Anonymous Wages Online War Against ISIS

Anonymous, the hacking group, has taken responsibility for taking down a total of 12 Facebook pages, more than 50 email addresses and 800 Twitter accounts associated with ISIS.

The hacker group has tagged these cyber attacks on the terror group as #OpISIS. The vigilante group claims that it will continue to operate in this fashion until ISIS is established as a virus and Anonymous recognized as the cure. They also emphasize that ISIS are; in fact, not Muslims.

Anonymous went on to state in its statement that the vigilante group includes hackers that belong to various religions, races, ethnicity and countries. In an attempt to show how diverse this group is it goes on about how it comprises the employed and unemployed, young and old, students and administrators, those wearing smart clothes and Uggs people of all orientations. They highlighted the cohesion in the group by emphasizing that they are ‘united as one and divided by zero.’

Anonymous took down 12 Facebook pages, 50 email addresses and 800 Twitter accounts associated with ISIS

The hacking group even put up a Pastebin link that contains a list of Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles associated with ISIS that have been attacked. Considering how these sources have played an instrumental role in the recruitment cycle of ISIS, this is expected to be a heavy blow to their operations of induction. Needless to say, this won’t be the last blow on ISIS as Anonymous has its sights set on ‘hunting down’ ISIS, little by little.

It’s worth noting that Anonymous has had a track record of targeting terrorist organizations in the past. It was able to take over the Twitter account of Ku Klux Klan only last year when the racist white group began to hurl threats at Ferguson protestors.

On the contrary, ISIS has been allegedly striving to build an Islamic state around Syria and Iraq. It has actively taken part in extremely inhumane acts such as public executions of completely innocent people and doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon.