Rivo Mobile Phones Launched in Pakistan

Advance Telecom, a local Mobile phone distributor, also a partner and distributor of Microsoft Devices, has launched a new Smartphone brand called ‘Rivo Mobile’ in Pakistan.

Under the Rivo Mobile name, three categories of phones have been launched. The high end Rivo Phantom smartphones, the mid range Rivo Rhythm Smartphones and the low end Rivo Feature phones. All phones are designed in Hungary.

Reportedly, Rivo Mobile is set to take Pakistani mobile market by storm. Strategically, Rivo Mobile has Android smartphones and features phones for all demographics and price points, with starting price as low as Rs. 1,800 up to Rs. 23,500 for Rivo PZ15 for its flagship Android smartphone that is equipped with Qualcomm Quad Core Snapdragon processor and 12 MP Camera.

Then there is a range of entry level Android Rivo Smartphones with starting price of Rs. 6,150. We are going to remain skeptical about the performance of these entry level Rivo Android phones till we play around with the units ourselves.

In case if you were wondering, Rivo launched with a inaugural ceremony that was held last night in Lahore. Their devices are reportedly going to be available in stores starting this week.







Rivo Phantom Smartphones:

Phantom series smartphones are going to be Rivo Mobile’s flagship devices. They’ll run on Android. The models and prices for Rivo phantom smartphones are given below.

  • PZ8 @ Rs. 14800/=
  • PZ10 @ Rs. 17800/=
  • PZ15 @ Rs. 23500/=



Rivo Rhythm Smartphones:

Rivo Rhythm series smartphones are going to be mid range devices. They’ll also run on Android. The models and prices for Rivo rhythm smartphones are given below.

  • RX35 @ Rs. 6150/=
  • RX40 @ Rs. 7200/=
  • RX50 @ Rs. 8700/=
  • RX55 @ Rs. 9150/=
  • RX60 @ Rs. 13800/=

Rivo Feature Phones:

Rivo’s feature phones are going to come in many series. They are: classic, neo, advance, jaguar and sapphire. The models and prices for Rivo feature phones are given below.

Classic Series

  • C100 @ Rs. 1850/=
  • C110 @ Rs. 1875/=

Rivo NEO Series

  • N310 @ Rs. 2150/=
  • N300 @ Rs. 2400/ =

Rivo Advance Series

  • A240 @ Rs. 2550/=
  • A200 @ Rs. 2650/=
  • A210 @ Rs. 2700/=
  • A230 @ Rs. 2675/=
  • A220 @ Rs. 2750/=
  • A225 @ Rs. 2725/=
  • A235 @ Rs. 2775/=



Rivo Jaguar Series

  • J500 @ Rs. 3150/=
  • J505 @ Rs. 3650/=


Rivo Sapphire Series

  • S600 @ Rs. 2950/=
  • S610 @ Rs. 2975/=




According to sources, a huge advertising campaign is planned for Rivo Mobile and it will roll out gradually taking full advantage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 hype.

Advance Telecom is investing heavily in the venture and is expected to give stiff competition to brands like QMbobile and Huawei in the lower end of the market.

Depending on performance, Rivo smartphones could end up giving established high end manufacturers like Samsung a tough time as well.

You can check pricing and specification details of each model on Rivo Mobile’s website here: http://rivomobile.com/

Special Thanks to Danish Mughal for Pictures

        • What is the difference among assembled, manufactured, designed, made in. Plz clarify me. Thanks in advance

      • Rightly pointed by Adil but in any-case still woh Apple hai mere bhai who is Fanboy of what (you never know) Qmobile bi China hai or Yah rivo bi or Low quality China hia so China Vs China in the end Consumer Customer Service kay chakar lagye ga :)

      • Apple jaisi companies quality maintain rkhti hain chahe china mein bane, Afghanistan mein ya Africa mein.

      • Chlo ye aapko ham bata dety han k Apple ki Quality ka koi Standard ha wo aam microchips le k unhen iphone men ni convert ni krty…..Mind it

      • Cherry QQ car is fake with IPR issue of Chevrolet/GM harch back, which is a unit in South Korea, bankrupt than bougght out by Daewoo by GM. This is a non Gathia business

  • achchi baat hai, competition zyada hoga is tarah, laikin Paki market capture kerne k liye zyada ter China made / assemble sets aa rahe hein.

  • 10thousand ki range mein agar Quadcore 2GB ram 32Gb internal memory 13mp back camera 5mp front camera 3G or 4G LTE 5inch display Gorilla Glass Display or Fingerprint Scanner ki featured phone aye to mein kharedo Ga :D

  • man u crazy? even if its designed in hungary with all its R&D and under supervision of RIVO Hungary (if it is) then believe me it would be the neck breaker for Nokia and samsung lol

    • “Designed in Hungary” and “Build in China”. There is a difference.

      If they are using Hungary word as a marketing tactics, they aren’t lying per se, but they are definitely trying to give the (illiterate) people of Pakistan a false impression that the phone is made in Hungary.

      • from an underwear to supersonics everything is built in china, the two words i wrote “R&D” and “Supervision of the Brand” are the words which explain the story. The thing is that the original designer is supervising all the stuff, otherwise sab china hai. So many of the “Literate” people of Pakistan dont understand what its actually written.

      • Hungary is the China of EU, with wages almost half than Germany, in automobiles, and technology areas. Hence the labor is skilled, and comes with the EU standards, quality.

      • Yar, china k mobiles k against QMobile ki ‘branding’ aisi ban gayi thi k har banda ye samjhna shuru ho gya tha k QMobile bohat unchi cheez hay. ITS NOT. So yeah, i think more competition acha hay. I am certain this brand will give a good competition to QMobile’s market.

  • Hmm this is good bcz people of pak has been hijaked by very amazing tvc by q mobile but they have the worst smartphones in the world. I hope any company to purchase asha os or s40 from ms and make new feature phones

  • Listen I have to buy Rivo Rhythm RX60… Is it working really good? If there is a problem like Gright in this phone I swear I’ll sue you. Please enlighten me if anyone using it.

  • 2/3GB Ram phone nikaltay hue inki dukhti ha? Puri dunia main 2GB ram se uper phone chal rahay hain, bus hume hi bewakoof bnaya ja raha ha. Even Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G is better than our mobiles, cheap and fully loaded.

  • Same Chinese crap and waste of money ….manufactured from same factory in China from where Q and Voice r made. Ullo bananay main koi in say seekhay “” Designed in Hungary and Made in China”””HAHAHA “””

  • Step 1. Research & Development (R&D) phase which includes designing and working out the details of product appearance, its hardware and software etc.

    Step 2. Manufacturing the components which were designed in step 1 according to the company’s standards.

    Step 3. Assembly of all of these manufactured components and creation of final product.

    Example: Apple “designs” its own A8 processor chipset in USA, which is then “manufactured” by Samsung in Korea, and then it is “assembled” with all other iPhone components in China to make a fully-working, final iPhone 6 unit.

  • suggestged answer assembled modular casing, with PCB Module, Power Module, Display Module, as Gurilla Glass etc., Casing carbon fiber, Manufactured means Processor whether Quallcom, Intel, UK, or Chinese generic, or branded, designed by Hungarian means the Modular design of the casing, display, power, etc., etc. Hungary has assembled Nokia for a long time.

  • bro china is leading manufacturer in the whole world in every products. i have seen many of its products which is made for international market that products are superb. this cheap matters is only in pakistan bcoz pakistani mobile company are making only money it dosen”t matter what they are selling

    • Sir I want to Back cover of Rivo Rx400 and also Protector glass and full touch frame….Plz sir Help me my contact nmbr
      0333 7371500

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