Smartphones With the Best Battery Life, Rated!

Advancements in technology are all well and good but it seems like battery life has remain stuck in time. Pick up any major flagship and you would be hard pressed to make it last a full day with heavy usage.

It seems like the focus is always on higher clock speeds, more pixels per inch and bigger screens.

In this picture of gloom and doom, some smartphones manage to stand out. To find them, Phonearena recently tested a ton of devices and came out with rankings for the smartphones with the best battery life.

Care was taken to test each device under similar conditions for screen brightness and other factors for accurate results. Here they are:

best smartphone battery life

infographic via Watson

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  • faisalhafeez

    infographic via RACIST WATSON.
    Watson has not included a single windows phone in the picture. Lumia 830 has battery life of 9h 19 minutes. They also have not included flagship 930. Battery life is not amazing 4h 30 minutes but better than iPhone 5,

    • Hassan00107

      Lol they missed my lovely sony xperia t2 ultra dual too with ground breaking battery time10:16 and thats true i am using this monster i got around 9 hours with continues YouTube streaming

      • Gerrard

        9 hours on youtube!!! bro you got a problem

        • Hassan00107

          Nehhhh its not a problem if its sunday you are single and nothing have to do so then refreshing your childhood with watching again DBZ series you will not notice those passing hours ;)

  • EffEff

    My Nexus 5….. only 4h 50min :-(

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      you are lucky, after lollipop update mine nexus 5 battery life is less than 3 hours.

      • Bilal Iqbal

        My i7 also near you…quad core but processor with SINGLE CORE batteries… :(

      • Bilal Iqbal

        My i7 also near you…quad core processor but with SINGLE CORE batteries… :(

        • Muhammad Aamir

          Send it to me, you are deserve of an Intel Core 2 Duo only :D

          • Bilal Iqbal


  • sufyan

    Everybody talks about battery life but nobody considers charging time a useful parameter. Practically it matters a lot. If Z3 gives double the battery life of my galaxy nexus but also takes 4 hrs to charge compared to 2 hr charging time for nexus then what good is that? take a look here:

    Note 4 taking only 1 hr 25 min to charge, now that’s charging technology!

  • Ahmad Wahid

    Where are the Windows Phones? HTC One M8 for Windows can give better battery life than One M8 on Android. Also, Lumia 1520 has better battery performance than Note 4. As mentioned, it’s truly racist test results!

  • Ahmed

    There are all flagship phones but you forgot to mention LG g2 amazing battery life

  • Azi

    no OnePlus One mention.. that have awesome battery life

  • PakGeek

    its not a charging technology… use 1A charger to charge your phone, it would take double time for charging rather than 2A charger…
    and slow charging is better for long battery life rather than fast charging !

    • sufyan

      Then why every other company is advertising “Quick Charge 2.0” technology? Are you saying they are all just using 2A chargers and fooling us? :P

    • Sulaiman Lalani

      slow charging :o !!! i wonder when i charge my LG Optimus thru PC the notification shows “slow charging” i get frustrated & think of get rid of turtle walking, due to low current which might be not good for my phone battery as i thought but as you said “meri ankhen khol di” :P

  • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

    are these really tested or listed here as mentioned in specs ?

  • WJ

    I have personally experienced iPhone 6 Battery life is far more better then Galaxy S5, while the above rating shows a different story. With exactly identical usage routine iPhone 6 keeps running all day and drops between 20~30% before sleeping, while Galaxy S5 drains by noon and have to be charged twice a day.

  • Shaharyar Qureshi

    Iphone 4s :(

  • Hassan00107

    Its true sony phone take long to charge with original charger my old sony xperia s and new xperia t2 ultra dual also take 4 hours to charge fully but changing with some good 1A charger now they take only 2 hours to charge 0% to 100% and i did not even got any fast discharging isue

  • drag0nslayer

    ahahah really ? COME ON PP if they (PA) missed out Lumia series intentionally why you did the same by ignoring the BEAST Lumia 1520 Battery Life .. Title Says smartphone and single Lumia device is nOt in the list .. Hats OFF tO your article.

  • Abdullah Nisar

    where is lumia 1520 it has 3400 mah battary better than iphone 6plus in some specs and battary timing

  • Sulaiman Lalani

    disagree! i don’t think so that batteries can be comparable in ratings, each n every different user control/uses his smartphone in different way, i bet you Samsung Galaxy S3 can beat its highest rating contenders. its not the phone issue neither battery mAhs its all depends on user. believe it or not