Telemart and Intel Celebrate Pakistan Day with Up to 50% Discount on Tablets

For the memorable day of 23rd March, Telemart and Intel have joined hands to bring to Pakistanis customers some of the best tablets available in the market.

The discounts will be huge and will feature Dell, Asus and Touchmate tablets. Some of the key models of the brands include: 

  1. Touchmate Windows 8.1 Tablet (Price: Rs 13,500/- to Rs 7,499/-.)
  2. Dell Venue 7 WIFI (Price: Rs 15,999/- to Rs 13,799/-.)
  3. Dell Venue 7 3G (Price: Rs 17,000/- to Rs 15,699/-.)
  4. Dell Venue 8 (Price: Rs 21,499/- to Rs 16,999/-.)
  5. Asus MemoPad ME170C (Price: Rs 12,500/- to Rs 10,799/-.)

Telemart and Intel’s discount only features 35% as a minimum discount. The offer goes up to 50 percent off on some tablets.

All aforementioned tablet PCs are powered by Intel and feature powerful processors for swift computing. These tablets also come with buffed up memory and camera so consumers can, at all times, enjoy optimum streaming, communication and working. This offer gets even better because Telemart offers cash on delivery.

If you were looking for cheap tablets this season, 23rd March is indeed the best time for you.

For more information on the discounts offered by Telemart and Intel Pakistan, visit Telemart’s homepage: