Telenor Faces Network Outage in Pakistan

Telenor experienced a network outage across Pakistan today, we have checked with Telenor users across the country.

Majority of Telenor customers confirmed that their mobile phone signals vanished and they were unable to make or receive calls during this down time. They subsequently took to Twitter and Facebook to report the outage.

Users from across Punjab and Sindh were reportedly impacted by the outage that, according to company officials, lasted for over half an hour.

According to a Telenor official, company’s network was down due to a technical issue that has been fixed now. The official confirmed that customers in the North, AJK, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, surrounding areas were impacted. However, as mentioned above, ProPakistani received outage reports from Karachi, Lahore and other parts of Pakistan as well.

  • Outage time: 30 minutes
  • Affected areas: All across Pakistan
  • Current status: Resolved

This is a developing story and we will add more information as we receive it

Talal is the Chief Operating Officer at ProPakistani.

  • Inam

    And I received a message from Zong stating a possible network outage due to technical issues. LOL :-P

    • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

      whaat ??? i did not get any message from Zong , where do you live ??

      • Inam


        • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

          i live in Karachi and didnot get any Outage messages , seems like its specific area problem

          • Inam

            Probably. But the problem never actually occurred, so its cool.

            • Ali

              Zong was down in my area (Adyala, RWP) around 01:30. Don’t know for how long though

    • M Taimur Idrees

      zong sucks

      • Inam

        I don’t care. :-P Fulfills my needs. So its cool !

        • Zain

          me too

        • Zaki Uddin

          Me too

    • Naveed

      I didnt get any message from ZONG .. though telenor was down . but its fine now :)

  • ali

    Congratulation now we have a mobile network loadshading as well :P

    • Muhammad Muaavia

      haha thik kaha ap ny

  • Mubashir

    After suffering frequent call drops, signal loss, poor 2G & 3G coverage in my area in Islamabad i’ve got rid of my Telenor connections for good. I’m extremely happy as a result! For me it was a daily outage & headache so i’m not surprised!

    • Naveed

      I am surprised by that !!

    • Muhammad Aamir

      But I’m very happy with Telenor!! Its package especially which offers 3GB+Rs.100 free balance at Rs.40 for 3 days is an impressive one. I do this package after every 3 days, in this way, I get 30GB for the entire month as well as Rs.1000 free balance thorough which I can call 5-6 hour call to all networks – I just load Rs.600 every-month. I haven’t faced any issue except this one. Also I’m getting an amazing speed as shown in the below picture.


    • Mubashir

      Thanks for the info. my Rs 400/ 3 GB/ month package got exhausted in 10 days with almost no or poor browsing. Whereas I couldn’t exhaust my similar package on ufone with good speed! I reside in G-10 area. Those friends who are happy with Telenor surely are lucky! I ended my long association with Telenor in September just last year after observing no improvement!

    • BadarUI

      yes worst network technically wise.

  • Muhammad Muaavia

    zong k signal keun nai hain 2hour se

    • Umar Farooq

      zong, sab choor do :P

  • M. Mashhood Iqbal

    Yesterday at one time. today was worse here in Islamabad… no signal no calls absolutely dead :(

  • waapk

    Drop me a message I will call you on whatsapp +923428775703, to active your WhatsApp calling option.

    • Muhammad Fawad


  • khan

    is it around 4pm

  • Ahmed

    Worst Telenor with ZTE equipment

    • BadarUI

      Yes only Warid and Mobilnk is best whose using Ericsson
      Zong and Ufone is better whose using Huawei
      Zong is just Good whose using ZTE

  • Mateen

    This has been going on for the past few days, no outages, but lower signals and dead 3g in 3g coverage areas..

  • Jahanzaib Akhtar

    There was severe outage of Ufone + PTCL yesterday of more than 8 hours….no calls no sms no internet

    • Truth

      Yeah that was in chakwal region…PTCL multiple Fiber cuts

      • Jahanzaib Akhtar

        I hvn’t seen any such severe outage before…made me to think abt changing the network or atleast keeping a backup network.

        • trust

          welcome to Warid

          • Anjum Hayyat

            i dont use Warid but everyone who is using Warid says its the best network

            • Jahanzaib Akhtar

              what do u suggest abt zong?

            • trust

              if you have not use Warid in Pakistan than you do not know about the QoS, just try once you will never leave Warid on Network related issue.

              • Zee

                Oh yes. I agree. No network comes even close to Warid when it comes to smooth connectivity, crystal clear voice. And literally no issues. One of the best networks I have seen in the world. Tried all networks an apart from Ufone (that was slightly better apart from their 3G strategy) none impressed and I’m back to it.
                And honestly if you haven’t used Warid you really dont know what an excellent voice and data quality is. Impressive really.

  • Asher

    We have been facing this issue in I9-I10 sector for last 6 days,Telenor/ Zong signals GONE!!
    In contact to Operator, PTA is practicing some Mobile Jammer in ahead of Metro Inauguration/ 23 March Parade.

  • Telenor user

    Bullshit service…. No signals since early morning and it’s 2pm now…. Disappointed from Telenor service …. It’s time to say good bye to Telenor
    Outage of more than 8 hours in Pwd Islamabad