Telcos Re-Verified 5 Million SIMs in One Day, Total Verified SIMs Reach 72 Million

As advertised deadline for re-verification of SIMs neared, five mobile phone operators re-verified whooping five million SIMs in a single day yesterday, told us sources within the industry.

Mobile phone users are rushing towards service centres, franchises and retail outlets of their respective mobile phone companies to get their SIMs reverified.

Industry officials said that this record of re-verification of five million SIMs is likely to get leveled, or even may get beaten today, which happens to be the last working day before deadline of February 26th, 2015 after which — according to earlier announcement — un-verified SIMs were to get blocked.

Industry is, however, not sure if more than 3 SIMs per CNIC will get blocked tomorrow or not. Operators say that they are waiting for PTA’s directions on the matter.

Sources tell ProPakistani that deadline for blocking of SIMs is extended till April 14th, 2015 and an official announcement on this is likely to be made in the evening today.

According to sources in PTA, who wanted to remain unnamed as they are not authorized to speak on the matter, a total of 72 million SIMs have been verified so far.

Here are some of the stats shared by sources:

  • Total Verified SIMs: 72 million
  • Blocked / Disowned SIMs: 10 million
  • Unique CNIC for re-verification registered so far: 46 Million

Not to be mentioned, a total of 103 million SIMs were to be re-verified during 90 days’ deadline that will end on April 13th, 2015.

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  • They Should Block all unverified sims registered in those cnic’s who have more than 3 sims registered against them.

    • Seems straight but involves lot of problems. People have applied for cnic updation due to system problem or currently outside the country or ill or any other keep calm while rushing against others…

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