Check if Your SIM is Verified or Not [Free Service]

As per national action plan, all mobile phone users are required to re-verify their SIMs through biometric verification system. All un-verified SIMs will get blocked after April 13th, 2015.

To know if your SIM is verified or not, follow below procedure to make sure:

Check How Many SIMs are issued on Your CNIC

First of all you should check how many SIMs are issued against your CNIC. To know this, send your CNIC number (without dashes) to 668. This service is free.

You can also visit this website: and enter your CNIC and press submit to know the number of SIMs registered on your CNIC.

Now when you have a count of SIMs registered on your CNIC, you should go ahead to confirm if each number registered against your CNIC is registered or not?


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Check if Telenor SIM is verified or not

  • Send your CNIC (without Dashes) to 7751 (Free)

A message from Telenor will confirm you if your SIM is verified or not. You can send your CNIC in an SMS from all of your Telenor numbers to 7751 to check verification status of all of your Telenor SIMs

Check if Mobilink SIM is verified or not

  • Send your CNIC (without Dashes) to 6001 (free)

A message from Mobilink will confirm you if your SIM is verified or not. You can send your CNIC in an SMS from all of your Mobilink numbers to 6001 to check verification status of all of your Mobilink SIMs

Check if Warid SIM is verified or not

  • Send your CNIC (without dashes) to 789 (free)

A message from Warid will confirm you if your SIM is verified or not. You can send your CNIC in an SMS from all of your Warid numbers to 6001 to check verification status of all of your Warid SIMs

Check if Ufone SIM is Verified or not

  • Dial *336*1# (free)

Dial this number from your Ufone SIM to know the verification status of your Ufone SIM

Check if Zong SIM is Verified or not

  • Dial *6622#

Dial this number from your Zong SIM to know the verification status of your Zong SIM

If your SIM is un-verified, then go to service centre, franchise or retailer of respective operator to get it verified.

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  • JahanZaib Yousaf

    Nice Information

  • sufyan

    Blank sms not working on mobilink sim. its telling me wrong cnic, ive given it in multiple formats but still invalid cnic. Mobilink sucks.

    • aamir7

      try sending your CNIC number without dashes to 6001

      • sufyan

        Nope no relief still.

        • omer

          i sent mine cnic to 6001 and got my information. mobilink system working ok for me.

        • Ahsan

          it is working

        • Mohammed Raheel Jahangeer

          Put ur sim card to another cell phone preferably Nokia (Old Model like 1112, 1100, 1600, 105) and try these steps..

    • minhaaj

      second that! same results

    • Aamir

      You need to send CNIC number on 6001 from one of your already verified mobile number else it will not reterive information, and this is a security check from PTA otherwise any body could confirm the verified/un-verified numbers if he know just CNIC number. same is the case with all operators.
      hopefully it will resolve your query.

    • ummad

      you only get info if u sending it from number reg against ur cnic
      for exp i send my cnic from number reg on my name other wise no info

  • hamza

    you have to send your cnic no for mobilink 6001,to know info

    • sufyan

      how do i send the CNIC? i sent it like XXXXXABCDEFGX and then XXXXX-ABCDEFG-X and still getting invalid cnic message.

  • Mas

    What the hell !!! I had already verified my Telenor no. almost a month ago. Now after sending blank message to 7751, message comes that your number is not verified. They charged me Rs. 10 and did nothing.
    I am quite sure this would have happened with so many people. They have charged us for nothing and we will have to pay fees again to re-verified.

  • arslan

    or agr aap janna chahte hain k aap jo sim use kr rhe hain to msg kren 667 pr kuch likhe bagair

  • Malik Umar Farooq Awan

    For zong
    To check verified sims against your cnic type V and send it to 7911

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    Just verified status against my CNIC through and I was stunned; I had 7 ZONG numbers activated against my CNIC, taking total count to 9. I had only 3 numbers activated before I left Pakistan few months ago. I must say something is fishy! They are saving their a$$ while illegally transferring ownership without customers’ consent.

  • Saqib

    though it is off topic, what are the updates regarding the submarine cable damaged impacting internet in Pakistan?

    • Rizwan Yaqoob

      If submarine cable was working fine, did you ever experience true broadband in Pakistan? :3

      • Saqib

        honestly speaking yes, I have an MSAG installed here in my village by PTCL and my 4MB runs very smooth, though the story is very painful before they got an MSAG near my place.

        • Rizwan Yaqoob

          PTCL and the term “true broadband” are two opposite things.

    • aamir7

      It was restored to full capacity just a while ago.

  • Nasir Javed

    I am a ufone retailer you can ask me about UFONE.
    To check Owenership with CNIC dial free ( *336*4*1# )

    • zee

      Thanks for such a nice info.. can we please know about warid’s ownership checking?? coz due to verification process MNP (MNP send to 667) service is suspended..

  • Waqas Rabbani

    شاندار معلومات شکریہ

  • Farhan

    Check ownership which your are using:

    Type MNP in message and send to 667

    • Nasir Javed

      service unavailable?? try again and again and you will success.

  • Junaid

    Ufone code not working

  • Bilal Iqbal

    System error… i personally verified my all sim in 2 times and checked the screen alsp but received same reault…

  • Imran

    how the people in oversees can verify their sims?

  • Arsalan Shah

    The thing that scares me is, Pakistanis top in fraud and the way their mind works is like none other. What if there’s a way to hack/or abuse the biometric verification system? What if SIMs would still be registered on people’s names without their consent – like they did earlier. It’s not possible to have 6 MORE numbers registered on your name without the Telecom Companies being involved in doing it themselves. What if they do this again? Who will be held responsible then, but the innocent civilians? And our Black Sheep Police will happily take those innocent civilians and convict them and torture them and get them to accept their crime…. THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT. TOP TO BOTTOM….

  • mohsin

    mein ak zong sim apny naam krvana chata ho lekn wo use mein b nhi te tu wo ks tra naam ho skti hai ? service center pr nhi ho kuo k owner name nhi malom aur use mein b nhi te.

  • Umair

    @aamir7 Free for overseas ppl as well ?

    • aamir7

      no, this codes and SMS addresses are for users in Pakistan only

      • mysterious Eyes

        how to get zong sim ownership info…….?

  • Muslim Abbas

    SALAM sir I’m in dubai. How can I re verify my Sims. Plz help me . I’m waiting for your reply.

  • ProReader

    I want a SIM who is not registered in my name. What should I do. :-)

  • Tayyab Ilyas

    website not working

    • ummad

      yesterday web side was down due to some extra work load but working fine now

  • Xarar showed that no sim is register but when i send message to 6001 it says your number is verified.

  • Youtube returns :D

    Youtube is back guys atlast :D see it yourself no more use of vpn app or proxy :p #Excited

  • aasim

    i have not verified sim via biometric.. but when i dailed *6622#. it say moaziz sarif, apni SIM Biometric verify kerwane ka shukria . … i really don’t know what is going on .. should i go for verfication or not???? this sim i bought about 1 year ago.

    • zahid

      same here any one please tell???

  • itsmefahad

    How Overseas Pakistani Person Verify Sim ?


    Puri Pakistani Qaum ko Ullo banaya ja rha apni Biomatric systems sell karny or verification s paisy kamany k ly, or apni na na ehli chupany k ly.


    2) Bomb blasting m sub ur jata h kai meter tk, to kya bomb k sath lagi sim gawahi k ly bachy gi?

    3) Dosry countries ki sims ROAMING p puri dunya m chalti h, to kya mulk s bahar walo s bhi ANGOTHA lagwae g :)

  • irshadullah

    My sim zong is my named iam warking in saudiarabia please help me i want my sim is not blokd please.

  • javed iqbal

    Main apni sim rgistar krana chata ho plz help me

    • javed iqbal

      Main saudia me ho

  • saqi chib rajput


  • Khalid

    same also happen with me

  • abdul bais

    sir mara ya sim zara daka k varfied ha k nahe 03039296944

    • zahid hussain

      sir mara ya sim zara daka k varfied ha k nahe 03032564197

  • Alex Jez

    how to zong sim activation in another contry ?

  • hadi

    i am out of country how can i register my sim carda plz help me

  • zohaib Ashraf

    nice thnx information

  • Ali Asghar


  • nauman

    dear i have jazz sim but due to out of station i can not use my sim for 10 months and now i come back i put my sim in phone but it shows registration fail is any one tell me how i solve this issue

  • Hassan Mir

    meny telenor se 7751 pe msg kia hy and ghalti se cnic ghalat hogya tha ab muja bar bar ik he msg araha hy .. dear customer the service u reeqted is not valid 10 mins me koi 50 60 bar achuka hy any solution?