very sober person, may be you can guide all of them…..

                • Shahid Saleem


                  • me

                    At last, u said it ur self bro….. abt ur self
                    achi baat hay