Get 2GB Google Drive Space for Free for Completing Google Security Checkup

To commemorate Safer Internet Day, tech giant Google is asking its users to take two minutes of their time to fill out a simple and quick security checkup.

Users who successfully complete the checkup by February 17 will receive a bonus reward of 2GB of additional storage space in their Google Drive. The promotion is part of a larger effort from Google to protect its users from hackers and other cyber threats.

In the very first step, users will be asked to identify and confirm their recovery details, which include a recovery phone number and a recovery email. Google uses this information to contact users in the event of suspicious activity in their account.


In the second step, the checkup will let users review and authenticate their recent activity by verifying the device used to login, the time of login, and the approximate location.


In the third and final step, users will be required to examine and remove apps and devices that no longer require access to their Google accounts.


Once the checkup is successfully completed, users will see three green checkboxes that will qualify them for the additional free storage.


While this is undoubtedly a great initiative, there are certain limitations to the 2GB promotion. Users of Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Education will not receive the additional free storage. However, Google recommends that such users should still perform the security checkup, as it is for their own safety.

Users will be required to revisit the security checkup every time their account undergoes a change, such as when someone migrates from one phone or laptop to another. The checkup is just one way of ensuring the safety of an account. A more extensive array of tools and guidelines are available at the Google Safety Center.

    • You will get the free upgrade by end of month. There’s no notification prompted at the completion of checklist.

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