CASE Robosprint: Fostering Love for Robotics and Technology

Robosprint is quite popular among the educated youth of Pakistan since 2010 when Center for Advanced Studies (CASE) corroborated with Air University to promote the event nationwide.

CASE Robotics Group (CRG) has continued to set stage time and time again for spells of National Robosprint. The idea is not only to allow participants to come to grips with modern standards of robotics but to make them confident enough to go on to compete on an international level in contests like Robocup.

What is Robosprint?

As the name may suggest, Robosprint is an annual robotics competition meant to promote robotics among undergraduate students as part of CASE’s National Education Campaign. Since its inception in 2009, Robosprint has not only proved its worth as a well-received competition among the youth of Pakistan but it has been successful at promoting the field of robotics as intended.

The idea was conceived by CRG which was formed in 2008 aiming to align CASE’s undergraduate Electrical Engineering program with the world’s demand for technology.

DSC_0272What is National Education Campaign?

As mentioned earlier, the main idea behind Robosprint is to promote Robotics throughout the country. Under the National Student Coordination Program, a dedicated team guide from CRG is assigned to every team that registers for the competition. This is meant to assist teams as they pursue design, fabrication and control process stages.

Typically a full-time faculty member, a graduate or a final year student associated with Robocup/ROBOCON takes on this responsibility. In addition, workshops and seminars are also arranged under this campaign which are targeted at the design and implementation processes. Online Technical Support program and a social interaction group offer extra help to address issues faced by participants.

What are the rules and regulations?

There are a couple of categories that exist, with different rules applying to each. The first is the General category that enables any school or university student to partake in the contest. The activities involved in this category require rigorous brainstorming sessions on electrical and mechanical designs as well as coming up with complex algorithms.

Conversely, the Special category encourages school students and junior year students to take part and learn as much as they can. Ths simplified version of the General category is branched into a couple of leagues: Special Category Junior and Special Category Senior. The former is meant for school students from registered schools of Pakistan whereas the latter is aimed at university students.

What is the prize money on offer?

The total prize money allocated to the General category is Rs. 3,65,000 with awards for best engineering design, best idea and participation besides prize money worth of Rs. 120,000 for those clinching the first spot. Special Category Senior carries an overall worth of Rs. 90,000 whereas Rs. 60,000 is allocated to Special Category Junior. Each of those categories makes room for prize money for 1st postion as well as 1st and 2nd runners-up.

How can one participate in the National Education Program?

Anyone interested in supporting the cause can email their CV upon which the team reviews the details and contacts the interested candidate. In case there are any queries, the team can be reached at [email protected] For more updates on the competitions, you may want to follow them on their official Facebook page here.

  • Wasn’t this started after they were disqualified from NERC for overspending? It’s a well known fact that CASE teams commission outside vendors to build their robots, which is apparent after looking at their performance in the arena.

    • Dear Taha,
      It was a propaganda against the teams from CASE at NERC. You must know that CASE has been the Champian for 3 years at NERC and in order to provide Pakistan with a better platform, RoboSprint was founded. Which is now recognized internationally and is the largest national education campaign in robotics also. If you have any further questions you can write us at [email protected].

  • Team: Namalian Bravos, Namal College Mianwali
    National RoboSprint-2013

    Ended Amongst top 12 qualifying teams out of total 51 participating teams!
    — at University Of Central Punjab.

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