Pakistan to Have 79 Million 3G Users by 2025: PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is working on a framework with an aim to have more than 79 million 3G users by 2025 to make its ways to the top 10 markets with mobile broadband in the world.

In a document titled vision 2025, an ad hoc copy of which is available with ProPakistani, PTA is seen focusing on a connected society with enormous number of devices (smartphones and beyond) connected to the web in years to come.

According to estimates, each individual (from projected population of 226 million with median age 26.4 years in Pakistan by 2025) is likely to have 9.5 connected devices on average by 2025 to take the total count of connected devices to 2.1 billion units.

Pakistan to have more than 2.1 billion connected devices in a USD 17 billion per year market by 2025

This exponential rise in connected devices during next few years will hugely impact the society and the economy.

Report says that increase in connected devices will present an 11 times bigger market opportunity for telcos than what we have today for voice market in Pakistan. PTA sees revenues from connected devices to surpass both the Voice and Data by 2020.

The number of linked sensors, cameras, and complex peripheral devices are already exploding around us, and the industry will figure out new ways to blend these streams of information into a cohesive intelligence layer that will be able to interact with consumer’s daily lives, the report said.


Pakistan mobile and related market will be over USD 17 Billion per year by 2025 up from the current USD 3.9 Billion per year, the estimated said.

As per estimates, there is a trillion dollar market opportunity for wireless industry revenues in different sectors such as energy, healthcare, science, transportation, retail and others.

The reaction of MNOs, Software Companies and others in the value chain to this opportunity will have important implications for their future success. Currently they have a clear opportunity to play a central role.

PTA said that it will create an encouraging environment for the telcos to offer extended OTT services to offer consumers value through product centric services in a collaborative framework.

This collaborative framework shall be supported by availability of additional spectrum, spectrum harmonization, spectrum re-organization, spectrum sharing, infrastructure sharing and other such regulatory interventions and facilitations.

PTA is likely to make this report public, with more details on how part, in next few weeks.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Fakhre Alam

    why is pta more interested in 3g instead of 4g.

    • Adeel Younas

      Because Jo humary mulk k halat hain us hisaab sy 3G is much more than enough! we can’t afford 4G

      • Fakhre Alam

        you are right but what i think is investing done on 3g is usless when we have 4g in hand at the same time. why not invest the whole money on 4g .

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    time to go for ipv6 for pakistan

    • Muhammad Aasim

      Differance kiya hai ip v4 and v6 mein ?

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        IPv4 has limited Ip addresses for internet-connected device than IPV6

  • blowfish

    After sims verification it will be left 1 Million

    • Muhammad Aasim

      I Agree

  • Muhammad Aamir

    Pakistan to Have 158 Million 3G Users by 2050. So on and so forth! Isn’t it?

  • Ufone

    I bet ufone would get around 17-19 million (staying at 2nd no.) 3g users Thanks to most popular packages of ufone on the earth.

    • Muhammad Aamir

      A Ufone employer’s comment.

    • Umar Khan

      Hahahhaha. Joke of the century. Best packages by Ufone

      • Muhammad Aasim

        hahahahahahah true

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Hainnnnn….sacheeee…. :p kitny ki bet..

    • Mirza Moazzam Baig

      do u even have guts to do a side by side comparison of Ufone’s 3G packages with any other operator … NO!!!
      so STFU ….. cuz nobody gives the shit about UPHUUNE

  • Nasir

    by 2025 we will be still using 3G :( you must be kidding

  • mas

    By this time even 4G will might have become a decade old technology and they are talking about 3G.

    • Muhammad Aasim


  • abobobilly

    Bijli hay nai. Gas hay nai. And 2025 k DREAMS mansoobay dekh lo.


  • Jb

    3G in 2025????Guy making this comment in PTA must be illustrate or drunk

  • Ufone 2

    Ufone baazi le jaye ga iss race mein

  • AmirTut

    3G will be outdated, this is like saying they’ll be sending messages via carrier pigeons in 2025, when we have idiots like these in PTA no wonder we have dreadful economy. In saab ko joota maro. What idiots. Random numbers pulled out of thin air. Only company who is making progress is telenor.