Reverification Drive: 47.4 Million SIMs Reverified, 5.6 million SIMs Blocked

Telecom operators have re-verified a total of 47.4 million SIMs against 35.6 million CNICs, while another 5.6 million SIMs were blocked till February 15th, 2015, said Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

According to these stats, a total of 53 million SIMs have been processed (either re-verified or blocked) while another 53 million SIMs are pending re-verification.

Not to mention, mobile SIMs of those customers with more than 3 SIMs on their CNICs, will be blocked on February 27th, 2015 while all remaining un-verified SIMs (even with 1 SIM per CNIC) will get blocked on April 14th, 2015.

Telecom operators are fearing that a good chunk of SIMs will get blocked on February 27th, 2015, due to the fact that schedule given by the government for re-verification of SIMs was too packed and that they could do a lot better if they were given enough time for re-verification of SIMs.

It won’t be out of place to mention that telecom operators are likely to bear heavy losses due to deactivation of (active but unverified) SIMs on Feb 27th, 2015.

A recent TV program aired by Abb Tak also discussed the issue of SIM re-verification in which Sohaib Sheikh, senior telecom expert, opined that operators should be given at least 2 more months to smoothly conclude the re-verification drive.

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  • Guy Chauhan

    “Roshan Pakistan”

    • abobobilly

      … except with no electricity, water, gas, or even food.

      Very “Roshan” indeed.

  • Abdul Rehman

    Aamir bhai if I have 6 Sims on my CNIC (Zong 2,Telenor 1,Mobilink 1,Ufone 1 and Warid 1) and all are biometric verified but when I check it on 668 it only show 4 sims(Zong 1,Mobilink 1,Warid 1,Ufone 1).What will happen to my other 2 numbers of Telenor and Zong even if they are verified ?

    • Naveed

      Dude.. You are not allowed to have 6 sims .. Only 5 are allowed :P

    • Malik Umar Farooq Awan

      As C.S.R i saw so many issues as customer have sims but not showing in 668 msg or customer dont have sims activated against their cnic but showing in 668.

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      i also have 6 verified sims lol. There are so many holes in this re verification process. On ufone franchise the person infront of me gave his number but CSR put wrong number infront of me and verified to to his name lol. I saw many people just saying a number and they were not checking sims just verifying it.

      • raja riaz

        agar number CNIC pe registered na ho to kissi surat verify nahi ho sakta. the people are confident about their registration then verification is not an issue for genuine customers

    • Hassan Tariq

      more than 5 sims can be verified on one CNIC but that person will not be able to buy a new sim or do anyother process like porting to other network on his CNIC.

  • Faheem

    I had 11 sims against my cnic and I got all of them verified bometrically

    • Raheel

      I think your 6 SIMS will be blocked after 26 feb.

      • raja riaz

        no brother verified sims block nahin hongi. chahy 20 hon

  • Nabeel

    kya waqayi SIMs block ho rahi hain ?

    • Nabeel

      PLUS what happens if the SIM gets blocked (assuming they are being really blocked)

  • zain

    making the life of common man more miserable .
    terrorism will still not stop simply because of poor intelligence

  • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

    Holy Shit , that means Telecoms earned 47 crores through BV !! waooOOo ,

  • Fisher

    What about finger prints not getting recognized , is there any solution for this case. Biometric machines are not recognizing the finger prints may b because of mismanaged data at NADRA, how such people can verify it ? there should be some NIC and finger print combination that should be kept by the operators to facilitate its users

  • Muhammad Shahbaz

    My telenor sim is not on my name. I tried two-three times but authorities said that it is not possible

  • azeem akhtar