Easypaisa Brings Solar Energy to Thousands of Pakistanis With No Electricity

Easypaisa has collaborated with Roshan Energy to launch a first of its kind Solar Home Solution.

The innovative pay-as-you-go model enables customers to purchase and use Roshan Energy’s reliable solar solutions with an upfront payment of just 15%, whereas the remaining payments can be paid within 18 months through Easypaisa.

The product is based on a unique Pay As You Go (PAYG) model allowing users to top-up their Solar Home Solution from any of the 55,000 Easypaisa shops across the country or directly through their Easypaisa Mobile Accounts.

Solar solutions can be bought for 15% upfront payment with remaining paid off over 18 months through Easypaisa

The Solar Kits have a unique microcontroller which shuts down the Solar System automatically once the Top-Up amount has been consumed. Once all instalments are paid, the microcontroller becomes inactive and the Solar Solution will continue functioning without any further Top-Ups required.

The ownership of the Solar Kit is transferred over to the customer upon consuming a total recharge amount equal to the total cost of the solar kit.

This unique model has empowered customers to pick whether they want their solar equipment to work for a full month or just for a day. Currently, there are three Solar Solution Models being offered ranging from 30 to 100 watts solar panels.

On this occasion, Nadeem Hussain, CEO Tameer Microfinance Bank said,

“We have always aimed at developing products that change people’s lives for the better. Easypaisa is committed to accelerate socio-economic development by empowering people through innovative technologies. The launch of the Solar Home Solution is yet another testament of our vision to empower Pakistanis by delivering groundbreaking services with a transformative effect.”

Uzair Tahsin, CEO of Roshan Energy, sharing his views said,

”Low income consumers can afford a small Solar Home System provided the payment plan matches the existing payments structure for Kerosene, Candles, Batteries and Phone Charging. We have transformed electricity expenditure into an asset purchase.”

Expressing his delight, Yahya Khan, Chief Financial Services Officer, Telenor Pakistan said,

“This initiative will empower nearly 40% of the Pakistanis who live off the grid with access to clean and affordable solar energy. A large number of our rural population lacks access to the electricity and are dependent on expensive, inefficient fuel-based sources. The Solar Home Solution will provide a sustainable, affordable and long-lasting electricity solution.”

The Solar Home Solution has been rolled out in Hyderabad, Thatta, Badin, Tharparker and Rahim Yar Khan so far. Currently, the loan applications are accepted at selected Tameer Bank branches and Telenor Sales & Service Centres, with the aim of extending the solution to all Easypaisa shops.

  • Fantastic! I am only concerned that 18 months is a long period and the system may run out of it’s life before full payment has been made. But the initiative is simple marvelous!

    • Are you mentally incapable of thinking out side of the box to consider the other aspects of this stupid “marketing tactic”? How is it different from getting a loan from a bank, or any other instituion? More importantly, why “Solar Power” ONLY? If their intention was to provide “electricity to poor”, they would have invested in a better, more effective solutions.

      But ofcourse, its business in the end.

    • When we talk about service life it is the battery! YES
      Solar panels 15 Years and Charge controllers 10 Years service life can easily be achieved. NO Problems

      The weakest link is the battery however in properly designed system the service life of battery can be extended to more than three years.

      Well done ROSHAN ENERGY!

      • You are right Faisal. Actually I used the word “system”, I meant (and should’ve said) battery, which is the weakest link. It all depends on type/quality of the battery and the way it is used.

  • How much is the down payment amount and how much to pay in installment ?. Parvez sb has rightly pointed the batteries life is 2 -3 years and the poor man will have to bear the cost. It is a good initiative but should be more poor friendly.

    • Ali in fact I am afraid that the life could be even shorter (depending on how it’s used). Its other big contribution will be to help the poor access “loan” – because poor people are scared to even step into a bank, and in villages it’s even worse as there are no bank branches there.

  • Why it is not being offered in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. And what are the specifications? How much fan and lights we can use with these systems? Here i want to add:

    The basic solar panel has the capacity of 30 Watts and comes with two LED lights and a mobile charger with backup of eight hours and four hours respectively. The deluxe’s capacity is 60 Watts and adds a fan to the basic package with a backup of 12 hours. The enhanced package has 100 Watts capacity and adds two fans to the basic package with 12 hours of backup for each.

  • Thanks for the support.

    How and where we have to contact regarding solar facility to be availed?
    We would appreciate your kind information and support.

  • Also please describe related Telephone Numbers, email and website of the solar facility provider to reach them to get immediate response.

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