SIM Reverification Stats: 57.6 Million Verified, 10 Million Blocked

Mobile phone operators have verified 57.6 million SIMs so far, while another 10 million SIMs were blocked by the cellular companies, said a statement issued by Zong.

10 million blocked SIMs include those numbers that were disowned by customers during the re-verification process.

Apparently Zong is contented with the progress as it thanked its customers for wholeheartedly supporting the ongoing verification drive.

Zong said that re-verification of SIMs was made possible through the cooperation of its valued customers who responded responsibly by showing up in great numbers to get their SIMs verified.


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Zong is hopeful that the telecom sector, the government and the general public will continue to work together to address and overcome this issue of grave national security.

Niaz A Malik Chief Corporate Sales Officer (CCSO) & Chief Information Officer (CIO) Zong noted that

“This achievement has only been possible owing to the collective efforts of all concerned stake holders. Each must be applauded for supporting and working towards a comprehensive solution for supporting National Security.

Mr. Malik also expressed that while this is a noteworthy effort, a lot still needs to be done to ensure complete success.

Zong, in its statement, reaffirmed the government of its continuous support and shall work within all parameters set by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Telenor database not updated…i verified it all numbers a month ago and received sms but now they are Unverified as per 7751…. :p

  • Zohaib

    there is no intimation of date relaxation. please share correct information

  • Ghulam.e.Ahmed

    10 million blocked, but date has been extended till April’2015… as per propakistani article ” Confirmed: Deadline for Blocking of Unverified SIMs Extended till April 14th ” dated Feb 27, 2015 and also mentioned in article ” Check your SIM is verified or not [Free Service] ” dated Feb 25, 2015….