Answers to Your Questions: FAQs about SIMs Re-Verification!

Since we know that process for re-verification of SIMs is starting soon, and every mobile phone user in Pakistan will have to re-verify his/her SIM before April 14th, 2015 to make sure that their numbers aren’t blocked after the deadline, we have prepared below FAQs to make sure that you fully understand the whole process.

If your question isn’t included in the list, feel free to ask us anything in the comments below!

Before we start, here are few rules to keep in mind:

  • Each and every SIM will have to be re-verified
  • Please keep your original CNIC with you when going for SIM re-verification
  • Any un-verified SIM after the deadline will be blocked
  • One individual can own maximum of 5 SIMs on single CNIC
  • Blocked SIMs can be re-issued (after paying a fee) with-in 180 days.
  • After 180 days of SIMs getting blocked, cellular operators will be free to re-sell SIMs to anyone.


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Question: What is SIM Re-Verification?

Answer: If you are a SIM owner then you have to go to your nearest service centre, franchise or retail outlet of your respective company to re-verify your SIM.

You will be asked to present your thumb impression on a biometric machine which will be matched with NADRA’s database.

If thumb impression is matched, then it will mean that the SIM against your CNIC is verified and its confirmed that the person owning the SIM has verified the ownership of the SIM though thumb impression.

Question: Do I need to Re-verify my SIM?

Answer: Yes, if you own a SIM then you will have to re-verify your SIM as every mobile phone user in Pakistan has to re-verify his/her SIM. In case you fail to re-verify your SIM, it will get blocked after deadline. (Read below to know about deadlines)

However, if you have purchased/replaced your SIM after August 1st, 2014 — that is with biometric verification — then your SIM is already verified and you don’t have to verify your this particular SIM that was issued after biometric verification. Your other (old and un-verified SIM) will still need re-verification.

Question: Is there way to know the number of currently registered SIMs against my CNIC?

Answer: You can have an idea about currently active SIMs that are registered on your CNIC by sending your CNIC number (without dashes) to 668.

However, please note that this data is updated periodically and may not get you latest figures. For utmost correct data, you will have to visit service centre or franchise of respective operators to find out exact number of SIMs registered against your CNIC.

Question: Who will re-verify SIMs?

Answer: Company owned service centres, franchises and retail outlets with biometric verification machines can re-verify your SIMs.

Question: Is there any fee for re-verification of SIMs?

Answer: Yes, Rs. 10 per CNIC per operator is to be paid by subscriber.

For example if a customer goes to Service Centre, Franchise or a retailer of one company and re-verifies his/her all SIMs for this particular company than he will have to pay Rs. 10 per this operator.

Similarly, if he goes to another operator for SIM re-verification, then he will have to give another Rs. 10 for re-verification of all SIMs of this second operator, and so on.

Question: I have 5 SIMs of five different operators, do I need to verify all of these?

Answer: You will have to verify one number (before others) with biometric re-verification. This re-verified number will be called as primary number.

Once verification of primary number is done, you will receive list of other numbers registered on same CNIC from same operator on this primary number. Reply to this SMS with the numbers that you want to re-verify and delete those numbers that you don’t want to re-verify (disown).

Once your SMS reply from primary number is sent, your other numbers will be verified as well.

Question: Do I have to go to service centres of all operators to re-verify respective SIMs?

Answer: Yes, you will have to go to each operator’s service centre or franchise or retail outlet to re-verify your respective SIMs.

For example if you have 1 SIM of Telenor and another from Ufone, then you will have to to go both Telenor and Ufone service centres to get your both SIMs re-verified.

Telecom companies are working on a mechanism to make cross-network verification is possible, meaning that a single verification on Telenor will get your Ufone number verified as well. But this system is not live yet and you will have to visit service centres/franchises of all operators to re-verify your respective SIMs.

Question: I had obtained my this SIM through Biometric Verification, do I need to Reverify it Again?

Answer: No, if your SIM is activated or replaced  after biometric verification then you don’t have to reverify this particular SIM.

Question: I have one SIM verified through Biometric Verification, do I still have to re-verify my other (old and un-verified) SIMs of other networks?

Yes, please visit your nearest service centre once to make sure that your other numbers are verified as well.

Also note that your other SIMs from other operators will need re-verification and you must have to visit respective service centre or franchises for reverification of those SIMs.

Question: I am postpaid user, do I need to re-verify?

Answer: You should.

While it’s not mandatory for postpaid customers to get their SIMs re-verified, and their numbers won’t get blocked on the deadline, it is very reasonable to believe that re-verifying your postpaid SIM is way better than not re-verifying it.

Question: I have an MNP SIM, do I need to re-verify it?

Answer: Yes, exactly like any other SIM user, you will have to go to your current operator’s franchise or service centre and re-verify your SIM.

Question: I have 9 SIMs on my CNIC and I want to keep all of them, what should I do?

Answer: If you have more than 5 SIMs (of single operator or all operators combined) registered on your CNIC then you will have to get your 4 numbers blocked, or system will not re-verify any of the SIMs. This is because maximum of 5 SIMs on single CNIC rule is in place.

You can either abandon your 4 SIMs  and get them blocked or transfer the ownership of these 4 to someone else to be able to use all 9 SIMs.

In short, there is no possible way of keeping more than 5 SIMs on a single CNIC.

Question: Can I transfer the ownership of a SIM to someone else, if yes then how?

Answer: Yes, you can transfer the ownership of any SIM as per usual process. Buyer and seller both should go to service centre or franchise of the respective operator to get the ownership transfer done.

Question: I bought this SIM in 2005 but it isn’t in my name, how can I re-verify it?

Answer: For countless SIMs bought during those times are not in the name of the owners. And hence your thumb-impression can be of no use as the SIM isn’t in your name at all.

However, you should go to service centre or franchise of your respective operator along with your original CNIC, SIM, SIM jacket (if available) to prove that SIM is in your possession and that you are its rightful owner.

Officials present there might ask you some questions, such as activation date of SIM etc. to verify your ownership and will transfer the SIM in your name with biometric verification.

Once done, you are good to keep the SIM as a verified customer.

Question: How may I re-verify a SIM that I know is under my name but I don’t currently have in my physical possession?

Answer: You just need to visit a service centre or a franchise with your original CNIC to get all your SIMs verified, either in your possession, or not.

Question: My SIM is registered on my B-Form, how can I re-verify it?

Answer: You just need to go to service centre / franchise of your respective operator along with your original CNIC. They will upgrade your registration by binding your SIM with your CNIC.

If you still don’t have CNIC, then take along someone (from family) who has a CNIC and get this number transferred to his/her name.

You can get the number transferred back to your name once your CNIC is available with you.

Question: My SIM is in my father’s name who is in Dubai now and he won’t be back for another year, how can I reverify my SIM?

Answer: If the SIM that is under your usage is owned by someone else, who isn’t present to get it re-verified for you then you can change the ownership by going to service centre or franchise of respective operator along with your original CNIC, SIM, SIM jacket (if available) and copy of real owner’s CNIC (at least the CNIC number of the owner).

Officials present there might ask you some questions, such as activation date of SIM, etc. to verify that earlier owner is your blood relation and they will transfer the SIM in your name with biometric verification.

Once done, you are good to keep the SIM as verified customer.

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Question: I am using a Ufone SIM in Saudi Arabia, how can I reverify it?

Answer: You can’t unless your visit in Pakistan is planned during next 90 days. Your SIM will get blocked after the deadline (regardless of the fact that SIM is on roaming and that you are out of country).

Sorry but government and operators didn’t plan anything for you.

Please note that if SIM is somehow shipped to Pakistan then your local friend or family can get it transferred to their name and get their re-verified and shipped back to you.

Please note that change of ownership is not possible without presenting an active SIM.

You can always get the same SIM transferred back to your name once you are here in Pakistan.

Also Read: Guidelines for Re-verification for Overseas Pakistanis / Old Age and Disabled

Question: I’m disabled (don’t have hands or fingers), how can I reverify my SIMs?

Answer: Unfortunately, government and operators didn’t plan about special cases like yours.

Your only way out is to get your SIM transferred to someone else and get it re-verified to be able to use it after the deadline.

Question: What is Deadline for reverification of SIMs?

Answer: There are two deadline for reverification after which SIMs will get blocked.

First Deadline: February 27th, 2015. On this date, all un-verified SIMs with following criteria will get blocked

  • Subscribers in Karachi, Peshawar, DI Khan, DG Khan Cities, Border Areas (FATA) & Balochistan Province
  • Subscribers in Rest of Pakistan who have more than three SIMs per CNIC

Second Deadline: April 14th, 2015. On this date, all un-verified SIMs with following criteria will get blocked

  • Customers across Pakistan with two or less SIMs per CNIC per operator

Question: Will I be notified about the deadline before my SIM is blocked?

Answer: Yes, you will be notified multiple times about the deadline via SMS. However, please don’t wait for the deadline and go to your nearest service centre at earliest to avoid rush during last dates.

Question: Can I get an unverified SIM unblocked after deadline?

Answer: No you can’t get any un-verified SIM unblocked once they are blocked by the system after deadline.

However, you can get these SIMs re-issued with-in 180 days of deadline with a SIM replacement fee.

Question: What will happen to a blocked SIM after 180 days of getting blocked?

Answer: After 180 days of deadline, if a SIM isn’t requested for re-issuance then operator will not be liable for anything relating to the number.

After 180 days, operator will be free to re-sell the number to any customer, that is, SIM and its number will be placed in the pool of available numbers.

Question: When Telcos will Start Re-Verifying SIMs?

Answer: Just in a day or two. They are waiting for an SOP from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority before the exercise is started.

Keep watching this website for any updates.

If you think your question isn’t listed here, please feel free to ask them in below comments!

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    Thanks for detailed post. There’s a confusion though:
    In first deadline, 3 SIMS or more are per operator or as a whole? For example, I’ve One Sim each from Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor. Do I fall in first deadline or second?

    • aamir7

      You are in second deadline. 3 or more Sims per operator will come under first deadline.

      • Umair

        Hi aamir7 i forgot to bring NIC with me i travelled from dubai right now here in pakistan i have the passport can i get my reverification done using original passport i have copy of nic though

        • aamir7

          Yes you should. Get the passport along with the copy of CNIC.

  • Muhammad Aamir

    What If my father is in Dubai – don’t have a plan after the deadline – I don’t have my CNIC card? And all the Sims are in my father’s name?

    • aamir7

      Get them transferred to someone in the family who has an ID card.

      • Adnan Ahmed

        @Aamir7 do you know by giving your suggestion to transfer it to someone in the family, you are actually suggesting a crime (as per PTA)

        • Bilal Iqbal

          This is adjustment…

          • Adnan Ahmed

            for you or general public it’s adjustment but for law enforcing agencies and for our khati peeti polic it’s a crime as per PTA.

            • Bilal Iqbal

              Smoking kills… ban at public places and transport etc but cigerate is a big source of tax for govt. This kind of adjustment is way less than other crimes and also it is quite common in our society because people dont like to register their family sim in the name of females or minors… using sim with out information of real owner can actually be a crime and i hope PTA itself will not object it..

              • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

                smoking itself is not a crime but prohibited in some places. second generating tax from cigarettes is not to collect money from people but to de promote smoking and whole world follows that rule. Still our gov didn’t put too much tax on cigarettes like we have in west.

                • Bilal Iqbal

                  It was just an example that instead of stopping cigerate manufacturing. Govt opts an other way. Similatly if people who can not own a sim registerd with their name would registerd with some family member with his knowledge..

                  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

                    Actually your examples doesn’t look fit. if that is the case then I can use my family member document like CNIC anywhere instead of mine because I know them so that others should also know them.

                    • Bilal Iqbal

                      It will go way beyond the discussion…let it to be happen… :)

                    • raja riaz

                      bilall sb i want some guidance out of discussion . my dad got CNIC in march 2005. he reverified his warid sim with successful thumb impression but for mobilnk sim (postpaid) verification BVS rejected his scanning . what is this? if NADRA fault then how can WARID B/VS verified his sim 2 weeks ago? thanks

                    • Bilal Iqbal

                      Some time it depends upon how we put thumb on scannner and which part is placed. If problems exists them please visit nadra office today 5th feb for upfation of record.

                    • raja riaz

                      in nadra ooffice, they will update new record without applying new CNIC ?

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  • Saad R.

    Guys, lets be honest. No one needs to have more than 5 SIMS registered in their names. It’s hopefully a one time exercise. Please take your mother, brother, sister to the franchise once and get SIMS transferred to another relatives names. It quite doable.

  • Guest Reader

    A few questions that I didn’t find the answers to in the above:

    1) How may I re-verify a SIM that I know is under my name but I don’t currently have in my physical possession?

    2) Other than my CNIC, what else do I need to bring to the franchise/service center in order to re-verify my SIM?

    3) I’ve absolutely no idea when my SIMs were activated. How does this impact me?

    • aamir7

      Here are your answers:

      1) How may I re-verify a SIM that I know is under my name but I don’t currently have in my physical possession?

      Answer: You just need to visit a service centre or a franchise with your original CNIC to get all your SIMs verified, either in your possession, or not.

      2) Other than my CNIC, what else do I need to bring to the franchise/service center in order to re-verify my SIM?

      Answer: If SIMs are in your name, all you need is a CNIC.
      3) I’ve absolutely no idea when my SIMs were activated. How does this impact me?
      Answer: You don’t have to worry for anything if SIMs are in your name. If they are not, then you can verify the ownership by telling the activation date or anything else that can prove that you have been using the SIM in the past.

  • Bilal

    my sim is issued on my brothers cnic who is based in karachi while i am in lahore. What do you think might be the easiest way to get the sim verified?

    • aamir7

      Ask your bother to go the service centre of respective operator and get the SIM verified. He doesn’t have to present the SIM at the time of verification.

      • Bilal

        Thanks for the reply aamir sb.

  • Asghar

    What will be for topup, topup distributor, smart francise etc sims.? Which are issued by franchise before biometric?

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      bhai before biometric agar service provider kay head office say bhi li ha to ja ker verfiy karwao.

      • Asghar

        Mai ne topup and topup distributor ka pocha hai kindly unka process alg hota hai do you know that.

        • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

          han bhai pata hai.
          commercial sims ki verification bhi hogi as per same process. ye mene suna haI kay sab to mtlab sab main tum bhi atay ho

          • Asghar

            Postpaid tu nai ha rhy na. Tu ho sakta hai ye b nai ho

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    I have one question please.
    I talk to someone in PTA and he told me Sir you don’t need to verify anything along with hundreds of other VIP’s. Do I need to visit customer service center now?

    • Arshad

      Trying to prove urself VIP… like having a degree in doctorate…?

  • Usman Saeed

    The most important FAQ is: Would this be in the print and electronic media? This needs to be widely advertised before going into effect and I mean as much as possible. Ads after every 5 mins on every TV channel and on the front page of all newspapers everyday!

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      mere khyal say jese polio walay ya mardam shumari walay ghar ghar atay hen wese he inko bhi ghar ghar aa k batana chahye.kyun???
      Aam khao gay???

    • Muhammad Aamir

      What an expensive question you asked!! If you know just one ads of 10 to 30 seconds takes 10 to 50 lakh to show on TV channels – it depends upon different factors e.g., news channel’s name, time of the ads etc. As per your solution every 5 minutes, all of our state money will be consumed just in a few days.

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    one serious question also
    if someone verified his sim through biometric system and by Allah’s will person is dead. How can you transfer sim card in your name as for transfer you need that person or death certificate if accepted needs some verification or not?

    • aamir7

      If SIM is verified through bio-metric then it won’t get blocked. You can keep using it without change in ownership (while its not legally allowed) or transfer it to your name by showing inheritance certificate.

      On a side-note, you need to get a little more serious than this :-)

      • Asghar

        What will be for topup, topup distributor, smart francise etc sims.? Which are issued by franchise before biometric?

        • aamir7

          check your regional sales guy for details on this.

          • Abdul Mueid Shahid

            they will be blocked as well. hence have to re verify via biometric

    • Muhammad Aamir

      Aap Sy Esy Hi Salwoon Ki Tawqoo Thi :D

  • Saqib

    I got a sim one year ago, bio-metric system of verification was not in place then. I had to get the duplicate of that sim a month ago and I was issued the duplicate after bio-metric verification, do I need to get it re-verified?

    • aamir7

      Nope. You are verified already.

  • Usman Ahmed

    i have more than 5 sims in warid i.e. myself, my parents, my sisters, my wife etc. Now when they say i cant have 5 sims, can i transfer my existing sim to another name?

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      Yes transfer them on your parents, sisters and your wife’s name.


    AMMIR bhai do tell me one thing. how many times we have to re-verify the sim. each time i have done re-verification. On other hand my brother never did it for a single time and cross the dead line each time but his sim never get blocked. I think to re-verify the sim is wasting the your own time.
    More over mobile phone SIMs used in Peshawar Incident were issued through biometric verification system. Whats the change !?


      *AAMIR Bhai
      sorry for written wrong spelling of your name

      • Ahmed Habib

        Soon, you will need to verify your handset, like is it your or stolen? :-)

        • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

          and soon you have to verify yourself, whether you belong to your parents or not ;)

          • Arshad

            WT* mental level

  • Asif

    Q1- If a subscriber has taken the MNP facility but his MNP SIM is issued via bio-metric process then is any need to verify it?
    Q2- If SIMs are more then 5 then all more than 5 SIMs will be verified via Bio-metric or first 5 SIMs which will be verified via Bio-metric will be active? What will be the process in this case?

    • Ahmed Habib

      2. You will have the choice to remove unwanted sims from your name in the respective CSC. After that, you can verify your numbers.

    • Ahmed Habib

      1. No, the sim is verified.

  • Ahmed Habib

    If i have SIM with unknown owner (i mean i don’t know him), now he goes to the CSC and blocks the unwanted numbers, but the SIM is live in my handset.

    Will my SIM get blocked or will it be stacked un-verified till the deadline ends so that I could own that?

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      If he/she get that sim blocked, it will be blocked at your end but if have jacket or proofs of using sim from long time, you can visit the CSR and activate number in your name with bio metric verification.

  • well half of the answers are volication of PTA rules, isn’t it? “Your only way out is to get your SIM transferred to someone else and get it re-verified”

  • Ahmed Habib

    No violation, you have the right to do so if you don’t wanna lose your favourite numbers. Yeah, using sim without your own ownership is not allowed.

    • yup i am saying the same thing “using sim without your own ownership is not allowed”

    • Ahmed Habib

      But, I argue on that — if the owner is the person within your family and allows you to have the sim and use it while on his name, then what PTA need to do with it?

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        As per rule if your family member had CNIC then why the sim is in your number.
        It’s like same thing that I can use my father or brother CNIC but not mine.
        don’t just blame the rule

      • well, as for Family is concern that is ok but is say on someone else name “Your only way out is to get your SIM transferred to someone else and get it re-verified”

  • Hamza khan

    i am from ISB using SIM owned by someone else who lives in lahore . how can i transfer it to my own name ?

    • Hamza khan

      owner is not in my blood relation

      • Ahmed Habib

        Goto CSC, ask for transfer of ownership.

    • aamir7

      It’s answered above. Take the Sim and your CNIC along with you to the service centre and tell those ppl to get it transferred in your name.

  • abobobilly

    Thanks ProPakistani for detailed these FAQs. Very very useful for clearing out confusion.

  • Epakistani

    I have a sim that is on mnp and belongs to my relative that is not present here.
    I have his original nic.
    How can i change the ownership???

    • Ahmed Habib

      Goto CSC

      • Epakistani

        The number is mnp not on original network.
        As far as i know u can not transfer ownership of a number i.e on mnp. Or have they changed policy.

    • aamir7

      Take along whatever you have, Sim, CNIC of original owner, your CNIC and transfer it to your name.

  • aamir7

    These aren’t official FAQs, so let’s accept that I wanted to help ppl with a working solution instead of khanaa puri.

    • Adnan Ahmed

      u r helping them to keep them numbers at the moment, but do you have any idea that our khati peeti police may or will ask you for chai pani on even this, and regardless of the help, u r somehow forced to help people in illegal ways, u r encouraging them to commit a crime regardless of it’s scale, whereas you being an anchor should be raising your voice and write an article for government emphasizing those peoples who are left to make crime, you should point it out in bold and clear ways that the government’s job is to facilitate the public not to encourage public to find loopholes and commit crimes.

      There must be some middle way out for this.

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        he is not an anchor, he is blogger and I’m not a blogger, I’m anchor

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      khanaa puri ki english kia hai, nahi pata to halwa puri ki english bata dain :P

    • Well may be you are helping but for a person who point out every small mistake of PTA/Government/Policies/Mobile Companies, I am amazed that you are saying others to do this kind of things. and i think this is exactly “khanaa puri”.

  • Adnan Ahmed

    @Aamir7 / Admin without any offense, I would like to question

    are you (propakistani) or government is encouraging law abiding citizens for crime ?

    referring to what PTA says: “Using a SIM which is not registered in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime”.

    In your article above, I am seeing repeatedly suggestion for using sim on someone else name {for example for those who are disabled, who are under 18, and who cannot manage to be in Pakistan within the deadline should commit crime} ?

    or perhaps you should write another article asking PTA to change their definition of crime.

    Honestly you might be considering this a small issue, but that’s we learn to manipulate the system at early age, and commit crimes without even feeling guilty of doing so.

    • aamir7

      I understand and appreciate your concern. You would be happy to know that all this info is in the notice of the concerned authorities.

      • Adnan Ahmed

        It’s good to know that it’s already in notice but have you raised your voice publicly for this, NO,WHY?

        you should arrange a separate article criticizing government for making these non-sense mistakes.

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        yeh apko lene kay dene par gaye hain..soch rahay ho gay naiki ker darya main daal ;)

    • Feeka

      May I ask you to keep quiet? You are one of those students who keeps yelling and reminding the teacher about the the pending homework.

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        you mean theta..but he isn’t saying something wrong

  • Daniyal

    I am disagree with the Writer on 5 Sims per CNIC rule for Reverification of Sims. According to PTA; This rule is only for New customer. Writer must bind PTA Notification regarding Sims verification to clear that issue!

  • Feeka

    Question: I am using International roaming in UAE and the SIM card is available with me registered on my name. Can I send this SIM card to Pakistan and ask my brother to register it ?

    • aamir7

      No. He will have to get it transferred to your name. Check FAQs above for possible solution.

      • Feeka

        Aamir bhai, it is already registered on my name and I am in UAE. How do I reverify?

        • aamir7

          Sir, process is explained above. Please read the post again.

  • Mrs. Reham Kham

    Aamiir bhai all MNP users have to re-verfiy too?

    • aamir7


  • ninja

    I got all my sims verified today. I put my thumb into _______’s ___ . Others should follow suit asap. (Unnecessary censorship – The Daily Show)

  • koolliver

    APP ke CNIC 352020000000per mobile number 0345000000 registered ho giya hai. Shukriya Waridtel.

    Got my sim verified from waridtel and recieved this message

  • Ahsan

    i am a karachi resident. few months ago during my visit to islamabad purchased telenor sim through bio verification system. now that telenor sim is not in my use. visited north nazimadad telenor centre to get blocked / remove that sim. but they are refusing to remove that sim cause they say there is no way to remove / block the sim if activated through bio verification process. really we cant block / remove such sims.

    • aamir7

      I will have to check this and get back to you,

      • Ahsan

        Thankyou Mr. Aamir.

  • Sikandar Khan

    How MNP customers will be verified?

    • aamir7

      same process.

  • Muhammad Bilal Khan

    Is there anyway to check which number is registered on which CNIC?

  • z.ascetic

    It is mentioned that if i get verified one sim of zong than all other sims of zong registered against my cnic will be automatically verified. Than what about the sims which are not used by me but are falsely registered against my cnic will also get verified so what is the point behind this bullshit verification when all fake sims will be verified automatically…..

    • aamir7

      At the time of verification, you would be asked to block any numbers that are now used by you. You will be even shown the list of numbers. You can get them blocked. Without any trouble.

  • Imran Khan

    Original CNIC is not mandatory. You should have your CNIC number only and it will be matched after biometric verification.

  • Mustafa

    Two Questions:
    1) What about those who have exactly three SIMs per operator?
    2) What about those who have already replaced their more than five SIMs through BMVS? then which SIMs will get blocked??

    • aamir7

      It is very unlikely that you were able to verify more than five SIMs though BVS. In fact any transaction done through BVS requires you to reduce your SIM count to 5 (if its more than 5).

      Exactly three SIMs per operator will come under first deadline.

      • Mustafa

        I have converted my SIX SIMs into microSIMs through BMVS… ??!!

        • aamir7

          I will have to check this — according to my info, this should not have happened.

          • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

            I have 19 sims on my CNIC and 2 of my ufone numbers are verified through biometric (bhai nay iphone k liye nano sim li), at that time they didn’t say about number of sims. maybe because I had 5 ufone numbers out of 19 and they don’t know about other operators.

  • Faraz

    Bhai meri use mai 1 Telenor sims hai orr 668 pe msg krne per 7 telenor sims show horahe hai. Ager biometric system se mai apni single sim verify krta hun tu baqi 6 sims b verified hojayengi automatically. .Phr kia hoga wo 6 sims kon bnd krega, operator ya PTA? Ya Deadline k bd automatically bnd hojayegi, PLS reply

    • aamir7

      Jab app verify karwayain gay tu app say poocha jaye ga k baqi SIMs ka kiya karna hay, tell them to get them blocked, Simple.

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        bilkul wese jese qaatil qatal kernay k baad puchta ha laash ka kia krna hai

  • Ubaid Khan

    ANYWAY to check if my sim is verified?

    • aamir7

      Karwayi hay app ny kabhi? agar karwayi hay tu verified hay — nahi tu nahi. I think this was simple.

  • Mustafa

    Three Questions:
    1) Is there any way to check which SIMs are verified?
    1) What about those who have exactly three SIMs per operator?
    2) What about those who have already replaced their more than five SIMs through BMVS? then which SIMs will get blocked??

    • aamir7

      1) Is there any way to check which SUMs are verified?

      There is no way that is communicated to customers as of yet. I am sure telcos will get a shortcode for this soon.

      Your other questions were replied in above comment.

      • Mustafa

        I have converted my SIX SIMs into microSIMs through BMVS… ??!!!

  • farhan

    agr koi retailer ho e-load nd sims seller to wo kia kry ga………..load wali 5 sims apny name krway ga ya phr personal number use kry ga?? easy load wali sim ya to company name rahne chyee,, ya phr business name registered hon,,,,plz reply

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Important information regarding CNIC and updation of finger prints…
    In upcomming days… plenty of people will face problems while vetifying their SIMs through BVS. Here are possible points and their solutions..
    1. People having Cnic expired. Must renew it
    2. People having Cnic issued before 2005 but not yet expired wi be unable to verify SIM via BVS. They are advised to visit their nearest franchise ir service center and ask them about Screenshot print of their UnVerified finger print and bring it to nearest NADRA office for Free Updation of finger prints along with their Cnic .
    3. People having skin problem / low quality finger prints/ amputed etc are advised to convert their Sim to any blood relative due to problem with their finger prints.
    4. People having Form B registerd Sim attaining 18 years age can visit NADRA office for Cnic processing
    5. People having form B registerd Sim and below 18 are advised to transfer ownership to parents/ siblings having Cnic
    6. Children having Smart Card and above 15 years can verify their Sim if their finger prints were captured. Same is ok for Nicop holders

    Any query relating to NADRA .. Feel free to ask

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      documents required for nicop and charges..normal fee in pakistan

      • Bilal Iqbal

        Fee can be checked from site or helpline due to complex fee structure. Cnic and valid passport required

      • Bilal Iqbal

        Fee can be checkes from helpline according to ur exact catagory / country…ur cnic/nicop and valid pak/foreign passport… i think @aamir7 would like related questions only. Thanks

  • Mubashir

    One question is still not answered. If someone is using an old SIM of a dead relative, how will the SIM ownership be transferred? Or how will it be verified?

    • aamir7

      Sir SIM lay jayain office along with your CNIC, Ap k naam transfer ho jaye gi.

      • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

        Inho nay lagta mera question nahi parha tha.
        chalo koi to mere jesa

  • I have verified my all three mobilink Numbers, but i still received sms to go service center for verification.

  • guy1

    “Question: I’m disabled (don’t have hands or fingers), how can I reverify my SIMs?”

    wth?? Seriously?

    • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

      just tell one thing?
      how you write this comment btw

  • Ahmed Habib

    Thanks, actuallt, it is registtered against CNIC 11111-1111111-1 :-)

  • Guest

    Dear Amir Sb. Thank you for valuable informations. What if SIM (prepaid/postpaid) issued by the employer and SIM is under ownership of employer. How this will be verified?

    • aamir7

      Corporate SIMs, that are postpaid, don’t need re-verification.

      • Guest

        In some cases prepaid SIMs are also given to staff… what about them?

        • aamir7

          Take your Sim to the csc or franchise and show them your CNIC to get it registered in your name.

      • raja riaz

        in november 2014 i activated easypaisa and upaisa accounts from telenor and ufone franchises , still need to re verify them?

  • Najeeb Qureshi

    I can’t walk. I had a back operation. How can I re-verify my SIM?

  • Ahsan

    I got a duplicate SIM in January 2015 from Ufone franchise. The person asked me to put my thumb in the reader and gave me the SIM duplicate. Will I need to go for Biometric verification?

    • aamir7


  • Rehmat Ali

    What if I have purchased my SIM from Karachi and need to verify it in some other city. Possible?

    • aamir7


  • aasim

    well .. i went to mobilink service center to block 2 sim .. which are registered on my nic but i don’t know about them i don’t use them ..but problem occur that my thumb and finger impression was not matching with their records .although i had my original cnic.they said u have to go NADRA office ,they ‘ll solve this problem first .. any suggestion .. why my thumb impression is not getting their .. ??????????

  • Saad Nadeem Hashmi


  • umair

    Just Talked to Mobilink help line, Verification will be charged to customers….

  • Hassan Bashir

    Just contacted UFONE Customer Service, and they said this to me

    “Sir, currently no official confirmation is received about the re-verification of SIMs.”

    I have 3 Ufone SIMS on my name and i went to their Franchise too but they said i don’t need to re-verify by thumb impression.

  • Azi

    Aamir bhai,
    My brother using my sim, i mean its on my name. i am not in pakistan how can he change owner ship?

  • aadi

    i have easy load shop, so i have all network sims on my name , but that are not my official/family numbers, i have 2 another sim that i used , so what PTA do in that case ?????

    • aamir7

      Check with your area sales guy. He will guide you accordingly.

  • Asif Khan

    Today I visited ZONG Customer Service Center, CSR told me that your no can not be Biometric verify, Because your CNIC is issued in 2004. So plz tell me what should I do???

  • raja riaz

    biomatric will verify only 5 sims?

  • Asif

    If I have more than 5 SIMs on my CNIC then 6th SIM will be re-verified via Biometric Verification?

  • askarian

    Sad that circumstances have led to vetting process of sims but I’m kinda glad this is happening. People have like 10+ sims against their names , there are many sims issued against one CNICs. This whole biometric thing will help control the issuing of sims .

  • online.akay

    so that means i cant have two sim from one service provider!

  • Rizwan

    I have been using a MOBILINK sim for many years in the past (not using it for 3 years now) and it was in my name against my CNIC, but today i called on that number and the person on the other side who is using this sim currently, said the sim is now registered against his name and he has done with thumb verification also.
    How they can transfer a SIM which was registered against my CNIC to some other person without prior consent?

  • faizan

    mobile phone companies apni database kitnay arsay bad update kartay hain once verification is done?

    • aamir7


  • Muhammad Ather

    I have 10 SIMs (M=2 U=2 W=2 T=3 Z=1), all on my name, in possession and verified through biometric in current campaign. In case of 5 SIMs rule applied on me which one out of 10 will be block?

  • Muhammad Ather

    I have 10 SIMs, (M=2 U=2 W=2 T=3 Z=1), all on my name, in possession and verified in current campaign. In the rule of 5 SIMs per CNIC applied on me which SIM will get block? How can I choose either number?

    • aamir7

      You will have to choose and pick when you plan to buy a new number. You don’t have to until you are not buying any new number. If every number is verified then that’s all you need for now.

      • raja riaz

        if above 5 sims verified then extra verified sim also block after 26th feb?

  • muhammadi

    if after 180 days the sim is added to the pool of available sims then if any of my friends contact at that number how they will know its not mine now and what will happen to my data of that sim

  • Guest

    jb resale pool me a jae ge phir koi bhe ja ker aik particular number bol k wo sim apny pass rakh skta hai kya?means phly aik sim meri the,phir wo block ho gae aur available sims pool me a gae,ab ager meri koi friend franchise pe ja k mera he number issue krwa le to kya aesa possible hai.en sims ke distribution ks trha hoge

  • muhammadi

    jb resale pool me a jae ge phir koi bhe ja ker aik particular number bol k wo sim apny pass rakh skta hai kya?means phly aik sim meri the,phir wo block ho gae aur available sims pool me a gae,ab ager mera koi friend franchise pe ja k mera he number issue krwa le to kya aesa possible hai.en sims ke distribution ks trha hoge

  • khalid

    Mere nam pe 5 sims registerd te per se ma naghalse 4 sims ka biometric verification kiya ha aur 5th sim ko mere se han deya gaydgaya ha. Ab us ko.kase verify karo

  • axee

    what are the requirements or the documents needed for sim re-verification?

    • Ahmed Shahwaz

      Just your CNIC. Thats it :)

  • Hidayatullah

    I have re-verified my ufone sim through bio-metric verification, however, I have not yet received sms alert for the same even after lapse of 3 days. How could I be sure that my sim has accordingly been verified?

  • wam

    If I got my SIM in Lahore but I am currently living in Karachi, what date would apply? Feb 27 or April 15?

  • Zain Khawar

    i went to a shop for biometric vericifaction of my sim, verification is now done, how can i confirm that ? is there any number on which i send a message and it will inform me whether my sim is verified or not??

  • Azi

    my brother have done, but he didn’t received confirmation sms that your sim verified successfully or not? now how he can check if its successfully verified or not?

  • Afzal

    One of my family members is using a 0343xxxxxxx number which was ported to ufone some years back. The number is registered to an unknown man. We first visited ufone franchise where we were told to go to telenor since the number originally belonged to telenor. The guy at telenor told us that MNP numbers do not require biometric verification. After a little research I came to know that MNP numbers do require biometric verification. We headed back to ufone and were then told that the number cannot be verified since it is not against our NIC and will be blocked.

    There are some questions here.

    firstly is someone owns an MNP number and they do not have them on their NIC then what is the procedure to gain ownership of that number and then verify it using BVS.

    secondly who is responsible for catering issues like these? the company which initially owned the number or the current company on which the user is.

    • aamir7

      You should go to Telenor service centre and get this number transferred to your name. You will need your CNIC to take along with the active SIM.

    • aamir7

      Yes, re-verification of MNP numbers is a must or they will get blocked after the deadline.

  • Aarij Ahmed Siddiqui

    if i fall in 2nd deadline can i verify it now
    and i have one sim of ufone and one of zong which deadline am i in

  • Faiq

    I am in UK and also lost my original sim, but I know it’s on my name, I want to keep the number for use when ever I visit Pakistan . But no chance of getting there in 180 days. I need to verify my number and keep it on my name as well , what should I do plz. Does any family member with my NIC only, can verify it as my biometrics are not possible.

    • aamir7

      I am afraid you don’t have much chances.

  • Javed

    What is the role for foreigners? Can they verify their sims on passport?

  • lixiviant

    i have one telenor sim on my name… and i am post paid customer…… do i really need to get my sim reverifiaction via biometric

  • Harris Malik

    I few months ago ported my number from Zong to Ufone. The number at that time was on my name but now when I am trying to reverify it through biometric, it is not displaying my number. What should I do?

  • muhammad ishaq

    What would be procedure to verify of SIM through biometric system which was in the name of my wife who has been died

  • DrZ

    I got my ownership changed n all the verification done and also got a new micro sim issued.
    When i got home my sim isnt working!
    What to do? Should i go back to the service centre?

  • Yasir

    My thumb print didnt match my cnic. My id card was issued in 2006. I went to nearby nadra office at hayatabad peshawar for updating my thumb print but i was asked to go to another nadra office in peshawar city. How long is the process of updating thumb print at nadra? If this process gets long then shame on PTA n government for not fascilitating customers!!

  • K

    My father verified my sim on his name. I would like to verify it to my own name. How do I proceed now that my sim has already been biometrically verified?

  • akhtarali

    hi salam . plz any one tell me , how i will veryfy my pakistani sim by bio matric syestem as im in dubai . and is there any dead line for across the country customers . plz help me if some has useful info about this issue , thanx

  • Afridi

    Salam dosto. Main europe main apna MNP port in Sim ufone kameene network main use kar raha tha. Edhar mujh se 3 Month se sim mobile samet gir kar gum ho chuke hain. Main yaha she europe se block karne k liye call kiya tab bye n kameene logo ne sorry kiya. Yeh mera 2002 se yeh number hai esi waja se keh nayi sim issue karwawo. Main ne apne father ko franchise par sim issue aur verify k liye bejha. Mera original nic aur father nic bhe le gaye magar in gande logo ne buhat zalil kiya. Ap log mujhe bataye main 3 year baad awonga yaha se. Aur yeh mera bank account se touch number hai tu ap log es ko kis nazar se dekhte hain? Sirf drame in namak haramio se suno aur dekho.
    Begherat hai es govrnament me hukamran air policy. Aur mobile operator aur PTA par bhe laanat beshumar Jo awam k lite Sab kuch nahi kar sakte siwaye zalil karne ke .

  • yasir

    i am abroad, can anyone tell me whats the last day for sim verification?please

  • Sajjad Ahmad

    Question:I am in Saudi Arabia.I have 3 sims different networks on roaming . How can possible veriverification.If my sims will be blocked then can I re issue after come back Pakistan within 180 days any time

  • Jamal Khan

    what if the retailer is getting more then Rs 10 per sim any law for them

    • aamir7

      report your operator via helpline…

  • Jamal Khan

    i know alot of retailers who are getting 50 per sim and they are going on happily because a lot of people don’t know about the money retailers are taken

  • Syed Haris

    Salam I have a sim which is not in my name until today I transfered it on my name through biometric so do I need to again reverify biometrically

  • umbreen khan

    salam my sim is on my name but my tumb impression is not getting match to nadra record wht should i do which documents thery required from me to idefy my self to them?

  • Shah Khan Khan

    I’m in Dubai Aur Mera pak Ana Mb aftr 1 year hoga so thy will block my SIM Jo k postpaid b he ???

  • haider

    meray pas 2 sims hn. r wo main verify karwaa chuka hn.. mgr meray id card pe 3 sims issued hn.. is 3rd sim ka mujhay kia krna chahiay.. kia wo khod he block ho jiay gi k ni.. help thanks

  • sher ali khan

    I joint now how can i use

  • sher ali khan

    My telenor sim number how i can verify

  • nida

    i havent receive ufone biometeric verification sms how can i check that my sim is biometeric or not??

  • Waris Ali

    Is there any way to transfer the Sim ownership to someone else if the user don’t know its owner and want to transfer it to his friend who is in any other city.

  • Ali Hamza

    how do i know that my Sim is biometrically verified???? is there any code to check whether my sim is re-verified or not???

  • Ali Hamza

    I wanna know the code for mobilink.

  • shahid

    My telenor sim on my name I have tried a lot to verifiy but it give data issue even i try to replace but give same data issue

  • Shahid Khan

    How to cancel/withdraw biometric verified SIM against my CNIC (Blocked Number) to get one more new SIM?

  • Habib Ahmad mal

    I am in abroad and I want to convert the sim on my name.. It is in my use last 5 years… Please tell me about it…

  • Muhammad Siddique

    I purchased Tenor SIM on my own name and I am regularly utilizing it. It is painfully that being the EOBI pensioner and getting Rs. 3600/- per month how it can possible to pay Rs. 10 extra from my monthly budget of Rs. 3600/-. During the services of my Cell phones I am regularly paid taxes imposed illegally by Government of Pakistan and they have no record of receipt of taxes I cant pay further tax to such Government whose arrange massive corruption in EOBI and arranged further payment to EOBI employees such as sweeper of EOBI are getting Rs. 42,000/- per month. The chairman of EOBI was working in grade 20 and transferred to EOBI at grade 21. This is clear cut violation of Services rules and damaged the EOBI funds further. If telenor arranged self verification as done by Ufone on free of cast at door to door then may be possible otherwise there is no need of feeding the government employees whose are too much corrupt through taxes.

  • Imad

    I have lost my telenor sim in Saudi arabia and now i will not be able to go back to Pakistan before atleast 2 years. Is there any way to get my sim issued in Pakistan to any of my blood relatives? My ticket details with entry exit stamp page of passport can be provided to telenor franchise in order to issue my sim. Kindly let me know if any of this way is possible for me? It’s very much urgent.

  • alpha_centaur

    thanks for the info … it was really helpful !

    I live outside Pakistan, I hope they come up with a better procedure ( like verification through local embassies / consulates ) for expats …

  • Zainab Zia Syed

    My sim got blocked a month ago now i re verified it am i going to receive the messages that were sent to my number while it was blocked?

  • S.M

    how i register my ufone sim in dubai

  • Aafreen Shahab

    I want to remove my zong sim from my cnic but they are saying that after biometric verification we can not remove it from your cnic we can only block it so is there any way i can get my zong number removed from my cnic ?

  • raheel

    how may i find the nic of any other number than my own…is thr any method????

  • Shahroz Hassan

    can a sim registered on my name be given to my son or any blood relation for use?

  • Hamza Saeed

    whenever go to buy or transfer a sim to my identity the franchise says that your fingerprints are not available that they are not updated in the mobile companies database now whenever i go to nadra’s office they say they can do nothing.

  • akhtar

    Min apni sim ke perches date janna chata hon

  • Nasir Akbar

    Hi , this is Nasir Akbar from Dubai , i lost my Ufone prepaid sim here in UAE , is there any concern center here in UAE so that i can replace it?? Please also let me know what will be the requirments for that..

  • Mehak

    I have a question not regarding this topic but can anyone explain me what happens when u cancel your cnic?